The West's War on Venezuela - Why Canada is Wrong.

Uploaded by Paul S. Graham | Published on Apr 30, 2019.

"April 24, 2019: Canada’s decision to seek regime change in Venezuela along with the US and other Western countries, the anti-Maduro bias prevailing in the mainstream Canadian and western news media and the potential for the confrontation between western powers and others, such as Russia and China, are the key issues that were discussed in a public forum at the University of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada." SOURCE

Moderator: Esther Wolfe
Dimitri Lascaris is a lawyer, human rights activist, journalist with The Real News Network, recently returned from Venezuela.
Ralph Jean-Paul is a Community activist, a volunteer and a soccer coach. He is co-editor of Canada-Haiti Information Project, formerly known as Canada Haiti Action Network group.
Yves Engler is a writer and activist who has written several critically acclaimed books on Canadian foreign policy.
Leah Gazan is a community activist, former president of the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg and NDP candidate for Winnipeg Centre in the coming federal election.
Ajit Singh is an activist, lawyer and graduate student at the University of Manitoba and has recently returned from a fact-finding tour of Venezuela.

An interesting discussion follows the presentations.

Closing statement by Radhika Desai, a political studies professor at the University of Manitoba and director of the Geopolitical Economy Research Group.

"... Canada is not just playing a leading  role in this by chance. Canada did not just take a leading role in creating the Lima Group by chance. Canada is there because a number of things are coming together. Yes, it's true that for many decades Canada was basically, well in fact throughout its history, Canada was first lackey to Britain then it became lackey to the United States. But increasingly, Canada has acquired its own rather powerful capitalist class and this capitalist class is predominantly focused on two types of activities. One is financial [and I'll leave that aside for the moment] and the other is mining. Canada is the mining Valhalla of the world. The Toronto Stock Exchange is where mining companies from all over the world love to list because listing there allows these companies somehow to have far more favourable legal environment.

So the Toronto Stock Exchange is the biggest mining exchange in the world and Canadian mining interests, as Yves said, are all over Latin America and Venezuela is sitting on a heck of a lot of mineral wealth, it's the oil, it's the gold, it's a whole lot of other things... very strategic metals. So you can imagine these Canadian corporations salivating over Venezuela and it is no wonder they have passively supported the coup against Chavez and are now supporting everything short of a military intervention war against Venezuela and so I think we need to take all these things very seriously."