Listen To The Lilting Strains Of Racial Harmonium.

"Drama Island" By David Rudder. See lyrics. Uploaded by TheKhafra

"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--
Of cabbages--and kings--
And why the sea is boiling hot--
And whether pigs have wings."

---From The Walrus and The Carpenter.
Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There,
Lewis Carroll, 1872

...on second thought, maybe not.

I have, up until today, been deliberately avoiding making any comment on this blog about the firing of Nizam Mohammed, choosing instead to bury myself in my work and monitoring the unfolding of Spring. It cut me to my soul and I really needed some time to be able to react now without the colourful inputs of my inner Canal Conks and La Bas Crab. For those of you who need to be reminded, or never knew, here and here were my opinions on Nizam Mohammed's initial statements.

As for the rest, the varnished or unvarnished mob, I can only conclude that fear was a large factor in their aversion and maybe also a desperate need to maintain the unquestioned status quo. Consider, however, that neither of these motivating factors are conducive to growth or maturity or "rising". Discomfort, challenges, growing pains, teaching others and being taught hard lessons are the rites that must be observed along the rough path to intelligence.

Feeling good, people? Isn't this a great time to be Trinabgonian?

I would love to know what the persons who were adamant before that they were discriminated against, feel about this firing and I can only hope that none of my countrymen of African descent had the meanness or the lack of foresight to celebrate this "killing of the messenger" as a victory of any sort. It is you, especially those of you who are still spinning after these long centuries, who I think had the most to lose. But then again, chess is not as popular as it should be and therefore seldom informs our strategy.

Nizam Mohammed could have been an alien dropping out of the sky to say what he said as I don't know him from Adam and I probably never will. I would have still given his opinions some thought even if they had stung. I would have steeled my chest to take the impact. I would have said as a first response, even if my ears were ringing and my blood was hot and if only to give the impression that I possessed some modicum of maturity and intelligence,
There is more to any story than statistical facts, especially in a society as complex as this one is, but I welcome wholeheartedly any impartial investigation done in the name of justice that is conducted on the hiring/promotion practices of this and any institution in the country. If there have been historical wrongs, let us ensure that we do all in our power to replace them with processes that are transparent and defensible....
How absolutely brilliant that would have been!! I would have dropped to my knees over here facing the location of my country, I would have clasped my hands together and said, "Thank you, Jesus!! Dey moving. Walk with dem!"

Instead what?...Banshees screaming, "Off with his head!" Placebo-dispensers speaking through pursed lips about pigments of the imagination. Fearful trolls of all hues running for cover, making swift recalculations that maybe they should really leave the piddling, flea bitten TTPS turf to those who had claimed it as their own. After all there is plenty more and greener elsewhere to be guarded and they wouldn't want this field-levelling exercise to escape the petri dish of the TTPS and go viral over the entire land. We know Nizam talk truth but like de idiot cyah extrapolate? He ent seeing further down de road. Jam de transmission! Buss dat parrot throat NOW!!!

This had NOTHING to do with race. It is about maintaining the status quo, as unfair as it is to some, the rest of us are prepared to sacrifice the underdogs of all hues for our comfort.

This has NOTHING to do with race. UWI's report didn't find evidence of racism but instead a nepotism which by unfortunate coincidence created an insider vs. outsider friction between my countrymen of African and Indian descent.

I am addressing persons of all hues who have been disadvantaged historically in my country because I feel that there is a perception that is being repeated and amplified and it is that you are easily inflamed brutes who cannot handle "the truth". I watch from the hill so I see that although your flaws are the ones being aired, you are not the only ones who want to avoid the truth. Hard truths are only bitter for those who live the shitty end of them. Hard truths do not cause the ones holding the "clean" end of the stick to lose any sleep. You HAVE BEEN handling the truth people, the shitty end, and all progress will break loose only when you reject and release and no longer maintain your hold on it. The status quo requires that the shitty end remain in constant contact with either your backs or your begging hands. The terror is that if you drop your end, you are then mobile and might appear suddenly behind them.

What am I saying?

You are being played. You are being rewarded for baring your fangs and wrangling with each other in the dust for the scraps. You continue to unashamedly display your learned weaknesses and these will be used against you. You will be kept smart enough to be grateful but dumb enough to continue saying thanks to the wrong people.

Outside of writing these posts, there is no one here with whom I can speak about this issue so I have to imagine what the voices on the street back home are saying. I am hearing everything from the rabidly racist to the sincerely worried to the angry career victims to the "Oh why can't we just get along!"

And you know what? Nothing, nothing, nothing not even the most virulent response that I could imagine seems as hateful as the headline announcing Nizam Mohammed's removal. Because to me, each voice on the street speaks a little personal truth, each voice carries a bit of pain remembered, if not from their own experience, then of hurts handed down to them from the experiences of their ancestors. But this last voice that silences all, it silences the truth and it silences the intelligence required to cultivate it.

Maybe I am a dreamer but I sincerely believe that most of these voices would have stopped mid-sentence, would have deferred to the confidence inspiring voice of a leadership that is not condescending, a leadership that is confident, a leadership that is not backward looking, a leadership that does not shut down chances for open dialogue instead of the now signature, "Talk done, nothing to see here, folks....MOVE ON!"

More continue to jump onto that "move on" bandwagon and another is pompously declaring that it's "patently absurd" to ask for an explanation from the President for his decision to dismiss Nizam Mohammed. Last time I checked, we were not a dictatorship, not de jure anyway...but then again, maybe others know better.

In the mean time, the deeply disappointed among us will have to find our favourite pacifiers to suck on [salt usually works for me], and we can resume listening to the lilting strains of racial harmonium. Doh study, we will behbeh on with the blessed assurance that while we slumber, our Soca Daddy, Machel, will be toiling upward through the night deciding which inanimate object or live ting he will exhort us to "advantage" next year.

"Patria est communis omnium parens" - Our native land is the common parent of us all. Keep it beautiful, make it even more so.

Blessed is all of creation
Blessed be my beautiful people
Blessed be the day of our awakening
Blessed is my country
Blessed are her patient hills.

Mweh ka allay!