I Still Love Trinbago

Dey ask me if I does write poems ‘bout Trinbago
An ah tell dem flat so, No!!

But when none ah dem was lookin’
Ah walk way up de beach
Ah take a stick
An' ah scrape a crooked T&T in de sand
Den a make a big strong heart rong it
Like to hol’ everyting’ together.
Ah sit dong on a piece a driffwood
Wit mih knee proppin’ mih arm proppin’ mih head an' plenty sorrow
Man, yuh doh know, yuh jus doh know...

An' is so ah stick, studyin' dat heart
until de waves start cheupsin
and rub it off de sand wit dey sweaty hands.
Is jealous, dey did jealous mih!
Yuh shoulda see it!
Now is only de cobo an’ dem will know
How much ah still love mih Trinbago.

Posted with kind permission of the author ( who does NOT write poems about Trinbago)