Not-so-Fond Farewells: Venezuela Leaves the OAS.

Uploaded by TeleSUR English | Published on Jun 23, 2017.
Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez Gómez: "If countries like Peru are part of the litter of lapdogs for the U.S. Empire, Venezuela is not. Venezuela will not accept such unacceptable interference that violates international norms."

Thank you Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez Gómez for calling out the bull caca. These exchanges took place in 2017, when Venezuela announced its decision to leave the OAS but the hectoring and intentional destructive interference have only amplified. These minions may eventually seek forgiveness from the Highest and Only court that matters but for now they are bound for reasons of expediency to stick to the sordid scripts that they have been handed.  Two years later Honduras is still eating the bread that the Devil kneaded and I cannot say if that representative who was bristling with righteous indignation, also supported and applauded the oligarchy that was behind the coup that was carried out in her country ten years ago, but I appreciate that even more now there is plenty grovelling to be done to ensure that the recent US threats to withhold their handouts do not become a reality. As we are all aware, the migrant caravans storming the southern border of the United States are supplied mainly by an exodus from the Northern Triangle of Central America. These are the countries of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. The push factors they describe are poverty, persecution and violence.

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