Every Heart, every Heart to Love will come... but like a Refugee.

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By Leonard Cohen
Dedicated to LOVE

The birds they sang at the break of day
"Start again," I seem to hear them say.
"Do not dwell on what has passed away
or what is yet to be
Ah, the wars they will be fought again
The holy dove, she will be caught again
bought and sold and bought again -
the dove is never free.

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in.

We asked for signs and the signs were sent:
the birth betrayed, the marriage spent
Yeah, the widowhood of every single government -
signs for all to see.

I can't run no more with that lawless crowd
while the killers in high places say their prayers out loud.
Ah, but they've summoned, they've summoned up a thundercloud
and they're going to hear from me.

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in.

You can add up the parts but you won't have the sum
You can strike up the march on your little, broken drum
Every heart, every heart to love will come
but like a refugee.

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in.

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in.
That's how the light gets in.
That's how the light gets in.

"Ignorance about Babies is undermining Society."

Published on December 8, 2013 by Darcia Narvaez, Ph.D. in Moral Landscapes
Submitted by katewhite on December 22, 2013 - 3:44am

Have you noticed all the stressed babies? Maybe one in 30 I see has glowing eyes, which I take as a sign of thriving. What's up? Perhaps ignorance about babies and their needs. Here are 10 things to know.

1. Babies are social mammals with social mammalian needs. Social mammals emerged more than 30 million years ago with intensive parenting (a developmental nest or niche). This is one of the many (extra-genetic) things that evolved other than genes. This developmental nest is required for an individual to develop properly. Intensive parenting practices for babies include years of breastfeeding to develop brain and body systems, nearly constant touch and physical presence of caregivers, responsiveness to needs preventing distress, free play with multi-aged playmates, and soothing perinatal experiences. Each of these has significant effects on physical health.

2. Human babies are born "half-baked" and require an external womb. Humans are born way early compared to other animals: 9 months early in terms of mobility and 18 months early in terms of bone development and foraging capacities. Full-term babies have 25% of adult brain volume and most of it grows in the first 5 years. Thus, the human nest for its young evolved to be even more intense than for other social mammals because of the underdeveloped newborn, lasting for 3-5 years. Humans also added to the list of expected care a village of positive social support for both mother and baby. Actually, human brain development lasts into the third decade of life, suggesting that social support and mentoring continue at least that long.

3. If adults mess up on the post-birth “baking,” longterm problems can result. Each of the caregiving practices mentioned above has longterm effects on the physical health but also social health of the individual. For example, distressing babies regularly or intensively (by not giving them what they need) undermines self-regulatory systems. This is common knowledge in other cultures and was so in our past. In Spanish, there is a term used for adolescents and adults who misbehave: malcriado (misraised).

4. Babies thrive on affectionate love. When babies receive food and diaper changes and little else, they die. If they receive partial attention and stay alive, it is still not enough—they won’t reach their full potential. Urie Bronfenbrenner, who emphasized the multiple systems of support that foster optimal development, said that babies do best when at least one person is crazy about them. Others have noted that children grow best with three affectionate, consistent caregivers. In fact, babies expect more than mom and dad for loving care. Babies are ready for a community of close, responsive caregivers that includes mother nearby.

5. Babies’ right hemisphere of the brain is developing rapidly in the first three years. The right hemisphere develops in response to face-to-face social experience, with extended shared eye gaze. The right hemisphere governs self-regulatory systems. If babies are placed in front of screens, ignored or isolated, they are missing critical experiences.

6. Babies expect to play and move. Babies expect to be “in arms” or on the body of the caregiver most of the time. Skin-to-skin contact is a calming influence. After learning this one of my students when at a family gathering took a crying baby and held it to his neck, which calmed it down. Babies expect companionship not isolation or intrusion. They expect to be in the middle of community social life. They are ready to play from birth. Play is a primary method for learning self-control and social skills. Companionship care—friendship, mutual responsiveness and playfulness—builds social and practical intelligence. Babies and caregivers share intersubjective states, building the child’s capacities for the interpersonal “dances” that fill social life.

7. Babies have built-in warning systems. If they are not getting what they need, babies let you know. It is best, as most cultures have long known, to respond to a baby’s grimace or gesture and not to wait till crying occurs. Young babies have difficulty stopping crying once it starts. The best advice for baby care is to sensitively follow the baby, not the experts.

8. Babies lock their experiences into procedural memory vaults that will be inaccessible but apparent in later behavior and attitudes. Babies can be traumatized from neglecting the list of needs above. They won’t forget. It will undermine their trust of others, their health and social wellbeing, and lead to self-centered morality which can do much destruction to the world.

9. Culture does not erase the evolved needs babies have. Babies cannot retract their mammalian needs. Yet, some adult cultures advocate violating evolved baby needs as if they do not matter and despite the protests of the baby. Everyday violations include baby isolation like sleeping alone, “crying it out” sleep training, infant formula, or baby videos and flashcards.* When violations occur regularly, at critical time periods or are intense, they undermine optimal development. These violations are encoded in the baby’s body as the optimal development of systems is undermined (e.g., immunity, neurotransmitters, endocrine systems like oxytocin). Surprisingly, some developmental psychologists think it fine to violate these needs** in order for the child to fit into their culture.

The rationalization of “culture over biology” reflects a lack of understanding not only of human nature but of optimal development. This has occurred in laboratories with other animals whose natures were misunderstood. For example, Harry Harlow, known for his experiments with monkeys and “mother love,” at first did not realize he was raising abnormal monkeys when he isolated them in cages. Similarly, at least one of the aggressive rat strains used in lab studies today was first created when scientists isolated offspring after birth, again not realizing the abnormality of isolation. Note how the cultural assumptions of the scientists created the abnormal animals. So it matters what cultural assumptions you have.

The culture-over-biology view may be doing the same thing with human beings. By not understanding babies and their needs, we are creating species-atypical human beings. We can only know this to be the case in light of knowledge about human beings who develop under evolved conditions (the "developmental nest" described in point 1): typically, small-band hunter-gatherers. They are much wiser, perceptive and virtuous than we humans in the USA today (see NOTE below).

Thus the final point:

10. Experiences that consistently violate evolution undermine human nature. When species-atypical childrearing occurs, we end up with people whose health and sociality are compromised (which we can see all over the USA today with epidemics of depression, anxiety, high suicide and drug use rates***). Such mis-raised creatures might do all right on achievement tests or IQ measures but they may also be dangerous reptiles whose world revolves around themselves. A lot of smart reptiles (“snakes in suits”) on Wall Street and elsewhere have been running the country into the ground.

What to do?

(1) Inform others about the needs of babies.

(2) Be aware of the needs of babies around you and interact sensitively with the babies you encounter.

(3) Support parents to be sensitive to the needs of their babies. This will also require many more institutional and social supports for families with children, including extensive parental leave which other developed nations provide. It's an uphill battle right now but raising awareness is the first step.

(4) Read and learn from books that convey the evolved principles of caregiving, like the following:

The Science of Parenting
Attached at the Heart
The Attachment Parenting Book
The Other Baby Book
Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids
Sleeping with Your Baby
The Science of Mother-Baby Sleep

* Note that sometimes violations (e.g., formula, isolation) are required under emergency conditions that are matters of life and death. Also note: In a way, USA culture forces parents into these violations because there is no extended family or community support to help provide for all the many needs of a baby.

**Of course they don’t think it’s a violation because they don’t take the set of mammalian needs seriously.

*** In the USA, everyone under 50 has numerous health disadvantages compared to citizens in 16 other developed nations (National Research Council, 2013).

NOTE: Of course, every human community is not perfect but when you provide young children with their basic needs, they are less aggressive and self-centered. They are less preoccupied with what they want because they got all they wanted when they needed it in early life. The baby nest described above makes for a smart, healthy, well-functioning body and brain, with high emotional intelligence and self control. They are more socially skilled and empathic towards others. All this makes getting along with others so much easier. All this will have to be explained more thoroughly in another post, citing the anthropology research that shows what people in small-band hunter-gatherer communities are like.


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NOTE on BASIC ASSUMPTIONS: When I write about parenting, I assume the importance of the evolved developmental niche (EDN) for raising human infants (which initially arose over 30 million years ago with the emergence of the social mammals and has been slightly altered among human groups based on anthropological research).
The EDN is the baseline I use for determining what fosters optimal human health, wellbeing and compassionate morality. The niche includes at least the following: infant-initiated breastfeeding for several years, nearly constant touch, responsiveness to needs so the young child does not get distressed, playful companionship, multiple adult caregivers, positive social support, and natural childbirth.
All these characteristics are linked to health in mammalian and human studies (see Narvaez, Panksepp, Schore & Gleason, 2013, for a review.) Thus, shifts away from the EDN baseline are risky. My comments and posts stem from these basic assumptions.

Pope Francis to Host Pentecost ‘Invocation for Peace’.

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, Israeli President Shimon Peres and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will attend the evening of prayer and music on Sunday at the Vatican Gardens.
By Edward Pentin  | National Catholic Register | 06/06/2014

VATICAN CITY — An evening of prayer and music in the Vatican Gardens will be the format of the much-anticipated prayer for peace with Israeli and Palestinian Presidents and Pope Francis on Pentecost Sunday.

Called “Invocation for Peace,” the initiative comes after Pope Francis, following celebration of Mass in Bethlehem on May 25, invited both Israeli President Shimon Peres and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to the Vatican to pray for an end to the conflict in the Holy Land. Both leaders quickly accepted the invitation.

At a Vatican briefing today, Franciscan Father Pier Battista Pizzaballa, custos of the Holy Land, and Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi, told reporters the prayer meeting will begin with Peres and Abbas arriving at the Vatican within 15-20 minutes of each other, respectively at 6:15pm and 6:30pm local time.

Father Lombardi said the Holy Father will receive both men individually at the entrance of his St. Martha residence and speak briefly with each of them, after which all three will meet in the hall of the residence. Patriarch Bartholomew I, the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople and the head of the Greek Orthodox Church, will also accompany them, having arrived in Rome on Saturday evening.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam

The four will then leave the residence by car, arrive at the gardens and take their places. The evening will begin at 7pm with a musical introduction and an explanation in English of the structure and form of the celebration, which will follow the chronological order of the three major monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The part of the ceremony dedicated to Judaism will begin with a prayer for creation, followed by music, then another prayer invoking forgiveness. More music will be followed by a prayer invoking peace and concluding with a traditional Jewish musical meditation. All the prayers will be in Hebrew.

Christian prayers on the same themes will follow, first in English, then in Italian and finally in Arabic. Each will similarly be interspersed with music and end with a Christian musical meditation. The third part of the ceremony will contain Muslim prayers in Arabic on the same themes, interrupted by music and concluding with a Muslim musical meditation.

A reader will then introduce in English the final part of the celebration, beginning with Pope Francis’ discourse invoking peace. The Holy Father will then invite each of the two presidents to formulate his own invocation. Shimon Peres will begin, followed by Mahmoud Abbas.

As a gesture of peace, in which Patriarch Bartholomew will also participate, all the participants will shake hands. The Pope will then accompany them in planting an olive tree, as a symbol of peace.

‘Not Praying Together But Coming Together to Pray’

At the end of the celebration, the four will remain side by side while the delegations, up to a maximum of 20 people, will greet them. The Holy Father, the two presidents and the Patriarch will then proceed to the Casina Pio IV, the villa that is home to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of St. Thomas Aquinas. The Holy Father will then speak to them in private.

Peres and Mahmoud will then leave the Vatican, while Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew will return to the St. Martha residence.

It’s not clear how much time will be allotted to silent prayer, but Father Pizzaballa stressed that at such occasions as this, in view of the theological and liturgical differences among those present, followers of the three monotheistic religions “do not pray together, but we come together to pray.”

The “Invocation for Peace” is the second major papal prayer initiative aimed at helping to resolve a global conflict, and shows the Pope’s belief that prayer can be a genuine force for achieving peace. Last September, Francis called on the whole Church to pray for an end to the fighting in Syria. Although the fighting continues, many believe the initiative miraculously helped avert what looked like being an inevitable and potentially catastrophic escalation of the conflict.

This initiative takes place after the latest U.S.-brokered peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians collapsed at the end of April.

Behind this idea is that men on their own cannot make it,” Australia’s ambassador to the Holy See, John McCarthy, told the Register. “They need the assistance of God and the Holy Spirit to be able to move forward.” He added that especially in areas of conflict and dispute, Pope Francis wants “in a profound way” to bring the “power and the spirit of the Lord to the ends of the world."

We saw that over Syria, and we see it over this,” McCarthy said.

In today’s briefing with reporters, Father Pizzaballa stressed the Pope does not want to enter into the politics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but to “reopen a road that has been closed for a long time” and to awaken in the souls of everyone “the desire for peace.

Nobody presumes to believe that after this meeting peace will burst forth in the Holy Land,” he said, but added that “everyone hopes something will change because all are tired.

Multi-Faith Delegations

The delegations at Sunday’s ceremony will be multi-religious. The Israeli party will include the spiritual leader of the Druze faith in Israel, Sheikh Moafaq Tarif, as well as Rabbi Rasson Arussi of the Chief Rabbinate Council, and Rabbi David Rosen of the American Jewish Committee and adviser to the Chief Rabbinate.

The Palestinian delegation will include Palestine’s former minister for religious affairs, Mahmoud Al Habbash, Sheikh Jamal abu Alhanoud of the Palestinian Sharia Courts, and the retired Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Archbishop Michel Sabbah.

The meeting will also be attended by Rabbi Abraham Skorka and the Islamic leader Omar Abboud, both longtime friends of Pope Francis from Argentina. They also accompanied him on his visit to the Holy Land.

Father Lombardi said Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI won’t be attending but will be taking part in the meeting through heartfelt prayer, “like all of those who realize the importance of this event.”

Edward Pentin is the Register’s Rome correspondent.

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Veni, Creator Spiritus, mentes tuorum visita,
imple superna gratia quae tu creasti pectora.

Come, Creator Spirit, visit the minds of those who are Yours
Fill with Heavenly Grace the hearts that You have made.

Qui diceris Paraclitus, altissimi donum Dei,
fons vivus, ignis, caritas, et spiritalis unctio.

You, who are named the Paraclete, gift of God most high
Living fountain, fire, love and anointing for the soul.

Tu, septiformis munere, digitus paternae dexterae,
Tu rite promissum Patris, sermone ditans guttura.

You are sevenfold in Your gifts, You are finger of God's right hand
You, the Father's solemn promise, putting words upon our lips.

Accende lumen sensibus: infunde amorem cordibus:
infirma nostri corporis virtute firmans perpeti.

Kindle a light in our senses, pour love into our hearts
Infirmities of this body of ours overcoming with strength secure.

Hostem repellas longius, pacemque dones protinus:
ductore sic te praevio vitemus omne noxium.

The enemy drive from us away, peace then give without delay
With You as guide to lead the way, we avoid all cause of harm.

Per te sciamus da Patrem, noscamus atque Filium;
Teque utriusque Spiritum credamus omni tempore.

Grant we may know the Father through You and come to know the Son as well
And may we always cling in faith to You, the Spirit of Them both

Deo Patri sit gloria, et Filio, qui a mortuis
surrexit, ac Paraclito,in saeculorum saecula.

All glory to the Father be with His co-equal Son
The same to You, great Paraclete, while endless ages run.

Your True Enemy lives in your own House.

Continuing from my previous post, recent reports have revealed that there was in fact no amicable resolution as was reported in an earlier Prensa Libre article, between some of the residents of San Juan La Laguna, Sololá, Guatemala, and the local Jewish community The tide of anti-Jewish sentiment which possessed a certain group in the town led to attacks against the community which escalated from the verbal to the physical. Because of the unrest, this Jewish community that had lived there peacefully for the past six years was given a month and a half to leave.

The Mayor, Rodolfo López, in the translated Prensa Libre article below, seems to be washing his hands, having presided over an eviction notice and an illegal demand for a registry of Jews in the town. He dispenses in quick succession, his equivalents of, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." "I see nothing, I know nothing." and "Don't shoot the messenger." At the end of the article, we are nowhere closer to understanding exactly what this community has done to inspire such antipathy.  Are they murdering civilians? Are they the owners of mining companies that are riding roughshod over the rights of ordinary Guatemalans? Are they suppliers of weapons? Are they killers of trade unionists? Again, as with the Prensa Libre article presented earlier, this article is followed by comments from indignant and alarmed readers which prove that this hostility towards the Jews is localised and not shared by the entire country or even the entire town. If there is something to celebrate in all of this, it is this prompt voicing of disapproval from ordinary people on the ground. There appears to be less of the silence and complicity that we have witnessed elsewhere. Still, more probing questions need to be asked. Why is this happening? Why now? After six years with this community residing peacefully in their midst, why are they now being viewed by some as a threat to tourism, a threat to Mayan culture, a threat to normalcy, a threat to children, a threat of invasion [Jewish] and a threat to Christianity?

Whatever the reasons and whether or not further investigation will explain the actions of some of the townspeople, the consensus seems to be that in this matter, the Mayor has acted irresponsibly, illegally and dangerously. In response, the "Guatemala Counter-Terrorism Foundation" announced on its Facebook page that it had filed a suit against the Mayor of San Juan La Laguna, Sololá, regarding the assault upon the ten Jewish families residing in the Township. This has been the first body to stand in defense of the Jewish community in San Juan La Laguna. Confirmation of the action was provided in the following translated Prensa Libre article:

The Counter-Terrorism Foundation filed a suit against the Mayor of San Juan La Laguna, Sololá, for inciting the population to threaten several Jewish families who live in that place.
Prensa Libre | 27/05/14

GUATEMALA city - Roberto López López, Chief Councillor of the municipality mentioned, is identified as instigating the community to do damage to Jews living in San Juan La Laguna, since six years ago.

The suit was submitted to Criminal Judicial Management Agency.

The crimes of which Lopez Lopez is charged are incitement to genocide, abuse of authority, threats, usurpation of authority, rulings in violation of the Constitution.

Misael Santos, a Guatemalan convert to Judaism, said last week that they have been subjected to verbal abuse and racist insults by a group of residents demanding that they leave the place.

With information from Hugo Alvarado.

In addition to the Prensa Libre article below about the situation, there is a very informative post on The Accidental Talmudist - Salvador Litvak's Facebook account. Among the comments are those which suggest that Lev Tahor's presence in the area is somehow responsible for the troubles which have befallen this community. However, according to Misael Santos of the local Jewish community, these assaults started six months ago and we know that Lev Tahor arrived in Guatemala in early March, less than three months ago. In addition, Salvador Litvak's informant, a Guatemalan Jew living near San Juan - M.t. Levi Greer Walker, has stated that Lev Tahor is not connected. According to Levi Greer, there are different Jewish communities scattered around the towns in that area and Lev Tahor is in Panajachel at the other end of the lake. This group is in San Juan and they are associated with Toiras Jesed. According to the informant, their members have done absolutely nothing to deserve the persecution to which they are now being subjected.  See Salvador Litvak's page on this topic for more information and many comments by readers. The Prensa Libre article follows with my apologies for any errors in translation:

By LUIS ÁNGEL SAS | Prensa Libre | 25/05/14

Misael Santos is a Guatemalan, converted to Judaism because his grandmother was Jewish, although the rest of his family is Catholic. He is leader of a community of thirty-two people, some in the process of accepting this religion, living in San Juan La Laguna, Sololá for six years.


Photos are the property of Prensa Libre.
Misael Santos is Guatemalan and considers that he has the right to freely live his faith.

"We were looking for a clean, quiet, peaceful and friendly people so that our children could grow." Santos explains. However, for approximately six months they are subject to verbal abuse and racist insults, that have worsened in recent days since they have come to blows, by a group of settlers that demand that they leave, despite the fact that they do not infringe any law.

The situation is exacerbated because the municipality asked for a list of people who profess Judaism, under the pretext that want to keep a record of all visitors; although they do not do this with other tourists. Santos fears that the situation is taking a dangerous turn towards irrational anti-Semitism, driven by some residents.

How did you arrive at the town?

We arrived six years ago. We lived in zone 1 in the capital, but we wanted a quiet place to live and develop.

On arrival we didn't have much money and we started to sell rellenitos [stuffed, fried mashed plantain balls], paches [tamales], dobladas [stuffed tortillas]. So we arrived at San Pedro La Laguna, where sometimes there were Israeli tourists who were asking, "Where is the synagogue?" As there wasn't one, I said to them. "Come to my house." This is how Jews began coming to San Juan.

When did the problems begin?

Some seven months ago, visitors came to celebrate the Jewish New Year here. A Mexican family remained for five months. There were just two families, and a gentleman from the village began to show his discomfort with us. We were not many, only two families, but he wanted us to leave.

Why did you decide to stay?

Yes, we were looking for a quiet place, and San Juan is. People say that we are Jews, but it is necessary to clarify that in my case, I'm still in the process of conversion to Judaism, although some are from birth.

In any case, being Jewish is nothing bad because it is like when a Christian pastor comes to establish a church, or a Jehovah's Witness passes teaching his doctrine. We do not make a fuss or do things contrary to the law of Guatemala, we only exercise our freedom of worship. We do no wrong to anyone.

Why do you think that there is opposition to your presence?

Lack of information. I put myself in their place and maybe they are justified in feeling fear because before we were two families and now there are ten. And seeing us with our traditional dress, which is black, out of devotion and humility, in the streets, perhaps causes fear. But I think that someone is orchestrating this. Because photocopied leaflets containing misinformation were put under doors.

Even, on one website, photos of Hitler were uploaded and they were saying that they were putting us in cremation ovens. They asked that we leave town because they said we kidnap children, and they ignited more antipathy by saying that the town was going to be invaded by Jews. This was done so that a certain group of the population would be incensed. But we are people of peace.

When did the violence begin...

Fifteen days ago, three friends were at an internet provider and others went to buy phone top-ups. A group of youths arrived and pursued them to the other side of the town. Those who were in the cafe were shoved and they threw stones at them. We arrive, ask them why they did that.

Included among the aggressors was a policeman in plain clothes. Then we call the Policia Nacional Civil and everyone left. This caused unrest and fear. Some of us wanted us to leave that night because we have heard of places where people lynch others. The following day I saw racist comments on a website and totally anti-Semitic photos, saying very ugly things.

What happened after the attack?

There was nothing positive to be felt in the environment. The people with their expressions, and the drivers of the Tuc-tucs threw words when they passed.

One day, my wife was walking with a friend, and two children of less than ten years told them: "Go to hell, Jews!" [Polite translation] After that night they started to throw stones at the houses that we rent; they broke windows. Here, nearby, they threw an explosive device. The situation began to worsen.

They also discovered that many of us have not had dogs and that we are afraid of them. So now they release the dogs at certain friends. They say to them,"Sic 'em!" and such things. Also we are walking and some Tuc-tuc drivers begin to bark like dogs. It is a harassment, as they are doing so because we are Jews, including shouting at us, "You killed Jesus!" And it is clear that it is not so. In addition, they have placed signs outside the houses where we live and the municipality has asked us for a list of all the Jews living in San Juan. This is discrimination.

Why did they ask for a list?

We were not told. They claim that it concerns tourism, but they do not ask for the list of other tourists. We agreed to give the list, although I consulted with lawyers and they told us that it was not legal if there has been no request from a judge. We are thirty-two people and there are thirteen foreigners; the rest are Guatemalans.

Do you see persecution against you?

I don't know. There is disapproval of our presence here. They talk about our clothing, but the parish priest dresses similar to us. They say that we want to take away their culture and steal their heritage, but we do not walk door to door trying to convince the people to join us. We have not purchased any land here to cause them to say that.

Have you looked for support?

Yes, with human rights organizations. Some members also made complaints against those who assaulted them and it was the same people that called us names, because not all the people want us to go; it is only a group. I wrote a letter asking for an urgent meeting with the Mayor of San Juan and the community development councils, to talk about the aggression and request security. In that meeting a lady presented 300 alleged signatures, asking that we leave the town.

How do you feel about them asking you to leave?

Sad, because this is our home for six years. My children grew up here, with several children of the town.

Are you going to give in to the pressure?

Many people do not want us to go, they have come to ask us not to go. The parents of the friends of my children, for example. They are Christian people who live their values. The problem is that there has already been aggression and I would like the Mayor to do something. There is a saying that goes: "Who dirties must clean.", and it will have to be those young people who invented things and made those posters, to repair the damage. But if there is no solution, we will leave. There are even some who say jokingly that San Juan Bautista, the patron saint of the town, is Jewish, and if we leave here we should take him because he is also Jewish.

"A month and a half to go."

The Mayor of San Juan La Laguna, Rodolfo López, said that he gave the community of Jews living in the municipality a month and a half to leave the town, because that was the time they said they would be. "The population is waiting for a month and a half so that they withdraw from the municipality. It is the town's decision. The Mayor is only the arbiter." said Perez, who did not respond concerning the racist attacks suffered by members of the Jewish community.

"We want to know if they are legally registered in the country and also to ask for protection of human rights." Lopez explained about the listing requested of those persons, without clarifying the reason for intolerance towards that religious community.

He added that he cannot say if there had been attacks on the Jews or not. He said, "Anyone can report what he wishes and it is not my role to determine whether it is true or not."

He added that he cannot forbid anyone to visit the village, once you are in accordance with the laws of the country. But he said that if there are Guatemalans who invite foreigners to come to the country they should "explain the customs of Guatemala".

"When something is bought at the store, they ask that it be put on the table or on the floor. They must comply with the customs of the people in San Juan. If I go to the United States I must adopt what the gringo does." explained Lopez.

In a month another meeting will be held to analyse the situation of the Jewish community. SOURCE

There is a lot more to this story and for reasons unknown, the authorities who do have the resources to investigate what exactly has instigated these developments have chosen thus far not to do so. Although it is a natural gut reaction to be repulsed by the actions of some of the residents of this town, in my opinion, the greater culpability is owned by those whose duty it was to keep the peace, to get to the bottom of the unrest and to arrive at some understanding between all parties. This hostility did not spring suddenly and fully grown out of thin air.

One of the most reassuring sentiments emanating from Salvador Litvak's Facebook post and readers' comments on this topic is the need for solidarity, for ordinary people to be on guard for each other. The workers of iniquity are busy and if we betray each other for their benefit, we are lost. The Irish proverb says it best - It is in the shelter of each other that the people live.” 

Readers' comments to date on this article.
Caravantes Rodrigo
03:31hs | 25.05.2014 |
Yo no tengo absolutamente nada en contra de judíos, pero esto no tiene sentido. Normalmente los judíos ortodoxos sueñan con vivir en Israel y no entiendo porqué escogieron vivir en este pueblo. Es realmente una irresponsabilidad de parte de los líderes de este culto de insistir en quedarse ahí. Un simple rumor o incidente podría terminar en un linchamiento colectivo que desafortunadamente no es nada nuevo en este país.

nelson melgar
06:40hs | 25.05.2014 |
es verdad cada persona extranjera que llega a otro pais debe obligadamente adaptarse a las leyes y costumbres de este, a no ser que haygan de anticipo puestose de acuerdo para unos acomodamientos razonables, pero aqui no es el caso. por fabor seamos mas humanos e investiguemos mas acerca de ellos para emitir un juicio, no seamos ignorantes,

08:16hs | 25.05.2014 |

Mario Acevedo
08:59hs | 25.05.2014 |
Como es esto mayas racistas, pero si los presentan como amantes de la madre tierra. Alta comisionada de los Derechos Humanos no se oye en este caso, Rigoberta permitiras que actúen de esa forma contra los judíos y toda la cantaleta de pueblos oprimidos.

maria morales
10:21hs | 25.05.2014 |
xq las personas no dejan vivir a cada quien como le plazca, que ejemplo estamos dando a nuestros hijos a no aceptar a las personas... lo mismo que hicieron con Jesus estan haciendo

Henry Molina
11:13hs | 25.05.2014 |
no estoy deacuerdo con estas personas que quieren sacar a los judios de ese lugar ¿como se sentirian si visitaran un dia israel y los trataran de la misma forma'? guatemala vive del turismo y si tratan mal a estas personas luego ya nadie va quierer ir a ese lugar

carlos chapeton
12:24hs | 25.05.2014 |
Que intolerancia y luego nos quejamos del racimos a los mayas, indígenas, campesinos, etc y que hacemos respondemos con racismo, después pedimos que se nos escuche que nos respeten y no respetamos que les enseñamos a nuestros hijos a seguir siendo iguales, intolerantes, que haga algo los derechos humanos, que le damos a entender a los extranjeros a los turistas si vienen a Guatemala y sus costumbres son diferentes extranjerismos vamos a linchar, que mal!

NoEl Kent
12:48hs | 25.05.2014 |
Porque los humanos no pueden llevarse bien? No somos propietarios de lo que tenemos, simplemente administradores. El pueblo Judio es una bendicion para todos (la humanidad). Genesis 12.2b. Seamos AHORA nosotros una bendicion para ellos, no importa donde se encuentren. No traigamos AFLICCION a nosotros mismos. Genesis. 12.3

Gustavo Echeverrria
12:54hs | 25.05.2014 |
Cuanto me gustaría ser objetivo en mi comentario pero lastimosamente mi posible comentario no lo sera bien recibido para todos.... pero CREO DEBERÍAN DEJAR VIVIR A ESTA COMUNIDAD EN GUATE.... VIVO EN EL EXTRANJERO Y VIVO CON MIS COSTUMBRES... ahora bien.. lo que si deberían de hacer es llegar a unos acuerdos para que la población no se moleste con ellos como por ejemplo que se bañen desnudos en pleno río..... y algunas cosas mas... pero de allí en mas...

Ester Liopez
13:27hs | 25.05.2014 |

Victor Dubon
14:47hs | 25.05.2014 |
Ellos pueden ser la religión que sea, para eso existe la ley de libertad religiosa y de credo, y al final de cuentas si ellos no nos discriminan a nosotros, con que derecho los criticamos? Realmente solo porque algunos son ignorantes no es motivo para justificar ningún tipo de discriminación y menos a las creencias de un grupo respetuoso de personas.

Adolfo Velasquez
14:59hs | 25.05.2014 |
esta gente es pacífica y dicíplinada,yo vivo en montreal canadá,ellos son respetuosos y educados,que le pasa a las personas de Guatemala,dejenlos vivir en paz,hay que demostrar que en Guatemala tambien somos de mente abierta,no cerrada y atrancada.

lobo villa
15:07hs | 25.05.2014 |
dijo Albert Einstein...hay dos cosas que no tienen limite...el infinito...y la estupides humana y la ignorancia......no me da coraje lo que esta gente tonta esta haciendo con esta comunidad judia.,,si no tristeza...como se atreven a mandar simbolos nazis como la svastica.,,y no creo que ninguno de estos tontos sepan su significado y procedencia...es triste que la ignoranicia todavia prevalesca y la falta de conocimiento hacia una religion.

fernando cantoral
15:15hs | 25.05.2014 |
Los indios viven quejandose de rasismo todo el tiempo se creen due;os de guatemala y si algo no les gusta a linchar, gente insivilizada parecen animales

fernando cantoral
15:17hs | 25.05.2014 |
estos indigenas se viven quejando de racismo y ellos no son due;os de guatemala todo lo quieren resolver con linchamiento, viven reclamando mil derechos en el congreso y se comportan como animales con otras personas

The Indians live complaining of racism all the time feel due; you Guatemala and if something does not like to Lynch, people insivilizada seem to animals

fernando cantoral
15:24hs | 25.05.2014 |
los indigenas se han quejado de opresion y ahora se comortan de esta manera y no entiendo como quieren sacar a alguien por que no les gusta y donde quedan los derecho de la gente y la libertad de culto

Teofilo Xio
15:37hs | 25.05.2014 |
Pues por lo que se hoye, parece que esta gente dizque judia, quiere imponer sus voluntades y “costumbres” en la población. Parece que los “judios” quieren que se hagan las cosas como ellos dicen, y así demandan, y no de buen modo, entonces, la población se indigna, y quieren que se vayan antes que suceda algo malo. Estos señores “judíos ortodoxos” parece que creen que su popo no hiede.....se creen superiores e hijos de Abraham!!

Estuardo Garcia
16:27hs | 25.05.2014 |
Triste, la ingnorancia de unos pocos.Todos podemos convivir en paz! no es justo que por unos cuantos a todos nos miren mal.Aqui donde vivo ya se hubieran llevado al bote a los revoltosos.EL Gobierno tiene que intervenir, esto es serio

Juan Indignado
17:52hs | 25.05.2014 |
En un reportaje anterior PL ctió los comentariosa de un pastor evangélico en los cuales se expresaba mal de ellos. No me extrañaría que este tipo esté detrás de todo esto. De plano no le gusta la "competencia". Hay que tener mucho cuidado y ojo al Cristo porque los judíos son muy unidos a nivel mundial y el Estado de Israel ha sido un buen amigo para Guatemala (sigue)

Juan Indignado
17:57hs | 25.05.2014 |
Lo que van a conseguir estos i.diotas ignorantes que todavía viven con una mentalidad de la era del oscurantismo, es que Israel nos mande por un tubo y ya quiero ver qué van a hacer estos imbéciles de San Juan cuando toda la gente que recibe ayuda del Pueblo de Israel, deje de recibirla y entonces se tiren contra ellos. Van a probar de su propia medicina.

David Medina
18:00hs | 25.05.2014 |
Ese alcalde Lopez mas parece un "PILATO" lavandose las manos en vez de defender a personas que no le han hecho nada a el, acaso cuando el Sr Lopez viene a Guatemala se le discrimina? o se le pide algun listado de los que vienen con el para que no parezcan raros aqui en la capital? o mejor aun se le pide algun listado de los que vienen con el para ver sino son corruptos? Eso esta haciendo exactamente con los judios que han llegado a su pueblo , ojala que reflexione.

Julio Alvarado
18:17hs | 25.05.2014 |
Cuando restringimos el derecho de los demás también ponemos en riesgo nuestra propia libertad de adorar a Dios. Todos debemos reclamar el derecho de adorar a Dios conforme a los dictados de nuestra propia conciencia, y dejar que los demás adoren cómo, cuándo o lo que deseen. El respeto a las creencias de los demás debe ser una norma de conducta que fortalece las demás libertades básicas del ser humano. 

Jose Petaluma
18:48hs | 25.05.2014 |
Porque estos judios no buscaron una casa, o un apartemento en la zona 15, 14, y 10 donde viven sus pares que ejercen la similitud de su credo religioso,porque no se contactaron con el pastor Carlos Cash Luna, para que les pusieran apaprtamentos lujosos del primer mundo, encambio tienen que ir a refugiarse a una poblacion que tiene la vista del lago mas exotico del mundo, estos judios no son nada de confianza, que los aloje los de cacif,o que les cedan una finca.

Jose Petaluma
19:00hs | 25.05.2014 |
Porque estos judios no se fueron a refugiarse en el seno de Cash Luna,que predica la religion judia, que lo defiende a capa y espada, que jura y perjura que la iglesia que dirige y comanda es de pura prodecencia semita al 100%, entonces que hacen estos judios en estas tierras, entiendase no es racismo ni clasismo de los pueblos originarios de San Juan pero que estos judios expliquen bien su presencia, ellos no son nada de confianza,porque no buscaron refugio con ladinos.

Kelvin Gonzalez
19:34hs | 25.05.2014 |
Déjame decirte que por Los Judíos Tenemos las escrituras, tenemos la salvación que fue a través de Jesús dirigida al pueblo Judío, Recuerda tus principios: SALMO 72:18 De lo contrario pasara esto: GÉNESIS 12:3 (la promesa fue a Israel)

Charly Garcia
20:19hs | 25.05.2014 |
http://scm.oas.org/pdfs/2002/cp10270.pdf El Artículo 202 Bis del Código Penal dispone que: Se entenderá como discriminación (...). Asimismo, la ley penal dispone que el responsable de la comisión del delito de discriminación será sancionado con prisión de 1 a 3 años y multa de Q500 a Q3 mil. La pena se agravará en una tercera parte cuando la discriminación sea por razón idiomática, cultural o étnica.

Jose Petaluma
20:24hs | 25.05.2014 |
Estos judios pueden ser agentes de espionaje del Moshad, agencia de inteligencia Israeli, por eso es bueno que los pobladores de San Juan Atitlan no se confien de nadie, aunque sea el mesias mismo,porque estos judios no se refugiaron en la casa de algun genocida miitar socio de ellos, o la casa de Alfredo Calsmith, o la misma mansion de Cash Luna que adora y se arrodilla ante los judios, seria recomendable que regresen a la capital, y que dejen de interrumpir la paz de esta poblacion.

Abraham gold
20:28hs | 25.05.2014 |
Que bueno que hay diversidad en Guatemala. Aquellos que todavia quiren ser parte del antisemitismo medieval que se eduquen!! . Guatemala nesesita saber que estamos en tiempos modernos donde la educacion y diversidad enriquece el ambiente. Bienvenidos!

Maricielo Soto
20:38hs | 25.05.2014 |
PARTE 1 Es una realidad que al llegar a un país extranjero la persona(s) debe adaptarse a las leyes (..jurídicas..) del país en cuestión … por supuesto que adaptarse a las costumbres es un “plus”, pero no es un deber ( No necesario americanizarse para adaptarse y ser parte productiva de una comunidad! )

Maricielo Soto
20:39hs | 25.05.2014 |
PARTE 2 …Pero, esto nada tiene que ver en relación a Religión, máxime en un país que proclama tener LIBERTAD de culto. Mucho se habla de la Guatemala Multicultural … multiculturalismo (..utópico por supuesto..), donde existe equidad y respeto mutuo, lo cual crea un ambiente donde todos crecemos y juntos convertimos de éste un mejor país. --- Es lamentable que los propios Chapines nos resignemos a ser un país de linchamientos.
Maricielo Soto
20:40hs | 25.05.2014 |
PARTE 3 Definitivamente la falta de información y de educación en nuestro país es deprimente. -- Gracias a la línea Judía (..instituida por Dios a través de Abraham..) tuvimos la bendición de tener a DIOS caminando entre nosotros. Históricamente, tanto judíos como romanos le mataron físicamente! (..es un gozo saber que resucitó!..)

Javier Perales
20:41hs | 25.05.2014 |
Vivimos en un país de gente inculta e incivilizada. Contrario a los que Cervantes escribía: "dejad que los perros ladren Sancho, es señal que avanzamos". En este país hay un montón de perros que ladra, pero ni a patadas avanzamos.

Maricielo Soto
20:41hs | 25.05.2014 |
PARTE 4 / FINAL ASI QUE: Sres. Judíos … hay muchos otros lugares hermosos en Guatemala, en donde les recibirían amablemente y donde ustedes serian de bendición a través de sus conocimientos … a veces, mover campamento es la mejor opción ( véase Exodo ) hay que prevenir y no lamentar.

Carlos Chempul
20:56hs | 25.05.2014 |
Por eso es que estamos como estamos, que tipo de ignorante es el alcalde de San Juan la Laguna, lamento decirlo pero esta gente solo entiende a palo y a balazos, despues andan quejandose que les atropeyan sus derechos cuando los principales violadores son la gente de estas comunidades. Una vez a mi me quisieron hacer lo mismo pero a pura pija los aquiete. Asi que adelante gente judia, hagan valer sus derechos y aquieten a esta gente.

22:32hs | 25.05.2014 |

Adriana Rosen
22:36hs | 25.05.2014 |
Esto es horrible discriminación! Dejarlos en paz. La policía debe detener a las personas hostigadoras. Facistas. Todas las formas de discriminación es incorrecta. ¿Por qué no aprenden del pasado?

Jose Herrera
22:52hs | 25.05.2014 |
Es incomprensible como los mayas ahora son racistas y descriminadores, violadoresdel libre credo. Pero bueno lo mejor es que los judios se sacudan el polvo de sus pies y dejen ese pueblo de ignorantes.

Adriana Rosen
22:56hs | 25.05.2014 |
Los Judíos ortodoxos viven EN TODO EL MUNDO - Canadá, Estados Unidos, Guatemala, en todo el mundo. Están sufriendo persecución en San Juan de la Laguna y es un error. Su religión es un derecho humano. La policía debe detener a las personas que causan daño.

pablo moreira
12:40hs | 26.05.2014 |
Entonces los católicos somos posibles espías del vaticano? Hay que dejar de ver tanta televisión y leer más.

pablo moreira
12:44hs | 26.05.2014 |
Lamentable comentario

Lilian Marroquin
13:13hs | 26.05.2014 |
No estoy de acuerdo que se le trate mal a ningún ser humano. A esta población de San Juan que está ofendiendo física y verbalmente a la Comunidad Judía, deben de ser sansionados e investigar quiénes están detrás de esto. Solo personas endemoniadas actuan de esta manera. Lo que uno hace, bien o mal, lo pagamos el doble. Ni siquiera se imaginan lo que Israel apoya a Guatemala. Esto es contra los derechos humanos. ¿Acaso no existen Mayas que practican brujería? Esto se refiere a ISRAEL Gen.12:3

elgor dote
18:01hs | 26.05.2014 |
La ultima vez que vinieron "visitantes" a Guatemala no les fue muy bien a los que vivian aqui. MIren a los pueblos alrededor del lago de Atitlan. Poco a poco estan perdiendo su identidad y dentro de unos annos estaran igual que la Antigua. Que no vengan con babosadas de anti-semitismo. Tienen razon de temer a los visitantes. Lean lo que paso en las aldeas de Nueva York cuando este tipo de gente tomo mando politico.

Kelly Ochoa
18:38hs | 26.05.2014 |
Génesis 12:3 Bendeciré a los que te Bendigan y Maldeciré a los que te maldigan. Jesús era Judío, del pueblo Judío viene Nuestro Salvador, en realidad Cada persona es responsable de la muerte de Jesús, Isaías en el capítulo 53 verso 5 y 6 " Más El fue molido por nuestras Rebeliones , molido por nuestros pecados. Por darnos La Paz cayó sobre El el castigo, y por sus llagas fuimos curados, Cuando busque quien crucifico a Jesús no vaya tan lejos, sólo busque un espejo.

zehariah ben
21:32hs | 26.05.2014 |
los judios son el pueblo de Di-s el pueblo escogido que hoy esta en todo el mundo para dar luz a las naciones pero las naciones no aceptan la luz pero al final todos quedaran con la boca cerrada cuando vean lo que El Di-s de Israel va hacer con las naciones is cap 2

Abraham gold
08:18hs | 27.05.2014 |
El turismo y la diversidad cultural son bienes que traen capital y progreso. Los Judios han contribuido enormemente en donde van. La religion Judia no busca convertir la gente como lo hace el cristianismo asi que el miedo al cambio no tiene fundamentos. Primero es bueno el progreso segundo nadie esta forzando a cambiar a otros.

Natalia Valladares

10:07hs | 27.05.2014 |

Natalia Valladares
10:11hs | 27.05.2014 |
Israel ha sufrido mucho, la Iglesia Catolica y los nazi los querian EXTERMINAR, los arabes y los iranies perversos tambien, y ahora ustedes tambien los danan, que maldad. No sean perversos la ira del Cielo puede venir sobre todos ustedes.

Willie Gonzalez
00:17hs | 29.05.2014 |
Es triste y lamentable saber que estos Judios tengan que sufrir persecucion en nuestro propio pais Guatemala. Israel ha bendecido grandemente a Guatemala y creo que las autoridades del los derechos humanos intervengan aqui. Esero que prensa libre sea un medio para concientizar a la poblacion de que todods somos iguales.

Jenny Mizrachi
09:47hs | 29.05.2014 |
Los que me conocen sabrán que digo esto con conocimiento de causa. Ni la ropa , libros o parafernalia judaica los hace verdaderos judíos. Para ser judío hay que tener moral ,convicción, sentir arrepentimiento por sus malas acciones , empatía , humildad y mas que todo aferrarse a sus desiciones que tomaron como adultosy un montón de cualidades que lo hace diferente al resto de los Goys ,,,,

19:19hs | 29.05.2014 |
Me conmovio aserca de la noticia de San Juan la Laguna Yo creo que el pueblo Judio merece ser respetado El pueblo de San Juan debe interesarse quien es el pueblo Judio El pueblo Judio es el pueblo de la Biblia. Dios los escogio para ser un pueblo especial mas que todos los pueblos de la tierra (Deuteronomio 7:6) Yo doy gracias a Dios porque de ellos viene nuestra salvacion (Juan 4:22) El pueblo Judio a sufrido mucho por la ignorancia de no saber quien es el pueblo Judio


Source: Prensa Libre. Guatemala, miercoles 28 de mayo de 2014, p. 41. via Rebeca Permuth.

The Association of the Jewish Community of Guatemala, regarding the situation in San Juan Laguna, Sololá, in response to public opinion, respectfully advises,

1. It condemns strongly any acts of xenophobia and discrimination against any ethnic, religious or other group; such as the acts that have taken place recently against members of religious groups that have settled in Sololá, which do not form part of our Association.

2. The Association of the Jewish Community of Guatemala is not involved with conversion to Judaism. "Toiras Jesed", a group of mostly guatemalcos, is in process of conversion to Judaism. "Toiras Jesed" does not support the State of Israel, and its members settled in the Department of Sololá, approximately 6 years ago.

3. The Association of the Jewish Community of Guatemala is also not involved with the group called "Lev Tahor" that settled recently in March of this year, in the Department of Sololá. This group has practices not accepted within Judaism and it also rejects the State of Israel, which is not consistent with the principles of our Association.

4. Notwithstanding that the groups mentioned are not part of our Association, the human rights of all faiths, ethnicities and groups must be respected.

5. The guatemalcos of Jewish faith which are part of the Association, are respectful of the laws of our country, we value freedom of religion as a basic constitutional guarantee for all inhabitants, nationals or foreigners, who reside in the country, provided that practices are carried out with absolute respect to the laws of Guatemala.

Guatemala, 28 de mayo 2014.


This image above was shared on Facebook, thanks to Rebeca Permuth. Prensa Libre's online version does not carry the advertisement so without her, we would not have seen this. As always, my apologies for any errors in the translation.

I have only one question, not being of the Jewish faith myself, I am clueless as to which of Lev Tahor's practices are not accepted within Judaism and would appreciate elucidation from a True Torah Jew who is impartial.

Salvador Litvak's Facebook posts on the topic:

Original Post

¡Racismo al revés! By Diego Albúrez/Asociación Tik Naoj/ Opinión/ | Brújula | 16/06/2014.

El doble estándar moral del racismo. Por Edgar Ortiz R. | Nullius in Verba | May 26, 2014.

Comunidad judía de Guatemala: “no hubo ninguna expulsión de judíos del pueblo San Juan la Laguna”. ANAJNU.cl El Portal Judio de Chile.