Robbery Under De Trees


By Gene Wilkes

Not me under the trees again,
Ah 'fraid manicou pee on me.
So any time you see me there
Is because they let me in free.
They rob me twice in succession
With shows they had last carnival,
So I make up mih mind since then
I eh going back there at all.
Machel Montano din show up,
And had patrons angry like hell;
David Rudder was very hoarse
And was a very poor chantwell.
"King David" just like Jemima,
The girl with the curl dong she forrid,
When he good, he extremely good,
But when he bad, he damn horrid!
So daiz it for me and Rudder,
Ah sorry to have to say so,
Now, anytime he performing
They go ha' to pay me to go.
It happening much too often -
Advertised artistes don't perform...
No refund, no apology,
In sweet T&T that's the norm.
At Plymouth Jazz, two years ago,
Toni Braxton didn't appear,
But patrons, though disrespected,
Still went back the following year.
Not me ! They cyar take my money
And treat me with scant courtesy,
Now, when I visit Tobago
Is to lime and bathe in the sea.
Another place me eh going
Is dem so called calypso tent...
'Cause either they ponging Panday,
Or they praising the government.
Few calypsonians entertain
With melody, humour and wit,
Too many still in the toilet...
Ah find is time they finishit!
At Central Bank Auditorium
Is in the road you have to park,
All kinda touts does hassle you
If you dare go there after dark.
They swear they have security,
But patrons had to face the plight
Of a stinkin' dutty vagrant
Ushering them inside one night.
So that is yet another place
That is now on my NO GO list,
So many places with pleasures
That I'm sad to say will be missed.

© Copyright – Gene Wilkes, Cocoyea.
Posted with the kind permission of the poet.