Woman Will Rule The World [Song]

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By Atilla (1935)

I'm offering a warning to men, take care, of modern woman beware 
I'm offering a warning to men, take care, of modern woman beware
Even the flappers we cannot trust for they are taking our jobs from us
And if you men don't assert control, women will rule the world.

How different are the ladies of the long ago to the modern women we know
If you've observed, you have bound to see the sex has changed entirely.
Long ago, their one ambition in life was to be mother and wife
But now they mean to outbuy the males, smoking cigarettes and drinking cocktails.

Long ago the girls used to be school teachers, then they became stenographers.
We next hear of them as lecturers, authors and engineers
There is no limit to their ambition, they've gone in for aviation
And if you men don't assert control, women will rule the world.

They say anything that man can do, they also can achieve too
And they've openly boasted to do their part in literature and art
We will next hear of them as candidates for the President of the United States
So I'm warning you men to assert control, or women will rule the world.

If women ever gets the ascendancy, they will show us no sympathy
They will make us do strange things, goodness knows, scrub floors, even wash clothes
If these tyrants become our masters, we'll have to push perambulators,
And in the night when they go out to roam, we'll have to mind the baby at home.

Source: The lyrics posted on this blog are often transcribed directly from performances. Although it is my intention to faithfully transcribe I do not get all the words and I have a knack for hearing the wrong thing. Please feel free to correct me or to fill in the words that I miss by dropping me a message via e-mail. I'd be forever grateful. Thanks in advance! ..............................................................................................................................  


 A Note From The Gull

Thank you, Atilla. I didn't dare classify this song under Laughter Commandos as a humorous calypso. "What is joke for schoolboy......"

"Patria est communis omnium parens" - Our native land is the common parent of us all. Keep it beautiful, make it even more so.

Blessed is all of creation
Blessed be my beautiful people
Blessed be the day of our awakening
Blessed is my country
Blessed are her patient hills.

Mweh ka allay!


Jefferson Challenger said...

Boy, Atilla tell us de ting was coming! De man had a crystal ball before Crazy see what he see. Great kaiso tho.

--Challie (Dominica)

Guanaguanare said...

Thanks, Challie, for making me laugh out loud. If you want to lose some more sleep, listen to these two:

Man Smart, Woman Smarter by
King Radio, and

Man Centipede by The Duke of Iron