US Citizens Under Siege In Venezuelan Embassy...

Uploaded by The Last American Vagabond | May 09, 2019.

There are three kinds of violence. The first, the mother of all the others, 
is the institutional violence, the one that legalizes and perpetuates the dominations, 
the oppressions and the exploitations, the one that crushes and flattens millions of men 
in its silent and well oiled wheels. 
The second is revolutionary violence, which arises from the desire to abolish the first. 
The third is repressive violence, the object of which is to stifle the second 
by making itself the auxiliary and the accomplice of the first violence,
 the one that engenders all the others. 
There is no worse hypocrisy to call violence only the second, 
by pretending to forget the first, which gives birth to it, 
and the third which kills it.

Dom Helder Camara, Brazilian Archbishop and liberation theologian