My Intention Is War [Song]

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Lord Invader and Dictator

Lord Invader:
Yes, my mother dead and my father disown me. What am I to do?
My mother died and my father disown me. What am I to do?
I am living in this world, I ain't got nobody
Not a brother, sister, nor cousin family
War and rebellion when I meet calypsonian
My intention is war!

Dictator, you insolent boobie, delirious mule
Audacious slum monger, you're out of rule
Your abnormal expressions worth no while hearing
Descend at once, Dictator, and stop your sneering
You gabilous squabbler, illiterate ape
Now you are in a terrible scrape, Dictator,
You resemble Manuel Gogo - a fowl thief from Tobago
My intention is war!

Mighty Dictator:
Now Lord Invader, why you pick on me?
Remember that I was near your family
Take it from me in calypso
Remember me once in San Fernando
Now believe I can give you the score
Remember, you were sleeping on the floor
I used to mash your head going to sleep on my bed
My intention is war!

Lord Invader:
Now calypso singing is such a technical thing
It was not made for one and every to sing
How by the heavens can this songster win?
Except by necromancy - that is a sin
My head is like a book that is well compact
My tongue like a gun that never yet snap
And I'm sorry for Dictator if he molest with Invader
My intention is war!

Mighty Dictator:
Now Lord Invader, fighting makes no sense
Why not say something of eloquence?
Talk about the boys playing the music
And with that, please do not do any trick
Remember that I am a Lord
And on the bass, we have Mr. Ford
The Duke Of Iron of calypso
The master playing the piano.

Lord Invader:
Now Dictator, I want to prove you're a calypsonian
To sing this verse I give you satisfaction
Here the gentleman there, he's sitting up there
Sitting there, without any fear
Rhyme a verse extemporaneously
As to prove your singing ability
And if you give me satisfaction
You're known as the champion
My intention is war!

Mighty Dictator:
To sing on the gentleman, I'll take the chance
He's my friend, his name is Lawrence
He's a very great guitar player
And you can take this tip from the Dictator
On him I have to make no attack
He is sitting there all dressed in black
And I'll tell you why, he's a chap
He's wearing a red tie
My intention is war!

Lord Invader:
I think we goin' out...

Now, Mighty Dictator, put your hands in mine
That verse that you sung is well superfine
You know that I know you in Trinidad
And you are king in singing calypso ballad.

Mighty Dictator:
Now Invader, you too are really great
And my statement no one can adjudicate
Put your hand in mine
Let our friendship remain sublime.

Lord Invader & Mighty Dictator:
War, war, war, war, war...
La da day, la da doy
La da day, la da day, la da doy.

Source: The lyrics posted on this blog are often transcribed directly from performances. Although it is my intention to faithfully transcribe I do not get all the words and I have a knack for hearing the wrong thing. Please feel free to correct me or to fill in the words that I miss by dropping me a message via e-mail. I'd be forever grateful. Thanks in advance!
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