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If reading the lyrics of these songs has sparked your interest in hearing the audio, you can listen to many of these and more on the Internet at the sources listed below. Have a listen and you might just decide that they are worth a visit to your music store around the corner or online, to add to your collection.

New! Melodycenta.com

If you want to listen to samples and perhaps buy some of our older music, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings is a great place to start. Smithsonian Folkways is the nonprofit record label of the Smithsonian Institution, the national museum of the United States. The revenue received from sales and institutional subscriptions supports the creation of new educational content and is shared with archival partners, who in turn pass on a portion of those revenues for the benefit of artists and their communities.

YouTube is always my first stop when I am looking for songs to transcribe. You will find that many lovers and sharers of our music - too numerous to mention here - have been introducing the world to Trinbagonian treasures which they might not have encountered otherwise. I acknowledge them below every song that is embedded on this blog. Apart from YouTube, the following sites are also repositories:

Obi's Favourite Kaisos (calypsos)
Island Events.com Music
Island Events.com Soca Layout
Irwin Chusid's Muriel's Treasure: Calypso and soca
The Root's Music Listening Room
Toronto Lime Soca Music Jukebox
Trini Jungle Juice.com Soca Music


Unknown said...

Could not find an email address anywhere, but for Phillip My Dear I make the lyrics to the 3rd verse (or stanza, since it's really POETRY, rigt?!)to be as follows. AND I, TOO, CAN BE WRONG: it happened before - I think.
"In Buckingham, no one respond to the alarm
So this plunderer displayed inside my boudoir
A tool made for agriculture. I stood there in awe
With a man in my bedroom, seven feet or more
He told me, "Come hither!” … and void: all my good linen he soil,
He was so obscene!
There was a man in my bedroom, so nasty and mean,
Telling me, "Now, Let God save the queen!"

I've got a copy of the song from the "Man In My Bedroom" CD Album -with a long monlogue at the start. Maybe you heard it also?

Guanaguanare said...

Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment with suggestions.

Although you have the text, I usually transcribe directly from the performance and in this one he sings:

Singing to me, "God go save the queen!"

I will go with what he actually sings although what you have sent:

"Now, Let God save the queen!" is equally effective.

About the word "void" I find that I am hearing a word that ends in 'l' and not 'd'. I don't know if I am just instinctively needing to hear a word that rhymes with soil but have a listen again and tell me what you think.

No, I have never heart the monologue. What is it about?

Thanks so much for communicating. I am going to listen to this again focusing on where he sings 'void' according to your source.