Cah Nah Val


By Gene Wilkes

The silly season come back again,
Soca crap blasting everywhere,
And the themesong is "Start to wine,
Jump and wave like yuh just eh care".
Ah too tired ah de ta-ta
And getting fed up ah de fete,
Contempt for caca-lypso grows
Every year as older I get.
So-called soca lacking lyrics,
They doh generate light, just heat,
Mas' music minus melody:
Jump, jump, jump and wave to de beat.
Ah does tune in to de radio
Longing for a long time lavway,
With witty, humorous content
To make me laugh and dingolay.
This all inclusive Carnahval
Now exclude so many ah we...
Soon, goin to fete and playing mas'
Go be for the very wealthy.
I cyar spend six hundred dollars
And jam up to jump up and sweat,
Plus, I doh drink Scotch or Champagne,
So mih money's worth ah cyar get.
Playing mas now is for de Bees,
Bikini, Beads, Bum Bum and Breast,
Body Art- the latest answer
For those who want to play undressed.
It eh ha' no more wire bending,
No more papier mache again,
Whole costume coming from China,
Supplied profitably by plane.
What about the Costume Industry
Dat we boast about years ago?
Like the Callaloo Company
Dat exported costumes for so.
But then say what, we like it so,
We eh diggin nutten, we free!
At least for two days every year
All ah we is one famalee!
Still, please be careful on the road
When you on the way to the fete,
That some driver eh lose control
And so cause you to meet yuh death.
And make sure doh mash nobody
Or bounce dem too hard on the floor,
Plenty people blood near they skin,
And dey eh takin dat no more !

© Copyright – Gene Wilkes, Cocoyea.
Posted with the kind permission of the poet.