Love Fire [Song]

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By Machel Montano and Black Stalin

Spoken: All that is necessary is necessary. There is no up, there is no down, no left, no right - only the middle. The name of the message is LOVE.

Love fire blazing, blazing, blazing
Love fire blazing, blazing, blazing
Love fire blazing, blazing, blazing
Love fire blazing, blazing, blazing.

Jah know... Right now we come, spreading our love to every nation
Jah know... We on a mission and love is we only salvation
Boy, ah tell you right now -------------
Tell the haters dem, we nah come to play
But the fire start blaze you go feel the heat
Is a fire of love that you can't defeat... no way!

Long ago the fire on the outside
This time it burning on the inside
And when you get that loving feeling
Is Xtatik and Black Stalin passing.

So let the fire burn high, high, high
Throw up your love in ah the sky high, high, high
Turn up yuh fire inside high, high, high
Throw up the message in the sky high, high, high
Is love we come with this time.

Love fire blazing, blazing, blazing love we come with this time
Love fire blazing, blazing, blazing

Jah know... We come back again, this time around we doh need no pain
Jah know... In His holy name, tell them refrain from going insane.

I tell you right now, we nah come to play
And we gathering the ones that gone astray
Keep this fire burning inside
Let's burn out the violence and the crime... oh-oh
In the West and the Middle East
We want peace, all we want is peace
From Laventille down to Caroni
Let the love flow through everybody.

So let the fire burn high, high, high
Throw up your love in ah the sky high, high, high
Turn up your fire inside high, high, high
Throw up the message in the sky high, high, high
Is love we come with this time.

This feeling that you can't deny
You can't resist, no matter how you try
Is a fire of love that we burning
And throughout the world that we spreading.

So let the fire burn high, high, high
Throw up your love in ah the sky high, high, high
Turn up your fire inside high, high, high
Throw up the message in the sky high, high, high
Is love we come with this time.

Love fire blazing, blazing, blazing
Jah know...Is love we come with this time
Love fire blazing, blazing, blazing
Jah know.

Peter wait, Peter wait... Is love we come with this time
Peter wait, Peter wait... Is love we come with this time
Peter wait, Peter wait... Is love we come with this time
Jah know.

Love fire blazing, blazing, blazing burning deep inside
Love fire blazing, blazing, blazing know you can't deny
Love fire blazing, blazing, blazing ...but it burning deep inside
Love fire blazing, blazing, blazing matter how you try
Love fire blazing, blazing, blazing know you can't deny
Love fire blazing, blazing, blazing can't run, you cannot hide
Love fire blazing, blazing, blazing ...Yes, it burning deep inside.
Love fire blazing, blazing, blazing
Fire blazing, love blazing, love blazing
Fire blazing, love blazing, love blazing
Fire blazing, love blazing, love blazing...

Source: The lyrics posted on this blog are often transcribed directly from performances. Although it is my intention to faithfully transcribe I do not get all the words and I have a knack for hearing the wrong thing. Please feel free to correct me or to fill in the words that I miss by dropping me a message via e-mail. I'd be forever grateful. Thanks in advance!

A Note From The Gull

Thank you, Machel and Black Stalin. I needed this blessing tonight.

"Patria est communis omnium parens" - Our native land is the common parent of us all. Keep it beautiful, make it even more so.

Blessed is all of creation
Blessed be my beautiful people
Blessed be the day of our awakening
Blessed is my country
Blessed are her patient hills.

Mweh ka allay!

The Plan [Song]

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By Machel Montano

Soca country starting to bawl, things ent looking rosy at all
Index finger starting to screel, wonder if is bad card he deal
But we ent want no bacchanal [We just want to break away]
Specially 'round Carnival [Mankind come to waylaylay]
No, we ent want no bacchanal [We are still a paradise]
This is just an interval [Like a phoenix we go rise]

Come leh we organise and plan how to straighten out this land
'Cause we share the spoils, time to share the toils
Come leh we organise and plan how to straighten out this land
Not for selfish good but for nationhood
Look in the mirror and you'll see
Whose responsibility is the welfare of this land
Time to show your hand.

Social fabric weave up like wool, crucial threads beginning to pull
Old complexes back on the job, new associations and clubs
But we ent want no bacchanal [We just want to break away]
Specially 'round Carnival [Mankind come to waylaylay]
No, we ent want no bacchanal [This country is callaloo]
So doh try to bring no war [Put your pepper in the stew]

Come leh we organise and plan how to straighten out this land
'Cause we share the spoils, time to share the toils
Come leh we organise and plan how to straighten out this land
Not for selfish good but for nationhood
Look in the mirror and you'll see
Whose responsibility is the welfare of this land
Time to show your hand.

Dealers with a license to kill, pushing poison powder at will
College students out on the drag, shiny bookmarkers in dey bag
But we ent want no bacchanal [We just want to break away]
Specially 'round Carnival [Mankind come to waylaylay]
No, we ent want no bacchanal [----- patriotism in its pride]
'Cause progress is integral [Like cooperation move with -------]

Come leh we organise and plan how to straighten out this land
'Cause we share the spoils, time to share the toils
Come leh we organise and plan how to straighten out this land
Not for selfish good but for nationhood
Look in the mirror and you'll see
Whose responsibility is the welfare of this land
Time to show your hand.

Balancing a budget is tears, watching how your cash disappears
As you find a dollar or two, taxes making sweet eye at you
But we ent want no bacchanal [We just want to break away]
Specially 'round Carnival [Mankind come to waylaylay]
No, we ent want no bacchanal ['Cause to live we ---- ]
No time to be cynical [When we moving positive]

Come leh we organise and plan how to straighten out this land
'Cause we share the spoils, time to share the toils
Come leh we organise and plan how to straighten out this land
Not for selfish good but for nationhood
Look in the mirror and you'll see
Whose responsibility is the welfare of this land
Time to show your hand.

Source: The lyrics posted on this blog are often transcribed directly from performances. Although it is my intention to faithfully transcribe I do not get all the words and I have a knack for hearing the wrong thing. Please feel free to correct me or to fill in the words that I miss by dropping me a message via e-mail. I'd be forever grateful. Thanks in advance!
"Patria est communis omnium parens" - Our native land is the common parent of us all. Keep it beautiful, make it even more so.

Blessed is all of creation
Blessed be my beautiful people
Blessed be the day of our awakening
Blessed is my country
Blessed are her patient hills.

Mweh ka allay!

Interview with Lelawattee Manoo-Rahming [Video]

"Lelawattee Manoo-Rahming was born in Trinidad in 1960. A mechanical/building services engineer and part-time college lecturer, she now lives in Nassau, Bahamas. As well as writing poetry and short stories, she draws and sculpts.

Her poetry and short stories have appeared in From the Shallow Seas; The Caribbean Writer, Womanspeak, Lignum Vitae, Pelican, At Random, Sisters of Caliban, Mango Season, Writes of Passage, SAMAR, Voice, Memory, Ashes: Lest We Forget.

Her work explores issues of gender, sexual orientation, abuse, the place of Indo-Caribbean culture and spirituality within a pan-Caribbean setting." SOURCE

Why do you write?

Interview with Lelawattee Manoo-Rahming Part I
| For tongues of the ocean by Asha Rahming

What are your poetic influences?

Interview with Lelawattee Manoo-Rahming Part II
| For tongues of the ocean by Asha Rahming

What is the role of the poet in society?
Is poetry written for the page being supplanted by the spoken word?
What do you dream for tomorrow?

Interview with Lelawattee Manoo-Rahming Part III
| For tongues of the ocean by Asha Rahming

"Immortelle and Bhandaara Poems" by Lelawattee Manoo-Rahming
Published by Proverse Hong Kong
Distributed by The Chinese University Press, 2011
ISBN 978-988-19321-3-6


A Note From The Gull

Thank you, Lelawattee Manoo-Rahming for sharing yourself with us through this interview and your work. I always find interviews with our artists exhilarating. Lelawattee's beautiful poem "Parang Serenade in Two Parts" was featured on this blog last year.

"Patria est communis omnium parens" - Our native land is the common parent of us all. Keep it beautiful, make it even more so.

Blessed is all of creation
Blessed be my beautiful people
Blessed be the day of our awakening
Blessed is my country
Blessed are her patient hills.

Mweh ka allay!

"White People, You Will Never Look Suspicious Like Trayvon Martin!"

White People, You Will Never Look Suspicious Like Trayvon Martin!
By Michael Skolnik
Global Grind | Posted March 19, 2012 by

"17-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by a Neighborhood Watch captain inside his own gated Sanford, Florida community where he was living with his father, stepmother and little brother.

"I will never look suspicious to you. Even if I have a black hoodie, a pair of jeans and white sneakers fact, that is what I wore yesterday...I still will never look suspicious. No matter how much the hoodie covers my face or how baggie my jeans are, I will never look out of place to you. I will never watch a taxi cab pass me by to pick someone else up. I will never witness someone clutch their purse tightly against their body as they walk by me. I won't have to worry about a police car following me for two miles, so they can "run my plates." I will never have to pay before I eat. And I certainly will never get "stopped and frisked." I will never look suspicious to you, because of one thing and one thing only. The color of my skin. I am white.

"I was born white. It was the card I was dealt. No choice in the matter. Just the card handed out by the dealer. I have lived my whole life privileged. Privileged to be born without a glass ceiling. Privileged to grow up in the richest country in the world. Privileged to never look suspicious. I have no guilt for the color of my skin or the privilege that I have. Remember, it was just the next card that came out of the deck. But, I have choices. I got choices on how I play the hand I was dealt. I got a lot of options. The ball is in my court.

"So, today I decided to hit the ball. Making a choice. A choice to stand up for Trayvon Martin. 17 years old. black. innocent. murdered with a bag of skittles and a bottle of ice tea in his hands. "Suspicious." that is what the guy who killed him said he looked like cause he had on a black hoodie, a pair of jeans and white sneakers. But, remember I had on that same outfit yesterday. And yes my Air Force Ones were "brand-new" clean. After all, I was raised in hip-hop...part of our dress code. I digress. Back to Trayvon and the gated community in Sanford, Florida, where he was visiting his father.

"I got a lot of emails about Trayvon. I have read a lot of articles. I have seen a lot of television segments. The message is consistent. Most of the commentators, writers, op-ed pages agree. Something went wrong. Trayvon was murdered. Racially profiled. Race. America's elephant that never seems to leave the room. But, the part that doesn't sit well with me is that all of the messengers of this message are all black too. I mean, it was only two weeks ago when almost every white person I knew was tweeting about stopping a brutal African warlord from killing more innocent children. And they even took thirty minutes out of their busy schedules to watch a movie about dude. They bought t-shirts. Some bracelets. Even tweeted at Rihanna to take a stance. But, a 17 year old American kid is followed and then ultimately killed by a neighborhood vigilante who happens to be carrying a semi-automatic weapon and my white friends are quiet. Eerily quiet. Not even a trending topic for the young man.

"We've heard the 911 calls. We seen the 13 year old witness. We've read the letter from the alleged killer's father. We listened to the anger of the family's attorney. We've felt the pain of Trayvon's mother. For heaven's sake, for 24 hours he was a deceased John Doe at the hospital because even the police couldn't believe that maybe he LIVES in the community. There are still some facts to figure out. There are still some questions to be answered. But, let's be clear. Let's be very, very clear. Before the neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman, started following him against the better judgement of the 911 dispatcher. Before any altercation. Before any self-defense claim. Before Travyon's cries for help were heard on the 911 tapes. Before the bullet hit him dead in the chest. Before all of this. He was suspicious. He was suspicious. suspicious. And you know, like I know, it wasn't because of the hoodie or the jeans or the sneakers. Cause I had on that same outfit yesterday and no one called 911 saying I was just wandering around their neighborhood. It was because of one thing and one thing only. Trayvon is black.

"So I've made the choice today to tell my white friends that the rights I take for granted are only valid if I fight to give those same rights to others. The taxi cab. The purse. The meal. The police car. The police. These are all things I've taken for granted.

"So, I fight for Trayvon Martin. I fight for Amadou Diallo. I fight for Rodney King. I fight for every young black man who looks "suspicious" to someone who thinks they have the right to take away their freedom to walk through their own neighborhood. I fight against my own stereotypes and my own suspicions. I fight for people whose ancestors built this country, literally, and who are still treated like second class citizens. Being quiet is not an option, for we have been too quiet for too long." SOURCE

-Michael Skolnik

Michael Skolnik is the Editor-In-Chief of and the political director to Russell Simmons. Prior to this, Michael was an award-winning filmmaker. Follow him on twitter @MichaelSkolnik


A Note From The Gull

Thank you, Michael Skolnik, especially for noting the silence of the privileged. This silence has been observed not only in instances where violence is caused by racism but where injustice of any sort occurs.

Have you noticed also that even when the privileged are silent, their lackeys - who are sometimes from the very communities which are disadvantaged, are often very vocal against their own brothers and sisters and supportive of the exploitative system. What exactly makes it worth their while to betray themselves and the victims?

"Patria est communis omnium parens" - Our native land is the common parent of us all. Keep it beautiful, make it even more so.

Blessed is all of creation
Blessed be my beautiful people
Blessed be the day of our awakening
Blessed is my country
Blessed are her patient hills.

Mweh ka allay!

"Farrakhan Is Not The Problem..."

I am growing wearier by the second, and less and less motivated to waste the dwindling portion of my energy reserves allocated to commenting on the mohong that keeps piling higher in this world. This explains why I will postpone commenting on the article, "Who Invited Farrakhan?" by Raymond Ramcharitar in the Trinidad Guardian Newspaper of Wednesday, March 21, 2012. In the meantime I will supply instead an article written by Tim Wise back in 2008, which expresses some of my thoughts on the issue. Thank you, Tim Wise.
"Farrakhan is Not the Problem: The Arrogance and Absurdity of America’s Racial Litmus Test."
Posted on May 24, 2008

"The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Thirteen years ago, when I first started out on the lecture circuit, speaking about the issue of racism, it seemed as though everywhere I went, someone wanted to know my opinion of Louis Farrakhan.

To some extent, this was to be expected, I suppose. It was 1995, after all, and Farrakhan had just put together the Million Man March in DC. So when race came up, that, and sadly, the OJ Simpson trial and verdict seemed to be the two templates onto which white folks in particular would graft their racial anxieties.

Though OJ has long since faded as a matter of conversation among most, discussion of Farrakhan never seems to end. As controversy has erupted regarding comments made by Barack Obama’s former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Wright’s occasional words of praise for Farrakhan have caused many to suggest that he, and by extension, Obama, are somehow tainted. Wright, we are to believe, is forever compromised as a legitimate commentator on issues of race and even as a man of God. And why? In large part because he has noted two basic truths that are pretty hard to dispute: first, that Farrakhan is an important voice in black America–important in the sense that millions of black folks are interested in what he has to say–and second, that he is someone whose community work with young black men has been constructive where many other efforts to reach them have failed. Although Wright has never indicated that he agrees with the more extreme comments made by the Minister over the past two-and-a-half decades (and indeed, much of Wright’s own ministry and approach to issues of race, gender and sexuality suggests profound disagreements with Farrakhan on these matters), his unwillingness to condemn the Nation of Islam leader is used to write him off as an extremist and a bigot.

As someone who is Jewish, I am expected to join in this chorus, apparently. Thus, the repeated and regular queries dating back at least fifteen years from other Jewish folks or from whites generally, asking why it is that I have never, in all of my years as an antiracist activist, turned my pen (or at least my computer keyboard) on Farrakhan.

But the simple truth is, Louis Farrakhan is not the problem when it comes to racism, sexism or heterosexism in this country; nor is he any real threat to Jews as Jews, or whites as whites, contrary to popular mythology.

Much as Muhammad Ali once famously noted that no member of the Vietcong had ever referred to him by a common racial slur, as a way to explain his lack of enthusiasm for fighting in Southeast Asia, I must point out that no member of the Nation of Islam ever told me when I was growing up that I was going to hell, that my soul was an empty vessel, or that I would burn in a lake of fire for all eternity, just like all of my Jewish ancestors, because we had rejected God. The folks who did that were white Christians: teachers, preachers, other kids, and co-workers–all of them spiritual terrorists and religious bigots of the first order. And not one of them was selling a bean pie on the corner, or copies of The Final Call. Yet, we as Jews make nice with Christians just like that, who smile while they condemn us, whose sense of spiritual superiority apparently causes us no alarm, nor spurs us to denounce them for their chauvinism, while the Nation of Islam’s occasional episodes of anti-Jewish sentiment send us into fits of apoplexy.

But can we get real for a moment? What ability does Farrakhan have to do me any harm, or any Jew for that matter? When was the last time those of us who are Jewish had to worry about whether or not our Farrakhan-following employer was going to discriminate against us? Or whether our Fruit of Islam loan officer was going to turn us down for a mortgage? Or whether our Black Muslim landlord was going to screw us out of a rent deposit because of some anti-Jewish feelings, conjured up by reading the Nation’s screed on Jewish involvement in the slave trade? The answer, of course, is never. If anything, members of the Nation, or black folks in general, have a much greater likelihood of being the victims of discrimination at our hands–the hands of a Jewish employer, banker or landlord, and certainly a white one, Jewish or not–than we’ll ever have at theirs. White and/or Jewish bias against Nation members, either as blacks or Muslims or both, is more likely to restrict their opportunities than even the most advanced black bigotry is capable of doing to us. That’s because bias alone is never sufficient to do much harm. Without some kind of institutional power to back up that bias, even the most unhinged black racism or anti-Jewish bigotry is pretty impotent.

Oh sure, a black Muslim could attack me on the streets I suppose, either because of my whiteness or my Jewishness, so in that sense, the potential for such a person to harm me exists. But how many of us who are Jews have really been attacked by members of the Nation of Islam? Not only in absolute terms, but relative to the number who have been attacked or otherwise abused by white Christians? And why, given the likely answers to those questions, do we continue to fear the former, while spending so much time trying to ingratiate ourselves to the latter? Is their support for Israel–which is only offered because they hope ingathering Jews there will bring about the return of Jesus, at which point we’ll all be sent to hell anyway–really that important? Is that all we require in order to be pimped?

Likewise, although lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered folks face violence regularly, and can be discriminated against legally in housing or employment, how often are members of the LGBT community singled out for these things by members of the Nation of Islam, as opposed to so-called God-fearing Christians filled with something to which these latter typically refer as “love?”

Sadly, it isn’t only conservative and right-wing white folks who have chosen to make Farrakhan something of a racial Rorschach test for black leaders. To wit, the recent ventilations of self-proclaimed spiritual guru, Michael Lerner, who claimed in an April 29, 2008 e-blast from his “Network of Spiritual Progressives,” that lasting damage had likely been done by Rev. Wright’s praise for Farrakhan. According to Lerner, failure to clearly condemn the Nation of Islam leader is a “danger to any hopes of reconciliation between blacks and whites in this country.”

But such a statement–in effect, placing the burden for racial reconciliation on black people, who must condemn Farrakhan in order for whites to be willing to dialogue–is a grotesque inversion of historic responsibility for the problem of racism in the United States.

Disturbingly, Lerner’s formulation suggests it is perfectly legitimate for whites to hold blacks as a group responsible for the words of Louis Farrakhan, or the inadequate condemnation of Farrakhan by Rev. Wright. To believe that praise for Farrakhan is a deal-breaker when it comes to white-black amity, is to endorse the notion of collective blame: the same kind of thing Lerner rightly rejects when it is done to Jews. If someone were to suggest that Jewish folks’ tepid condemnation of the Israeli government’s repression of the Palestinians, or terrorist Jews like Meir Kahane–whose followers are welcomed participants each year in New York’s “Israel Day Parade”–legitimizes anti-Semitism, or makes reconciliation between Jews and Muslims impossible, Lerner would be rightly outraged. But in his recent message, he engages in the same sloppy thinking.

Secondly, by arguing that praise for Farrakhan makes racial reconciliation impossible, Lerner essentially places the burden for solving the nation’s race problem on blacks and blacks alone. Whites are not asked by Lerner to renounce popular white politicians or historical figures, even those with egregious records on issues of racial equity and justice. Only blacks must prove their sincerity by renouncing one of their own. It is as if Lerner believes Farrakhan were the reason for white folks’ intransigence on issues of race; as if he honestly thinks whites had embraced the cause of racial equity until Farrakhan burst into the national consciousness sometime in the early 1980s. It’s as if he thinks whites have been honest racial brokers, just waiting for blacks to come to the table of brotherhood, while blacks have been the impediment to progress because of their occasional kind words for the Minister. In other words, Lerner writes as if history never happened, or at least is of no consequence.

And speaking of history, for white Americans to condemn Farrakhan, while still admiring some of the people for whom we have affection–who have not only said but done far more evil things than he–is evidence of how compromised is the principle we now seek to impose on others. It is evidence of our duplicity on this subject, our utter venality as arbiters of moral indignation. It isn’t that what Farrakhan has said about Jews, or gay and lesbian folks is acceptable–it isn’t. But the fact that his words make him a pariah, while white folks actions don’t do the same for us, is astounding.

After all, Louis Farrakhan never led a nation into war on false pretense. A white American president, supported in two consecutive elections by the majority of white people did that. And still, millions of whites are riding around with those infernal W stickers on the backs of their vehicles.

Louis Farrakhan never bombed a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan–responsible for making almost all of the drugs needed to fight major illness in that impoverished nation–on the false claim that it was a lab for chemical weapons. Another white American president, supported and revered by white liberals did that. And millions of white folks have been supporting that president’s wife in her quest for the same office, at least in part to return to the glory days they felt were embodied by her husband’s administration.

Louis Farrakhan never overthrew any foreign governments that had been elected by their people, only to replace them with dictators who were more to his liking. One after another white American president has done that, going back decades.

Louis Farrakhan didn’t bomb the home of a foreign leader, killing his daughter in the process, or arm a rebel group in Nicaragua responsible for the deaths of over 30,000 civilians, or give guns to governments in El Salvador and Guatemala that regularly tortured and executed their people. One of white America’s favorite white Presidents, Ronald Reagan did that. And millions of white folks (and pretty much only white folks) cried tears of nostalgia when he passed a few years ago, after which point thousands of these went to his ranch in California to pay tribute; and they name buildings and airports for him now; and some even suggest that his face should be added to Mt. Rushmore.

Louis Farrakhan didn’t say that his adversaries should be hunted down until they no longer “remained on the face of the Earth.” One of America’s most revered white presidents, Thomas Jefferson, said that, in regard to American Indians. And he’s on the two-dollar bill that I used to buy some coffee this morning.

And even if we were to restrict our comparative analysis to extreme statements alone, the fact is, white folks who say things every bit as bigoted as anything said by Farrakhan remain in good standing with the media and millions of whites who buy their books and make them best-selling authors.

Take Pat Buchanan, for instance. Despite a litany of offensive, racist and anti-Jewish remarks over the years, Buchanan remains a respected commentator on any number of mainstream news shows and networks, his books sell hundreds of thousands of copies, and rarely if ever has he been denounced by other pundits, or grilled by journalists, the way Farrakhan has been, in both cases.

So, for instance, Buchanan has said that AIDS is nature’s retribution for homosexuality; that women are “not endowed by nature” with sufficient ambition or will to succeed in a competitive society like that of the United States; and that the U.S. should annex parts of Canada so as to increase the size of the nation’s “white tribe” (because we were becoming insufficiently white at present), among other things.

Most relevant to demonstrating the hypocrisy of the press when it comes to Farrakhan, however, consider what Buchanan has said about Adolf Hitler. When Farrakhan said Hitler had been a “great” military and national leader–albeit a “wicked killer” (which is the part of the quote that normally gets ignored)–he was denounced as an apologist for genocide. Yet, when Buchanan wrote, in 1977, that Hitler had been “an individual of great courage, a soldier’s soldier in the great war,” a man of “extraordinary gifts,” whose “genius” was due to his “intuitive sense of the mushiness, the character flaws, the weakness masquerading as morality that was in the hearts of the statesmen who stood in his path,” it did nothing to harm his career, and has done nothing in the years since to prevent him from becoming a member of the pundit club in Washington. Nor would he receive the kind of criticism as Farrakhan–at least not lasting criticism–when he wrote in 1990 that survivors of the European Holocaust exaggerated their suffering due to “Holocaust survivor syndrome,” and that the gas chambers alleged at Treblinka couldn’t have actually killed anyone because they were too inefficient.

In other words, a white guy can praise Hitler, can cast aspersions on the veracity of Jews who were slotted to be killed, and can make blatantly racist, sexist and homophobic remarks and ultimately nothing happens to him, and no white politician is ever asked their opinion of him, or made to distance him or herself from the white man’s rantings. But black folks will have to do the dance, will have to make sure to reject Farrakhan, because otherwise, apparently, we should intuit that they are closet members of the Nation, just waiting to take office so they can pop on a bow tie and put Elijah Muhammad’s face on the nation’s currency.

Perhaps when white folks begin to show as much concern for the bigoted statements and, more to the point, murderous actions of white political leaders as we show over the statements of Louis Farrakhan, then we’ll deserve to be taken seriously in this thing we call a “national dialogue on race.” Until then, however, folks of color will continue–and rightly, understandably so–to view us as trying to dodge our personal responsibility for our share of the problem. They will view us, and with good reason, as merely using Farrakhan so that we can divert attention from institutional discrimination, institutionalized white privilege and power, and the way in which white denial maintains a lid on social change, by creating the impression that everything is fine, and whatever isn’t fine is the fault of crazy, militant black people, who follow crazy and hateful religious leaders.

In this way, white Americans can continue to pretend that the nation’s racial problem isn’t about us; that we are but passive observers of a drama concocted by others, over which only they have any control. And in this way, we guarantee the perpetuation of the very enmity we claim not to understand, the very tension we cannot comprehend, and the chasm-like divide that was created in our name and for our historic benefit, no matter how much we try and shift the blame now, heads rooted firmly in the proverbial sand." SOURCE
"Patria est communis omnium parens" - Our native land is the common parent of us all. Keep it beautiful, make it even more so.

Blessed is all of creation
Blessed be my beautiful people
Blessed be the day of our awakening
Blessed is my country
Blessed are her patient hills.

Mweh ka allay!

Memories: One Year On...

Memories by The Mighty Sparrow
Uploaded by Edward Spencer | Published on Sep 5, 2015

Louis Sellier...
Although you remain always in my heart and thoughts,
I am remembering you especially today.
"Patria est communis omnium parens" - Our native land is the common parent of us all. Keep it beautiful, make it even more so.

Blessed is all of creation
Blessed be my beautiful people
Blessed be the day of our awakening
Blessed is my country
Blessed are her patient hills.

Mweh ka allay!

The Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan To Visit Trinidad & Tobago

"Farrakhan comes to T&T this month."
Trinidad Guardian Online | Friday, March 9, 2012

"Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan will be visiting this country from March 21 to 26. He is scheduled to speak at the University of the West Indies on March 24 and at NAPA in Port-of-Spain on March 25. Both events start at 5 pm. Farrakhan is also due to visit WACK Radio 90.1FM in San Fernando and be interviewed by David Muhammad on his Black Agenda programme on March 22 from 8 pm to 10 pm. During the five-day visit, Farrakahn will meet various political officials and community activists.

Farrakhan last visited Trinidad in September 1996 and addressed close to 8,000 people at the Jean Pierre Complex and 1,500 at Shaw Park, Tobago. He also toured and met with residents at two separate locations in Beetham Gardens and was greeted by politicians such as Patrick Manning, ANR Robinson, Pennelope Beckles, Fitzgerald Hinds, Sadiq Baksh, John Rahael and Eulalie James. Farrakhan also visited Trinidad in 1975 and lectured at UWI, St Augustine and Queen’s Hall as the national representative of then Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad. Louis Farrakhan is probably best known for leading close to two million black men on the Million Man March on October 16, 1995. SOURCE

Chicago, Illinois
February 26, 2012

[Transcribed by Guanaguanare.]

In the name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful, we give Him praise and thanks for His mercy and His guidance to the human family of our planet. We thank Him for all of His Prophets and the Scriptures which they brought. We thank Him for Moses and the Israelite Prophets that gave us the Torah or the Old Testament. We thank Him for Jesus and His apostles who gave us the Gospel and the New Testament. We thank Him for Muhammad ibn Abdullah who gave to us the final revelation to the world - the Holy Qur'an. Peace be upon these worthy servants of Allah.

I am a student of the Honourable Elijah Muhammad and I could never thank Allah enough for His merciful intervention in our affairs in the person of master W. Fard Muhammad, the great Mahdi who came among us and found one worthy to deliver his message, first to us, the lost people, the lost sheep, then to the entire world - the Honourable Elijah Muhammad. I greet all of you, my dear brothers and sisters with the greeting words of peace we say it in the Arabic language - As Salaam Alaikum.

[Audience responds: Alaikum-salaam]

I would first like to thank Allah for all those who were blessed to make the journey to Saviours' Day and for all of those who are watching via webcast or pay per view. I want to thank all the labourers of the Nation of Islam whose work over the past year, though difficult, I thank all of you for your labour, your sacrifice and your charity. And to those of you today who, as my wonderful little brother, Nuri Muhammad said, reached your hands into your pocket but your spiritual hand into your heart, to give something to this great cause, I thank you from the depth of my heart.

I thank Brother Ademah, the Director of Saviours' Day who along with the Executive Council, Student Minister, Ishmael Muhammad, Student Secretary, Burvey, Student Supreme Captain Mustapha Muhammad, Brother Ahmed Muhammad, Student Minister of Information - Brother Thomas, Student National Protocol Director Sister Aisha, Sister Sandy, Student National M.G.T. Captain and those who are your helpers in the various cities and regions throughout the United States, the Caribbean and Africa and Europe, thank you so much for your diligence and your hard, hard work. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

[My apologies for any mistakes above in transcribing persons' names.]

A special thank you to the F.O.I. for your great service in going out into the community with the Final Call newspaper. Thanks to all of you who participated in the workshops, those who lead the workshops those who went to the workshops. Special thanks for those in the plenary sessions and thanks to all of the dignitaries and the wonderful people who are on the stage with me today. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

To my wife, my family, my extended family, to all of the believers, my thanks for all that you have endured over this year and past years and I am grateful, exceedingly grateful to be your husband, your brother your father and your minister.

Today we want to look at 2012 and see what is in the prophecies for the world, for America and for black and oppressed people throughout the world. The Qur'an says to Allah's messenger, Muhammad:

"Oh, messenger, deliver the message. If you do it not, you have not delivered the message, but if you do it, surely I will protect you from men."

There is a degree of danger attached to telling the truth to those who have been deceived by lies and falsehood. There is a degree of danger that every prophet had to meet in a world ruled by Satan. But the prophets never shrank from their duty to deliver the message. For forty-four years, the Honourable Elijah Muhammad never ever took a back step in delivering the message that he received from the Greek Mahdi, Master Fard Muhammad and being a follower of his, I can't take a back step in delivering the message and I seek Allah's protection in delivering that message.

In the 61st chapter of Isaiah it reads like this:

"The spirit of the sovereign Lord is upon me because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the Lord's favour and the day of vengeance of our God and to comfort all who mourn and to provide for those who grieve in Zion, to bestow on them - and that's you - a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. And these will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the lord for the display of His splendour. They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated. They will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations."

All of this by the grace of Allah. With His grace will be accomplished in this message from Allah and His Messiah to you today. This is my spirit for this lecture today, and everything that Allah will cause me to say will fulfill those words of Isaiah.

Why are we here? We are here because we come to honour a man that most of the world does not know. Every year, around the 26th February, we celebrate the birth of Master Fard Muhammad. Yes, that's exactly why we're here. This man was born in the holy city of Mecca Arabia this very day, February 26th 1877. He made himself known to us on July 4th 1930. We, the members of the Nation of Islam are witnesses of him though he came not just for us alone. The real truth is that we were to be the illuminating reflection and proof that we have had a visitation from God because of the transformation that his word has brought about in our lives through His Messiah, the Honourable Elijah Muhammad, He was born from two people, black and white - his father a black man, his mother a Caucasian from the Caucasus region of Europe. And he, representing Allah, the Originator of the heavens and the earth, came as the anointed one for this hour. But anointed with what? As the Mahdi, it is written of him:

"He is anointed with power to set down every tyrant and to set justice in the earth and to guide the disparate religions into oneness with God and oneness with each other. As he represents the Originator of the heavens and the earth, of whom it is written, 'He is The Beneficent, the Merciful and his mercy encompasses all things'. " and as Jesus so beautifully said, "The sun shines on the just and the unjust." so his mercy must be offered to all. And after you, who don't know him, get to know him, this particular scripture in John 6:37 is most appropriate:

"Whosoever will, let him come and in no wise will he turn you away."

If you come in submission and in recognition that the one who came to save us is also your Saviour too, well, then you have a chance to come out of the mindset of the maker of this world into a new mind and a new spirit that will prepare you for the world that is coming in now as this one is being removed.

Now, I don't wish to be on the opposite side of my brother who is the president of the United States of America, however, when he said in his State of the Union address, January 24th that, quote, "America is back and anyone who tells you that America is in decline, or that our influence has waned, doesn't know what they are talking about." closed quote, I must take issue with this. I want to say to my dear brother that what you are saying is that you and your administration have the power to make God's Prophets liars. It is not that we alone are saying that America is in decline, the Prophets of God have said it, prophesied of it and the world is now seeing it, and for our President to act as though this is not real, is disillusional and it disallows him as President to tell the American people the truth that he may unite them on the basis of that truth to correct the existing problems of this nation.

So I guess the duty falls on us to tell the truth to the American people. So with deep respect for our President, and for the great nation that I and we are blessed to live in, I have to point out the Prophet's predictions and how America is fulfilling them and is indeed not only in a decline, but in a great and steady fall from which she does not seem to have the ability to stop. There's a very small window of opportunity for America and I will tell you, by the grace of Allah, what that opportunity is and if you avail yourself of it, you can extend America's time on our planet.

America is on her deathbed. The vital signs of America are not good. America is lost and your scholars and scientists have lost the ability to guide you out of the problems that your policies and your way of life have created for you. You have rejected Elijah Muhammad and Master Fard Muhammad as a Mahdi, or divine guide, and in my humble opinion, this is why your nation and the world is in great confusion and decline. Master Fard, as the great Mahdi, which means self-guided one, he comes to guide us that we may straighten out the crooked things that need to be straightened. He comes to make the rough places plain and the crooked things straight. Don't you want to see America straightened out since we live here?

Well, we gonna give you a guidance today to straighten it out but all of us have to look at the crookedness of our own ways because not only does America need to be straightened out, all of us need to be straightened out and the crooked things in our lives made straight and the rough places plain. Now, I've been talking to us for thirty something years in the absence of my teacher, fifty-eight years coming up, but did you think that the Minister was just blowing hot air? You didn't come out here to hear somebody blow hot air, so let's take a look at our government.

The debt in America has now outgrown the Gross Domestic Product. What does that mean? Many of your top economists are worried about the economy and are telling us soon that this bubble is going to burst. Didn't the Honourable Elijah Muhammad warn us of such? Didn't he tell you, black brothers and sisters, that the factories would close, the gates would be locked and there would be long lines looking for jobs? Didn't he tell you that America was going to have millions of unemployed and would not be able to provide for our unemployed, that we had better unite, pool our resources and get up from the foot of white people and do something for ourselves? Do you remember him saying that? But we haven't done it and now we are steadily going down deeper into the valley of poverty and want.

According to reports, the national debt of the United States of America has reached over fifteen trillion dollars, but with other obligations such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid combined with the IOU's to government retirement and other programs, the debt is really as much as seventy to eighty trillion dollars. The debt is so large it could actually be greater than the value of all the land, the resources, the structures, its industries and all they produce. Mister President, if America is not in decline, why is our government and state governments selling off the assets that belong to the government and the American people? Why are you selling government buildings in Washington? Did you know that? The big FBI building was up for sale? And if somebody buys it, the FBI will rent from them. We are selling bridges, toll roads, my God... sea ports. Is a renter equal to an owner? And yet, you are not in decline? Clearly, we can't continue like this.

In our prayers we say this: "Oh Allah, I seek Your refuge from being overpowered by debt and the oppression of men." In our prayer, it links debt with oppression which the dictionary defines as prolonged cruel or unjust treatment and the Bible always shows that the person who is owed the debt is never good to the person who owns the debt. Debt destroys the spirit of the debtor. Debt gives great power to the one that is owed that debt. There are many parables in the Bible that Jesus makes of the debtor. Debt undermines liberty, debt undermines the pursuit of happiness, debt strangles the spiritual energy of life itself. America's debt has surpassed the value of everything under its foot and it continues to rise.

And even as America's financial condition worsens, so too has the weather. Remember what I said last year? Watch the weather? Well, in 2011, America and the world had the worst weather in recorded history and this year portends even greater calamities and hurt for the American people and also Europe. Now I know you're marvelling, the temperature is 51 today, you're saying, "Oh boy, it looks likes we've gotten through with a soft winter." It's not over yet...

Did you know that according to scientists, they called it an almost Biblical onslaught of twisters, floods, snow, drought, heat and wildfire? There has been more weather catastrophes in 2011 than there were in all of the 1980's. More than 1000 people were killed and it caused over 52 billion dollars in property damage. No wonder it's difficult to get the insurance companies to pay you when you have a fire and the rain comes down and you didn't have flood insurance and you are trying to make it. Insurance companies are losing. So you notice how insurance is jacked up now? Oh, It's not going to get better. Now I don't have a lot of good news for you but I have to give you the news. Just make believe that I am the newscaster that tells the truth.

This year Europe's weather has been catastrophic. The freezing of the Danube River which cuts though six European countries is beyond anything that Europe has experienced. Record breaking cold is killing livestock, snow is so high it's up to the roofs of some of the buildings, so that people have had to dig their way out of their homes and some are trapped in their houses and are dying there because nobody can get to them and they can't get out and they have not prepared for this type of calamity. 131 were killed in the Ukraine, 53 have died from exposure in Poland, Heathrow airport in London has been partially shut down, emergency helicopters are rescuing people in Bosnia cut off by snow drifts. In the Czech Republic temperatures have reaches -40 degrees centigrade, the lowest since the 1980's. Moscow recorded temperatures at -20 degrees centigrade, the lowest in sixty years and snow even fell on parts of northern Africa... but you have not seen anything yet. This year it will be worse. God is not going to let up on America and the world. We'll get to terrorism in a few ticks.

Well, the weather's bad, economy bad, the political environment has deteriorated like the weather. Never has a sitting President been spoken of in the manner that President Obama and his family have had to endure. Not just by the Birthers and right wing zealots but those in high places, people with great influence have spoken against him in a manner that has never been accorded to even the worst of America's white Presidents. They have called President Obama a racist, an anti-Semite, a socialist, a communist, a foreigner, an alien and they've even called him a terrorist.

Now I am going to take a few minutes now to show you and tell you some of the things that highly influential people are saying about our brother. I am going to start with Presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich. He said, "Obama's policies are a very serious threat to our way of life." Now that's deep. He said "The secular, socialist machine represents as great a threat to America as Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union once did." Now you think with me.

Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, he described the President before his elections as quote, "light skinned with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one".

A Jewish Republican Congressman, Eric Cantor of Virginia said, quote, "In an effort to ingratiate our country with the Arab world, this administration has shown a troubling eagerness to undercut our allies and friends." He said that the dispute jeopardises America's national security. Now they are not talking about you or me. They're talking about the President that most of us voted to elect.

Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a leading Republican on the Foreign Affairs Committee said, "The Obama Administration undermines both our allies and the peace process while encouraging the enemies of America and Israel alike."

Now I want you to catch this one. Kansas speaker of the house, Mike O'Neal, he forwarded an e-mail to fellow lawmakers that called Mrs. Obama, Mrs. YoMama and included a photo comparing her to the Grinch. He referred to President Obama in a Bible verse, Psalms 109, eight verse. I want to quote the verse but the whole chapter is what he sent. "Let his days be few and let another take his office. May his children be fatherless and his wife a widow, May his children be wandering beggars. May they be driven from their ruined homes. May a creditor seize all that he has and may strangers plunder the fruits of his labour. May no one extend kindness to him or take pity on his fatherless children." Now this Speaker of the House forwarded this prayer with his own message. Now listen to his message to those he forwarded this prayer to. "At last I can honestly voice a Biblical prayer for our President." He asked those he sent the e-mail to, "Look it up. It is word for word so let us all bow our heads and say, "Brothers and sisters , can I get an Amen? Amen!" Now these are white folks, not little dumb people from the backwoods of Mississippi. These are people with influence. I haven't started yet.

United States Representative, Jim Sensenbrenner, Republican of Wisconsin, told church members at a Christmas bazaar that our First Lady has a big butt. Now have you ever heard them say about any President's wife, "That one has a butt like an ironing board?" That means it's quite flat and shapeless and I guess everybody in America wants a butt like black people otherwise the Brazilian butt wouldn't be on television showing you how to shake your rump. Can I get a witness? Amen!!

Marilyn Davenport, member of the Orange County California Republican Central Committee resigned after she forwarded an e-mail in which President Obama's face is superimposed on a chimpanzee. Now, you would think this is from senseless stupid, uninformed, ignorant white folk but this is from the group that has been voted into political power. I'm going on.

Minnesota State Senator, Mike Parry, a GOP Senate Candidate was found to have scrubbed several tweets from his Twitter account including one that described Obama as a power hungry, arrogant black man. He said "My opinion is that our President is arrogant and angry. The fact is that he's a black man."

Now all you have to do to be arrogant is just stand your ground. All you have to do to be called angry is to say, "I disagree." See, they have a slave master mentality and they don't recognise that slavery is over, baby, and you going to have to get used to black people angry, peaceful, beautiful - however we present ourselves to you. You going to have to accept it or deal with it.

Former President, Bill Clinton, after playing the saxophone to get our vote, was talking to the late Senator Ted Kennedy. and listen to what he said - this is while his wife was running against him, against President Obama for the nomination of the Democratic Party - he said, "A few years ago, this guy, Obama, would have been getting us coffee." Clinton also called Obama's run for the White House as "the biggest fairy tale I've ever seen."

US Representative, Lynn Jenkins, Republican from Kansas told a Republican, a public forum, "Republicans are struggling right now to find the Great White Hope." Obama has really got them upset and the Republicans now are looking for some white person...anybody... anybody!

Arlington, Tennesse Mayor, Russ Wiseman called Obama a Muslim President, "Ask the man if he believes that Jesus Christ is the son of God and he will give you a ten minute dissertation about it when the answer should simply be 'yes'. It would make no difference to you if he said 'yes', you still call him a Muslim though he's told you over and over again that he's a Christian. Well, President, you might as well come on and join us then. You really would get something done then.

A Tea Party official, Doctor David McKalip, St. Petersburg neurosurgeon, President Pinellas Country Medical Association, sent out an e-mail with the image of President Obama as an African witchdoctor dressed in a loin cloth with a bone through his nose and underneath the picture were the words, "ObamaCare: Coming Soon To A Clinic Near You."

Even Glenn Beck joined, calling President Obama a racist. I'm going on.

Florida Republican Leader, David Stalk forwarded an e-mail written by GOP volunteer, Ron Whitley, that said, "I see carloads of black Obama supporters coming from the inner city to cast their votes for Obama. This is their chance to get a black President and they seem to care little that he is at minimum socialist and probably Marxist in his core beliefs, after all he's black - no experience or accomplishments - but he's black." Now, look at all these Republicans that are running for the President? See? What experience do they have? You don't care. They're white. So to hell with you if we want to vote for a brother because he is black, that's our business. We've been voting for you for as long as we've had the privilege to vote. It's an honour for us to vote for one of our own kind.

On sale at the Republican party's booth at the evergreen state fair in Washington, DC, a three dollar bill with Obama in it dressed in a Muslim headdress. One man from the GOP convention sold a button asking if Obama is President, would we still call it the White House? You mean a black man living there has made you think that black people have taken the country from you? You're really sick but they are getting worse.

A young Republican Vice Chairman, Audra Shay, after a friend declared, "obama bin lauden is the new terrorist....muslim is on there side .....need to take this country back from all these mad coons.......and illegals." On Shay's Facebook wall, Shay responded eight minutes later, "You tell em Eric! lol."

Dean Grose, the Mayor of Los Alamitos, California, sent and e-mail showing a watermelon patch growing on the White House lawn caption, "No Easter egg hunt this year." He resigned and claimed that he was unaware of the racial stereotype that black people like watermelons.

Rick Santorum, the guy that's running close with Romney, he was confronted by a questioner who said, "I never refer to Obama as President Obama 'cause legally he is not. He constantly says that our Constitution is passé and he ignores it as you know and does what he darn well pleases. He's an avowed Muslim and my question is, Why isn't something being done to get him out of government? He has no legal right to be calling himself President."

Instead of checking her, Santorum responded, "Well look, I'm doing my best to get him out of government right now and you are right about how he uniformly ignores the Constitution he did this with these appointments over the recess that was not a recess and if I was in the United States Senate, I would be drawing the line."

Now let us look at some of the images. Now, this is the New Yorker magazine do you remember it? Now that;s our sister Michelle with a heavy afro with military clothes on with an AK-47 and bullets over her shoulder greeting her husband Barack Hussain Obama with a picture behind the two of them of Osama bin Laden. Now this is a New York magazine put out by Jewish people. I'm not anti-Semitic, I'm just telling the truth. Now, look at this, "Radical leaders prey on the fearful and naive." - National socialism, Adolph Hitler, Marxist, socialism, I think that may be Lenin - and in the middle, Barack Obama. Then they have a poster in Israel with Obama displayed in downtown Jerusalem dressed in a Palestinian kufiya headdress and calls him an anti-Semitic Jew hater. This is in Jerusalem.

Now where's the next one where's the birth certificate? "The zoo has an African lion and the White House has a lying African." I mean I'm taking my time with this 'cause I want you to see what climate is being built up in America for our brother. Obama in the Globe paper, "Obama born in Africa." In that same Globe paper, "Michelle breaks down over Obama gay scandal." You see it?

Now you haven't seen all of these things put together like this. I'm putting it together for a reason and if I were you all, if you don't have no place to go, go back and sit down 'cause I'm not playing with us today and I need your attention because you may not hear from me too much longer. The wise understand. Now let's keep moving.

They got the brother riding in a limousine that's called The Beast. It's the most armoured vehicle of any President. I want to ask a question, Why is it that some Jewish people must link every black man of strength with Adolph Hitler? Mayor Koch in New York called me the new Hitler. Anybody that speaks out against misconduct or unfair treatment by members of the Jewish community, instead of dealing with the truth of what we say, you label the person anti-Semitic and the stronger they are, you call them Hitler. Now they are doing it to President Obama. Look at the picture. That's your President. Now I didn't do that, I'm not an artist. Look at President Obama with a Hitler moustache and hairdo.

Now listen, if you were Jewish and somebody painted the President of the United States as Hitler what would be in your heart for the President knowing what Hitler did to the Jewish people? This is about the lowest that a man can get to take that brother and paint him with a Swastika or a moustache to make him look like Hitler. Well you may say that these are just some silly individuals and what I would challenge the press.... See. I notice how that how when you rape our women - white people do - they say, "Oh, he was drunk and he was horsing around." You love to make excuses for your people but I intend today to close the door on excuses because if you join wrong then the punishment that comes to the wrong, and you support it, you die with them!

Are you threatening us? Yes! There's never been a messenger of God that delivered a message that wasn't accompanied by a threat. It ain't me. I'm just telling you what God is about to do!

Now look, despite Obama talking about Israel...look, listen to his words, "I and my administration have made the security of Israel a priority. It's why we've increased cooperation between our militaries to unprecedented levels. It's why we are making our most advanced technologies available to our Israeli allies and it's why, despite tough fiscal times, we've increased foreign military financing levels to record levels." Now that's Obama talking at AIPAC. Hard to get him to a black affair to say kind words to us and encourage us in our struggle, but he went to AIPAC like the rest of them on their knees, grovelling to the Zionists.

Despite Obama's unqualified statement of unwavering support for Israel and Zionism, the owner of the Atlanta Jewish times, Andrew Adler wrote just a few weeks ago that Israel should consider giving the go ahead for US based Mossad agents to take out a President deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current Vice President to take his place and forcefully dictate that the United States policy includes helping the Jewish state obliterate it's enemies. Then Adler wrote this - yes, you read correctly - order a hit on a President in order to preserve Israel's existence.


Did you hear about that? How many of you heard about that? Raise your hands. Oh, that's a small number of you. Now, when I say something they make sure everybody knows, if it's negative - Farrakhan, the Anti-Semite, Farrakhan, the hater, Farrakhan, the this ....Why the hell didn't the media tell you what that man said about killing our brother in the White House? Talk back to me!

It's because they protect their own regardless to the evil of their people. But you going get out of it today. You going to make a different change today or I'll tell you what the results will be.

A prominent American Jew suggesting and advocating the assassination of Barack Obama? Where's the Secret Service? Where's the FBI? Why didn't they arrest him? Did they bring him in for questioning? They said they would but did they? But his Jewish brethren jumped on him. Chief among them was the head of Anti Defamation League, Abraham Foxman. But is it that Andrew Adler made a horrific statement, or is it that he exposed the plot too early? Adler made another point that no one is addressing. What is the Israeli Mossad doing based inside America? This tells me that the synagogue of Satan is at work.

Now, this part of our lecture gets very serious and I want to open the Bible for you. Now, you know I didn't write the Bible but I did learn to read. Revelation 2:9 - When you get home open your Bible. Listen to what it says, "I know thy works and tribulation and poverty but thou art rich and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan."

I didn't write it but I am going to explain it. Revelation 3:9 - it wasn't enough in 2:9, they come back 3:9 - John the Revelator - and he said, "Behold I will make them of the synagogue of Satan which say they are Jews, but are not but do lie -Behold I will make them to come and worship before thy feet and to know that I have loved thee."

I wonder who that's talking about? Now, listen I want to quote the Qur'an to you. I just quoted the Bible. The Qur'an says, "Those who are Jews, those who are Christians or Sabians, those who believe in Allah in the last days and are the doers of good to others, they have their reward from their Lord." This Qur'anic verse is sufficient evidence to tell you that there are members or the Jewish faith that are striving to live the life that Moses and the Israelite Prophets taught. There are members of the Jewish faith that hold the principles and the teachings of the Prophet dear to them. They have to be separated from those who say they are Jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

Now here's my challenge to the Jewish people. You want good Muslims to condemn bad Muslims. You want good Christians to condemn bad Christians. You want good Negroes to condemn those that you say are bad. Well, what about you? What about this synagogue of Satan that say they are Jews and are not? When are you going to rise up and put them down, and make them know that you are not of them?

Now, to show you that Farrakhan is not teaching hate, this is a book that just came out a few days ago. It's, "The Obama Hate Machine: The Lies, Distortions and Personal Attacks on the President - and who is behind them." So don't look at me like I am doing something wrong. Two books just came out - "The New Hate." by Arthur Goldwag,

Now if a hate machine is grinding out stuff to turn the country into a hateful spirit against our brother, do you remember in the Bible and in the Qur'an when Cain became envious of his brother Abel? The Qur'an says it stared with envy. Envy grew to hatred and hatred grew to murder. You Qur'anic students, do you know that, remember that? Well, if an atmosphere is being created of hatred for Obama, what is the next step?

Did you know that at first, members of the Jewish community were very close with Obama and they wooed him and in their media, New York magazine, had a picture of Obama wearing a yamaka with the title, "The First Jewish President." Did you know that eighty percent of the people that surround him in his administration are Jewish? How could he be an enemy of Jews? What is it that you expect from him that he is not doing that make you now use your media to create an avalanche of hatred against the President? I'm going get to it.

Some Chicago Jews in Haaretz, a major daily Israeli newspaper, they ran a story, a headline, "Some Chicago Jews say that Obama is actually the 'first Jewish President'."

Remember how you used to foolishly say that Clinton was our first black President? And we lost more under Clinton than under Nixon. See, you get so deceived just by a few black faces in an administration. White folk don't bring you up unless they feel they can use you for their purpose. Now, you white people that are here, I'm not lying to you. You bring a black person up and exalt them, you exalt them to use them for your purpose.

All right. Now...oh no, no...hell, I can't back down now. Come too far now.

In the Qur'an, in the Maulana Muhammad Ali translation, in the third surah or chapter, the 54th verse it reads, and I quote, "And the Jews planned and Allah plans and Allah is the best of planners." The word - listen please, carefully - the word for plan in Arabic is makr, m-a-k-r. It means, he turns a thing... turns it, turns it. When you look at the beautiful promise of our brother, Barack Obama, that man wanted the best for this country and for all of the American people. He was not going to focus solely on black people but he was going to focus on what he felt was in the best interest of every American. That was his spirit and because he grew up in Indonesia, the largest Muslim nation on the earth, he had some brush with Islam and had a better appreciation of Islam than any of his predecessors. So Muslims felt that he could bring rapprochement between America and the Muslim world, between America and Africa, American and Central and South America, American and Mexico, America and Cuba. This is the Obama that made the world fall in love with him.

Remember the Scripture when Satan took Jesus up on the mountain? See, Satan offered to Jesus what His Father had already planned to give Him, and then some. But it had not yet come into view. Satan is always jumping in front of the promise of God to deceive the people into accepting less because they are not patient to wait on God to deliver on His promise. Now Jesus had the strength to say, "Get thee behind me, Satan." However, President Obama cannot say it because he does not recognise Satan. If you look at everything that our brother said that was in his heart to do for America and the world, he is now hamstrung and unable to do it. They did not care what he said prior to being elected but once he got into office, their skill was to turn him in a direction that pleased them. You understand me? He is not fully turned yet but they got him turning. Listen good now.

No matter what President Obama has said or done to show Israel his commitment, somehow or another he is failing in some important aspect of what they desire him to do. He's invaded every country the Neocons told him to. He went and got the stimulus plan that bailed out Wall Street. There is nothing that he has not yet done for Israel, but they are still not happy. The list of concessions that Obama has made to Israel is long. Now I want you to listen carefully now.

He claimed credit for killing the world's number one terrorist, Osama bin Laden, but did you ever stop to look at that? Well, let's look at it now. From the reports of that military operation, Osama bin Laden was caught unarmed with his family around him. Seemed to me they could have gotten him, secured him, taken him out of Abbottabad, Pakistan, and brought him to a place where he could be interrogated about 9/11 and other alleged terrorist operations. They could have brought him to America and tied him up and drove him through the streets letting the world know that this was the enemy that Bush said we wanted him dead or alive. You caught him alive!

Now you say, they say they had respect for his religion, so they took his body and they washed him and oiled him like we do our dead and they had an Imam come and say the Janazah prayer and then they dumped him in the ocean.

Now let me ask you this. This man captured alive would have meant a treasure trove of information for US Intelligence. You water boarded some that followed him to get information. You are not against torture? If this man is a man plotting stuff all over the world against America and its values and its people, if this is the man that killed 3000 people in the Twin Towers in America, why didn't you interrogate him? Could it be that to kill him on the spot meant that he really was not wanted alive because maybe much of what you charged him with you would never be able to prove in a military court or a court of law? Could it be that the three thousand people that died at the World Trade Center were not killed by Osama bin Laden or Muslims at all?

Could it be that that was used by our government of false flag operation to begin to deprive American people of what is guaranteed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Could it be?

See, you can't even wrap your mind around the thought that our government could have done something like that, killed three thousand, mainly Americans to get political advantage. You can't wrap your mind around that because it is impossible for you to think like Satan. Aha! But that's not your job!

See, most of you can't follow me in this. You going to have to find some heavy testicles to walk behind me. Damn cowardly group of leaders that we got!

America, you killed an American citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki, who took issue with America's foreign policies. You say it is justified, even though it is a violation of the Constitution of the United States to have killed an American citizen without due process. And not only did you kill him, you went after him and killed his sixteen year-old son and other family members. You send your drones now. You killed Saddam Hussein, his sons Uday, Qusay, and you literally destroyed his country. Muammar Gaddafi had developed a beautiful plum that was the envy of western society. Oh, they said it was a humanitarian mission but why did America then use depleted uranium and cruise missiles not only kill present generations but to poison the atmosphere for future development of life? Doctors and residents of Fallujah, Iraq, are blaming weapons like depleted uranium and white phosphorus used during two US attacks on Fallujah in 2004 for what are being described as catastrophic levels of birth defects and abnormalities.

And now documents have surfaced that reveal that the so called Arab Spring didn't start in the Muslim world. But here did it start? It started from plans in the United States to take over the Middle East, its natural resources for the western world. But their Arab Spring is not going the way they originally intended and it has now turned into a harsh Arab winter.

And this is to say to America that even though you plan, there is a planner over and above your plans, who fulfills the Scriptures that says in the Bible that you will lay a trap for others and get caught in it. You will dig a ditch for others but you will fall in it.

A four star US Army General, Wesley Clark... Have you heard that name before? Let me tell you what he said. He said that ten years before 9/11, Paul Wolfowitz - I want you to keep remembrance of these names because these are a part of a shadow government. Let me say it again - these are part of a shadow government. A shadow government means you got a government out front but you got another government behind that are trumping the things that the government out front is saying.

Now, I am going to prove what I say and you can take it or let it alone but you will never be able to say that Farrakhan knew the truth and was too cowardly to tell it even at the cost of my own life!

Mister Clark said Wolfowitz, the Neocon architect of Bush's war on Iraq, told him of plans to clean out the Middle East and take over those Muslim nations. Just ten days after 9/11, Clark was shown a Pentagon memo that describes how they planned to take out seven countries - Muslim countries - in five years, starting with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and then Iran. They called this project The Greater Middle East Project but for the public and the media, they are calling it the Arab Spring. Journalist and historian, William Engdahl, is reporting that some of the Arab protest leaders were trained to be instigators in Belgrade, Serbia, by activists financed by the US State Department.

Now, look here, if the State Department is financing this, let's see what Mister Engdahl has to say more. He said the ultimate goal of the United States is to take the resources of Africa and Middle East under military control in order to block economic growth in China and Russia, thus taking the whole of Eurasia under control. Now you may not know it now, but America is already at war with China and Russia.

But wait a minute now, Farrakhan, I think you going a little far. No, I haven't gone far enough. We had a seminar yesterday called "Business Is Warfare." America is at war right now with China and Russia. I'll prove it in a minute. You just hang in there with me. You can't get this nowhere in America but by the voice of a man trained by God's Apostle, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Engdahl goes on to say the Pentagon's Africa Command called AFRICOM is coordinating the whole operation. Now Engdahl says - he's a historian, a scholar, but either he's lying or he's telling the truth. He says, interestingly AFRICOM was created just after 2006 - China's Africa diplomacy, when forty heads of African nations were invited to Beijing, China, and enormous deals were signed on oil exploration building hospitals and infrastructure - anything the IMF did not do in Africa over the last thirty years. China and Russia have been in Africa working with African governments. Now think about this. In China, I mean, in Libya, when the fighting started, nearly a hundred thousand Chinese had to leave Libya. They weren't in Libya sightseeing. They were working throughout Libya building infrastructure for development and when NATO started bombing, Gaddafi said, No more oil to Europe but Russia and China. They had to kill him. It's warfare. And anything that gets in the way has to be dealt with.

Today, I am putting myself in your way. I want you to come and deal with me so that my God can show you that I'm not standing by myself!

In 1974... I want you to hang with me. You won't even know the time... This thing gets better by the moment.

Listen, in 1974, Henry Kissinger who was then Secretary of State under President Nixon signed national security study memorandum 200 titled, quote "Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for US Security and Overseas Interests.." It was adopted as official policy in 1975 by President Gerald Ford. Now those who analyse the report said that Doctor Kissinger proposed that, listen, depopulation - you know what that means? I'm going to say that again. Can you spell? You look it up. Depopulation should be the highest priority of US foreign policy towards the Third World.

Africa!!! Listen to your brother from America! Your leaders aren't worth your love. That's why Muammar Gaddafi told the people, "Listen to Louis Farrakhan. He will tell you what is going on."

I'm going to say that again - depopulation should be the highest priority of US foreign policy towards the Third World. He quoted reasons of 1. national security and because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries. No, let me stop here for a moment. In order for America to remain a power in the 21st century, she must have access to strategic metals and minerals that are found in Russia and in Africa, especially Central Africa. So if there are minerals there that America needs - you Americans, I want you to listen to me - you that can't wrap your mind around Satan. But I'm going to bring him to you today and put him in your lap. And if you are too cowardly to look at Satan and deal with Satan as Satan is, then you don't have long to live on this planet 'cause Satan's day is up. He's going down and I represent the power that's here to take him down.

Now, listen to what Kissinger is saying. "Wherever a lessening of population can increase the prospect for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resources, supplies and to the economic interests of the United States."

Now were going into Satan's lair.

Other analysts have said that, quote, "Although this plan of action was to be activated in developing countries, it was designed as a two-edged sword that could be swung with equal determination in both developed and developing countries alike."

Oh man, I wish that you all had time.

Listen, in Europe right now... Patrick Buchanan wrote a book... the decline of the white race. In Europe it's zero population growth for white people. That means they feel within the next thirty to fifty years, the population of white people in Europe will be gone down, down, down. Well, who's in Europe now that this depopulation needs to be exercised in developing countries and developed countries? See, my brothers here and sisters from England. Look at the people that are coming to England from the former colonial territories of the British Empire - from Pakistan, from India, from the West Indies, from Asia. You run to London, you run to England but they don't want you because if you stay, in a few years you becoming the master of their land because they are dying. And since you love the white woman and the white man loves the black woman, you all start cohabiting and then a whole new kind of human being coming up in Europe that's not white any more. So we killing you one way or another... and we not even trying.

Now, brother Akbar is here with me, and my son...we were in Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwe, where the President is President Mugabe... [Responds to audience member] Thank you, brother. You got a good man as your hero. Mugabe is about the only one in Africa that stood up with strength. May Allah be pleased with him and give him even longer life to trouble the West. But in Harare, the number one industry was building coffins. Five thousand Africans each week were dying - 20,000 a month. From what? AIDS. I was a guest of the Ministry of Health and when we were at luncheon with the Ministry of Health, they were bragging that every child in Zimbabwe had been vaccinated!

The man that is your former slave master, you trust him to put a needle in your arm? Though the Tuskegee experiment should have shown you. He don't love you.

You, my Native American brothers and sisters, you trust them to vaccinate you and your children? Don't you remember smallpox? Don't you remember they came with a good idea? It's cold. We going to give you, Indians, some blankets. But the blankets were laced with smallpox, killing tens of thousand of our Native American brothers and sisters.

Have you forgotten? Have you become that stupid and insensitive? And it's because you think Elijah Muhammad lied to you. Oh, I'm too big for hate. You're a damn fool. You not bigger than God, and God hates. Who the hell are you to say you don't hate, when God removes entire nations from the earth that He don't like? You are just a coward! You hate your mother when she don't give you what you want. You hate your father. You kill your brother. But you don't hate? You are a damn liar! Why are people dying in the ghetto? Because you love? Hell no! You hate, but your hate is unintelligent!

Now, did you know that Henry Kissinger and they signed that into law? The document was signed by Henry Kissinger - depopulate the Third World. I'm going to say it again, Kill people in the Third World. And it was signed by Henry Kissinger and listen to who it was directed to - Secretaries of Defence, Agriculture, Central Intelligence, the Deputy Secretary of State, the Administrator of the Agency for International Development with a copy to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Now that's a whole government involved in killing people all over the earth.

Kissinger prepared yet another depopulation manifesto for President Jimmy Carter called "Global 2000" which detailed using food as a weapon to depopulate the Third World. All right, let's see.

Have you been to McDonald's lately? [Laughter from audience] I'm not laughing, damn it, I'm not laughing! And damn it, don't you laugh 'cause they're killing you with your taste buds. You don't understand Satan but you'll hate me for exposing them today.

There's a slime in the burger. It's got silicone. They've practiced how to deceive your taste buds and your nose. You smell something that smells like chicken, you taste something that tastes like chicken but it's chemicals. You want more fast food? And they... "I'm loving it!" Your children driving you out of your mind, "Take me to Mickey D's." See, you lazy woman! You don't want to get in the damn kitchen and cook, so you bring your children to these fast food places, killing them and yourself because you too damn lazy and trifling to cook again. Who the hell wants a woman with a good shape and a fat behind that don't how to prepare no food for her husband and her children? To hell with a woman like that!!

I knew it was going to be tough today but I didn't know how tough.

Your grandmother knew how to cook. You know how to make a baby but don't know how to cook food? You know how to shake your behind but don't know how to rattle some eggs in a pan. Satan got you! You go to Church and on the way from Church you stop in fast food. Reverend, you going have to do better teaching this people because I going to have the people sit you down. See it's time now. We can't take it no more and when you sell out your people for the favour of your enemy, you got to die!

I'm sorry...I'm full and I'm hurting for you. I love you and I'm a reflection of the love of Master Fard Muhhamad and the Honourable Elijah Muhammad for you. Let us recall what Zbigniew Brzezinski said. Listen to his words, "[The] major world powers, new and old, also face a novel reality: while the lethality of their military might is greater than ever, their capacity to impose control over the politically awakened masses of the world is at a historic low. To put it bluntly: in earlier times, it was easier to control one million people than to physically kill one million people; today, it is infinitely easier to kill one million people than to control one million people."

The Honourable Elijah Muhammad warned us. He said the scientists of this world - so wicked in devising more stealthy means of killing millions of people. See, you can't think like that, but I want to introduce you to Satan. See, you've always thought Satan was some spirit. Spirits...yeah. Satan got a spirit all right!

But the Scriptures that I read - both Bible and the Qur'an. Let's talk about it. The Qur'an says, "Follow not the footsteps of the Devil." Hell, I didn't know the Devil had feet? The Bible says, "That day"... What day? - Judgment Day - "that day shall not come except there be a falling away first and the man of sin be revealed the son of perdition." It ain't no spook. Isaiah the prophet said, "Oh Lucifer, Son of the Morning, how are thou fallen from heaven, thou that didst weaken the nations." ..."They shall narrowly look upon you and say, 'Is this the man? Is this the man?'"

They have used a series of methods for global depopulation

1. Depleted uranium bombs
2. Genetically modified foods. You noticed they sent the document to Monsanto? Look them up on your iPad or your computer. Google them up.

Listen, did you know, three hundred and fifty six million pounds of dioxin are found in the earth. You growing food. What is dioxin? It's the same ingredient that was in Agent Orange, that was used in Vietnam to defoliate the plants. Is this a real plant? Oh yeah, this thing is real. Now let me tell you something. If something is that strong that it can defoliate leaves, the Bible says, "All flesh is as grass." Look at your flesh and look at the leaves. See, if it can defoliate this, it can kill you. Dioxin in your food? Sludge in the ground where they growing food? They sent it to agriculture because everybody has to eat but you don't control what you eat? You run to the supermarket. they make it look good, they make it taste good, but all of a sudden you dying from cancers?

3. Chemical additives in food
4. Poison in vaccines
4. Aids and Ebola,
5. Illegal wars
6. Chem trails. They just fly over the city and you see a trail up in the sky . Well, it got to come down. But what's in the chem trail? All of a sudden, everybody got a virus. Where the hell did you get it? All of you sick before Saviours' Day, coughing and spitting. Where did you get it?

You think you dealing with some human being? You dealing with the Beast of Revelations. But America, Allah is the best of planners. Elijah Muhammad came and taught us how to eat to live. Master Fard told Elijah Muhammad how to teach us and your Qur'an tells you that when the Messiah comes, He will teach you what foods to eat and what foods to store in your houses. The Prophet Muhammad did not teach you that. He gave you foods that were given in the Torah as well for the Jews but to teach you how to weather the storm of radiation.

You got your cellphone? You like your cellphone? Radiation! You put it on your hip. We buried a brother last year - one of the Muslims who had cancer. He said, "I used to carry my cellphone right on my belt." and and he ended up with cancer of the organs in this area. Johnnie Cochran died - cancer of the brain. Always taking calls. You all so busy. When you didn't have no damn phone except in your house, you had to wait 'til you went home. But today you busy and every five minutes you on a phone - more radiation. You can't cook your food no more. You drop it in the microwave - radiation. You sit in front of the television - radiation. You got your iPod, your iPad, your computer - radiation. Go to the airport. Come through this machine - radiation. You get a cough, you go get a chest x-ray - radiation. You say, I need a MRI - radiation. I need a CAT Scan - radiation. So you're eating radiated foods but you eating all kind of times a day. Elijah Muhammad said, one meal a day - a good meal to give your blood time to build up strength to cast the toxins out of your body. He said, get that bean, that navy bean, that natural bean. The pulse in it will ward off the effects of radiation but you don't like Muslim food from Elijah Muhammad.

Well die then! you can't let a man from God teach you how to save your life? Then die! The world would be better off with you being eaten by a damn worm! Yeah, I know it's rough but what the hell, I'm the teacher today! You just need somebody that ain't going to sugarcoat nothing for your raggedy behind. You need somebody to tell it to you straight. You got these milk toast, punctified teachers that want your money and your favour but they don't want the favour of God. I don't give a damn about your favour.

Well, they saw a plum in Libya. It looked so good. Europe got it. The money gone in Libya. The gold gone. People not getting what they used to get under Gaddafi. But let me tell you something. You get what you deserve. If you can't stand up for a good leader then die under the no good leaders that always follow good leaders.

All right, I'm winding down... No, I'm not. I'm almost there, I'm almost, I really am.

Now listen, why wouldn't Satan be terrified? He has deceived the whole world. Why wouldn't he be frightened that somebody is bold enough to tell the truth so the terror that is in the hearts of the Neocons is a justified terror for the evil that they did in killing three thousand Americans and using it as a pretext for robbing the American people of liberty, life and really the pursuit of happiness.

Yesterday we had a presentation in one of our plenary sessions by scientists who showed indisputable scientific proof that the official story of 9/11 is a base falsehood, an invention by our government to put the crime on innocent Muslims. These scientists said very directly that Muslims are innocent of this crime. I personally want to thank Kevin Ryan, a scientist who was fired from Underwriters Laboratories for questioning the official story,and Mister Richard Gage of Architects and Engineeers of 9/11 Truth, for the work that they are doing.

Would you stand, Mister Gage, please sir? Would you stand, brother, right next to him? Let us stand and give them a round of applause for exposing the falsehood of 9/11.

These man are true patriots because when government lies and does evil things to strip away the fundamental rights of the Constitution guaranteed to the American people, that is the time that the patriots must come forward and stand for the country. That's being a true soldier. Patriotism is not sending people to die in wars that benefit a few to the detriment of many. Patriots are those who stand for the good of the Constitution of this country and the right of every citizen. Now a real patriot is he who exposes the lies of a government and the liars who manipulate the people to advance something that is not in the best interest of the people.

I want to go on record as saying your lies and deceit made manifest by God - Don't blame us, blame God because He has revealed the truth of you and we have to make it known.

Now we getting near the end.

The cost of war. And you know how much America has paid to push the Neocon agenda from the synagogue of Satan. And by the way, the synagogue of Satan doesn't mean that everybody in it is Jewish. It's a combination of people - Gentile, Jews, black and white, that agree on an idea and some on a lesser level do not know what those on the highest level are doing but they always give you a noble reason for what they doing.

Now, look my sisters. They want you to come and take a pill, but they come in the name of something good for you, You're having children and you really don't have enough money to feed them. You think that? Wrong! Cats may have eight or nine in the litter. You don't ever see them in a line looking for some food. They always find enough to feed their litter. Go back to the old days when Mama, Grandmama had six, seven, eight, nine, ten children. Talk back to me! And she always had a little extra in the pot when the brother or sister from next door would come over unexpected there was always something left. Don't you ever think that because you got children you won't be able to support them! That is the way they come at you. But the balance of that is, for God's sake, don't kill the woman with all these babies, one right after another, another. Come on, brothers, ease up a little.

Now, I want to talk to you and our President because now they're are pushing President Obama to strike Iran. And quietly, they are pushing him to destroy Farrakhan. They want our President to deal with me and Iran and that would make the synagogue of Satan happy.

Israel's Vice Prime Minister Moshe Ya'alon voiced disappointment in the Obama administration saying election year considerations lay behind its caution over tougher Iran sanctions sought by US legislators.Now I'm talk about this synagogue of Satan more direct. The US Senate passed a resolution by a majority of 100 to 1, to pass sanctions and in the US administration, there is hesitation for fear of oil prices rising this year out of election year considerations. Well, Obama said there are important risks to consider before any military strike against Iran, he really doesn't want to do it.

I read recently that he really was not in favour of the attack on Gaddafi but they turned him and he becomes the spokesman for them. See, you got to understand Satan. I got to hip you to this wicked one . When they wanted to attack Panama, go into Grenada and take out Bishop, see, they use a black face, they passed over generals and put Colin Powell in as Chief of Staff and they put a back man in front of a policy to kill black people. And some of us like that 'cause we get a pat on the back by our former slave masters and their children. You would kill your own just to get a pat on the back?

Now they wanted Obama in the White House for several reasons - one, the stimulus package. Obama, that wasn't his idea. That was Wall Street's idea through Geitmann. He believed them, he did it and they are beating the hell out of him for something that didn't come from him but they hide their hands.

See, its like this... Oh man, I wish I had time.

Do you know that in all of its modern history, Iran has never attacked another country? I'm going to say it again. I want you to think about what I'm saying. In all of Iran's modern history, it has never attacked another country. But what is your record, America? What is your record, Israel? You want to build up the American public to go to war against that country? I don't care what they say, what Iran say... I say harsh things too but I've never hurt nobody except with the truth and if I hurt you with the truth, well, you just be hurt. But we the Nation, we would never let somebody come in, strap a bomb to themself and kill innocent people. If we know it, we stop it 'cause the innocent people that the terrorist would kill are ours and theirs. Now... but the real aggressors in this drama, man, when you look at the record of America and the record of Israel, Israel is armed, they say, with three hundred nuclear weapons but will not sign the Non-Proliferation agreement, They have a track record of attacking nuclear facilities of other people.

The USA has launched over 40 foreign attacks since 1979 and is the only country in history to use nuclear weapons. When they were fighting in Vietnam, the US Senators said, and I quote, "Let's bomb them back into the Stone Age."

Well, there's some bombs coming your way that won't be from a foreign power. I want to acquaint you with your destruction. The door is getting more narrow now for you.

1981: Israel, you bombed Iraqi power station killing 2 Iraqis and 1 French citizen
1982: Attacked and invaded Lebanon, 2,5000 plus Syrians and Palestinians killed.
2003: Military incursions into Gaza and Nablus.
2006:Attacked and invaded Lebanon, killed over a thousand men, women and children.
2007 : Attacked and bombed Syria.
2008: February attack on Gaza. Over a hundred murdered.
2008: November attack on Gaza killing over thirteen hundred civilians and then refused to cooperate with UN investigations.
2010: Nine murdered on attack on an aid flotilla in international waters.

Iran: Zero attacks.


Now, let me ask you a question? Last night they had something on television celebrating the seventieth birth anniversary of brother Muhammad Ali. Why do you love him? Is it because he was a great fighter, or did you love him because he stood up for a principle? Now, I am going on record right now. If America goes to war with Iran, all the young people in the Nation, you do NOT fight in America's wars against another Muslim country! We are all conscientious objectors. Don't even tell us to use our medical skill in your army, we won't have to fight. We ain't going nowhere near that!

Now you young mothers up in here, and grandmothers that got these young warriors and they tell you they ain't got no job, they want to join the army. You tell them, "Come on baby. We'll create a job before you go to fight for the enemy." The enemy!!! I advise white and black America, Hispanic and Asian America, why would you send your children to die for a war engineered by Zionists who love Israel more than they love the United States of America. Talk back to me!

Lieberman, the Senator from Connecticut, he said, with thirty two Senators with him, they moved the goal post. It was, If Iran developed a nuclear weapon, we all go after them. Now they changed the language - one word - If Iran develops nuclear capabilities, we'll go to war. Iran is already at that stage. President Obama, I believe you love the American people but if you bow down to Israel and send American soldiers to die, really for Israel, not for you, not for America...

Anybody in their right mind in the Muslim world would attack America knowing the response? America boasts that she could kill the planet three times over. Well, Paul Wolfowitz was quoted saying, Don't worry about the violence going on in the Mid East. We want that. The more violence in the Mid east, he said, they'll never be able to unite to come together against us. Damn!

Did you know that Israel provoked the war in the Sudan? For twenty years or more, the Sudan was in a civil war and it started because Israel wanted to create a war in Southern and Northern Sudan to divert Egypt to come to the defence of the Sudan, to take pressure away from Egypt attacking Israel. And guess who was their man? Idi Amin. And when Idi Amin asked them to help him with their military to strengthen it, Israel refused. Idi Amin turned and when Idi Amin turned away from Israel that's when Time Magazine came up. They used to call him the mad dog of Africa, appetite... wild man of Africa, appetite for trouble. See, this is the way they depicted Muammar Gaddafi - the mad dog of the East. See? So whenever they get ready to kill somebody, they have to make you think they're worthy to die. So at that time they influenced Julius Nyerere to attack him and overthrow him.

The Southern Sudan is black, black, black, blacker than black... blue. The Northern Sudan looks like us - a mixture of everything and the Arab mind in Northern Sudan makes them think they are better than the African brothers of theirs in the South. So much so that when Akbar and I were in Africa and met with a man, Sadiq al-Mahdi, who was going to one day be President, he said that he was not African, he was Arab. Did he say it Akbar? Well hell, if you living in Africa and you not African, what the hell are you there for?

See, so taking oil from the South and not being just and fair to the blacks in the South with the distribution of wealth with justice. I sat with John Garang. Akbar and I were peace makers. They never told you that. I shuttled between Khartoum and Uganda and Nairobi, Kenya, for peace between the North and the South. And when I talked with John Garang, the leader of the South, his wife cried and said, this is first time that a man came and spoke on the principle of justice. We left there and we went North to Khartoum and spoke with Omar AL-Bashir. There was about to be a talk between the North and the South without white people involved.

Do you hate white people? I got a brother here who is white. Father Pfleger - one of the greatest that I know. I ain't about colour, it's about character. That man is stronger for justice than most black preachers that I've met in Chicago.

But when white people see black people fighting and tell you they want to mediate, that's the time you really need to be troubled. 'Cause if you look at the root of the conflict, they started it themselves and then they want to act as mediators and they end up ruling both sides.

Well... now, some of these Satans have discredited the Jewish faith, the Jewish people. This Satan is getting control of your very senses, the things you see, the things you hear, smell, touch and feel, so they will master your thinking. So you are not you. You are what Satan has made of you. And this is why Jesus said "You are born in sin and shaped in iniquity."

How did you get that way?

There's an American notion that America must export her way of life to all other parts of the world, promoting democracy. There's an illustration in "Muhammad Speaks" of a snake wrapping its tail around the entire world, exporting and poisoning the world with American culture. Could you put that snake up on the screen, please? This was in "Muhammad Speaks." There it is! Let me take my mike and go over there and talk about this. It says up at the top, "The serpent deceived the whole world. To heal the poisonous bite of the world's serpent it takes the medicine that God has given to Muhammad." Now look at where the head of the tail is. It's America. You can't deal with a snake by snatching its tail. You got to get the head.

Well, look at what's happened in the last hundred years. Do you know Jewish people were not the origin of Hollywood, but they took it over. The first major blockbuster they produced was a silent movie called, "Birth of a Nation." - the most racist movie ever made. It exported the very filthiest and vile images of black people to every corner of the world. People who had never seen a black person learned of us through this Hollywood movie, "Birth of a Nation." The film was so bad that the KKK used it to recruit new members. It made Louis b Mayer and its Jewish investors so much money that they started MGM - Metro Golden Mayer in 1924 and Hollywood has used that successful formula to push American style racism against all non-whites ever since.

Now, you may say that's a canard. We don't control Hollywood but I got the facts. I don't have time to lay it out but press me.

In one hundred years, they control movies, television, recording, publishing, commerce, radio - they own it all - magazines. why do you want all? Everything? Al Jazeera used to be the strongest channel for Arab news in the world. Is that right ? But it's called Al Jewzeera now. America got it but they used Viacom. They used Time Life. They used all of these mega money making instruments to buy up competition. CNN used to be owned by who? Ted Turner. It was a real news station then. Warner bought it out - Warner Brothers. Time Life. Have you noticed that when you want to get all the songs of the 60's, the 70's, the 80's, the 90's, you got to write Time Life, Time Warner? They can't sing but all that you sang they got. Do you know why Michael Jackson was hated? See Michael Jackson owned his own stuff. He owned the publishing. He bought Elvis Presley's catalogue. He bought the Beatles. He bought that brother, our brother, Little Richard, and after he bought Little Richard's, he gave it back to Little Richard. Michael was becoming a threat. Michael was getting close to Islam. They couldn't handle a man that is so popular all over the world becoming a Muslim 'cause that meant if he became a Muslim, he would talk about this and his fans who loved him would look into Islam.

I'm almost finished.

America is exporting a broken way of life. And to our talented rappers, our talented singers, see, they use you to export a degenerate culture to the entire world. Sisters, you are so fine but when you sing, to take your clothes off? You got a beautiful voice but you got to sell sex 'cause sex sells. Do you know why they use you like that? 'Cause they want to kill as many as they can through sex. Now our black women are the greatest carriers of the AIDS virus not only here, but in the Caribbean and Africa. Why? Because you're so fine.

You can't sew and if you could, you wouldn't want to. "Oh child, I ain't got time for that." So you end up in the store where they make a jean for you that puts your crotch in the public face. The thing is so low it just hugs your hips. They call it hip huggers. Your belly is out and you got a little something in your navel - a little jewel, and you put em in your tongue and in other parts of your body. What in the hell is wrong with you?

Brothers, we don't stand a chance, not when fine Susy starts disrobing. Reverend can't find his Bible no more. Imam drop the Qur'an... Ah dear, dear...

I want you to hear something that Ron Paul is saying. Ron Paul said, "The severe economic crisis America has experienced over the past several years, including growing inflation, rising gas prices, trillion dollar budget deficits, immoral bailouts and the ever declining value of the dollar, is just the tip of the iceberg if our nation does not immediately change course." Now that man is talking...he making sense. Young white people are listening to him. The Federal Reserve... Have you heard of them? They are now cooking the books to hide the reality from the American people and to forestall its financial collapse.

So now they going to raise our retirement age. You living too long. We ain't got no money, so let's raise it. What is it now? Sixty what? It's up to seventy?? I know that's a young person talking. He don't know what he talking. But they give you two more years. But now they killing you with the food. You may not make it. Keep eating McDonalds, oh!, Burger King, Taco Bell. Just go ahead! You won't get to forty. Teeth falling out. Can't remember where you lived. That's a shame. Did you know they got turtles that live 400 hundred years and you, God's glory, can't get to three score and ten. Your hair gone, your teeth fell out, pains in all your joints. So you want to get the hell out of here. "I'm just tired. I'm just tired." You just got here! What are you tired of? You act like you working doing something?

Hollywood has destroyed the moral character of the nation, then the pharmaceuticals and big agribusiness destroys the little farmer and produces inferior food that destroys the health of the people. Over the last one hundred years, Satan has gained the complete control of that which shapes the thinking of the American people. Those forces have reshaped education, politics, economics, reshaped the health and well being of the people so that America now, as a debtor nation, can only win by boasting of her superior military might. My goodness. Well, lets get to the real deal.

Do you think that they may be planning to assassinate our President? [Audience replies in the affirmative] I want to talk about it. You know it takes money to meddle in the affairs of others. America is spending your tax dollars for regime change in nations all over the world. You don't even know it. That's sad. Did you know when the Federal Reserve was instituted in 1913, America only had a debt of billion dollars, a little over a billion. Ninety-nine years later, fifteen trillion - three and a half billion each and every day the debt increases. Well, who owns America? Now, I'm getting to Brother Obama and then I want to close with instructions for us. Now I don't have much more time and i want to make it mean something

American people don't like their government. Do you know 89 percent of the American people are dissatisfied with the US Congress. The Supreme Court - only 46 percent of Americans agree that the Supreme Court is doing a good job. That's the judicial branch of the government and the executive of President Obama has been going from from 44 percent in November to 45 percent now. And did you know that guns shops and conventions have sold more guns and more bullets than at any time in American history? In December, they processed 1.1 million application for people to buy guns and since President Obama's election, one hundred new armed militia groups have been formed and militia members have doubled in number. Now. brothers and sisters, why are the people arming themselves? What is it that they expect?

Do you remember when brother Barack Obama had his first great speech before the Democratic Convention? Remember how young and beautiful our brother looked? Do you remember what he said about the blue states and the red states? "There's no blue states or red states, there's only the United States of America?" I want you to put up the map of how America looked when the South seceded.

Ah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Just follow me a few more minutes.

Now, see here? Can you see this? You can't see where my fingers pointing? Can you? You can? OK. Look Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama Mississippi, Florida, Arkansas, Texas - this was the South at the time when they seceded from the Union because of the Emancipation Proclamation and the civil war was on. This is it when Obama got elected, See this, all the blue states. That's the North, Northeast? Obama lost everything in the South but Florida. What does that tell you? If they voted for McCain, you see, they didn't want a black man. Now Gingrich cant wait to Super Tuesday because he feels he'll fare better in the South because this same scenario now, of the divided America under Lincoln is the divided America under Obama. Now, I'm leading to something.

Did you know President Obama loved Abraham Lincoln? He studied Abraham Lincoln. I want you to follow me now. Lincoln did something that hopefully Obama may be forced to do. Obama went to Washington on a train to accept to be President like Lincoln did. He made his announcement that he was going to run for the Presidency of the United States in the home of Abraham Lincoln, where he made his famous house divided speech. And when President Obama took the oath of office, he took it on Abraham Lincoln's bible. He loved Lincoln. You know what Lincoln did? I want to talk about Lincoln's strength 'cause Lincoln on three occasions, when Lincoln was in his first term in 1861 facing the rebellion of the South and civil war, he issued three executive orders that suspended the writ of habeas corpus in the United States. Habeas corpus is the legal right that a citizen has to not be whisked from his or her home without reason or cause, and to not be detained or punished by authorities without getting a fair hearing in court and a chance of self defence.

Lincoln's order caused a confrontation between him and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Roger B. Taney, who ruled that the President did not have the authority to suspend habeas corpus. But President Lincoln ignored the Chief Justice's ruling and because the Constitution made the President the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, the Supreme Court had no power to enforce its ruling against the President. An angry Chief Justice said that Lincoln was in contempt of court but then Lincoln ordered the Federal Marshalls to arrest the Chief Justice. The Federal Marshalls stepped in and calmed the situation and never carried out the arrest but President Lincoln had the strength to challenge the judiciary and any other branch of government in order to preserve the union.

Now, President Obama today is in a similar position. He just signed into law the National Defence Authorisation Act. This act, this bill funds the military but there's a clause in it that deprives the American people of their Constitutional right to protest their government if a war goes on and the people are against it. In other words, the people's right of dissent is taken away by this Act that President Obama signed into law.

I'm going there. Just be with me a minute.

The Neocons, the warmongers, the Zionists pressured Obama to sign the Bill and when he signed it, he issued what is called, a Presidential statement which said that his administration would never carry out that part of that Bill. He was trying to appease both sides - the warmongers and the civil libertarians. The President had the duty to either sign the Bill into law or veto it but the Congress was so in favour of such a law because of Zionist pressure and control, he signed it into law but then made this statement, quote, "The fact that I support this bill as a whole does not meant I agree with everything in it, in particular I have signed this bill despite having serious reservations with certain provisions that regulate the detention, interrogation and prosecution of suspected terrorists. I want to clarify that my administration will not authorise the indefinite military detention without trial of American citizens. Indeed, I believe that doing so would break with our most important traditions and values as a nation. My administration will interpret Section 10:21 in a manner that ensures that any detention it authorises complies with the Constitution, the laws of war and all other applicable law." When he said that, it was like signing his death warrant.

Now, I want you to follow me now.

See, the reality for us all is that this Act that he signed is still law and if the country goes to war with Iran and we rise up to say 'No' like I said today, whoever is the President will either say, carry out the law and arrest and detain American citizens indefinitely without your loved ones having knowledge of where you are or without a hearing or due process. And at that point somebody will challenge the constitutionality of the law with the Supreme Court and they will either knuckle under and then America becomes a completely Fascist state, or the Supreme Court will used its authority to repeal such a law. But as the Commander in Chief they won't have no power to enforce that law. For now, President Obama seems to be resisting the Necons, the warmongers and the Zionists who have attempted to rush this law through Congress so that if Israel attacks Iran within the next three to five months they could use it to remove those citizens who would oppose that war.

Now the FBI has already said that Mister Gage and the sixteen hundred scientists that are with him, by challenging the government version of what happened at 9/11, the FBI said they should be called terrorists. What I said today? - Farrakhan is now a terrorist. Well, I really am...but not that kind. They are terrorised that somebody is bold enough to uncover them and tell the American people the truth and they are terrified, so they call me and Gage and others who are in America who have courage - terrorists. So we all going to be in a camp together somewhere maybe. Well, Mister Gage, I wouldn't mind being in a concentration camp with strong men. I think my brother, Willie Wilson might be there with me, I don't know. Oh yes, I'm looking at Cliff Kelly. Oh, Cliff is going be there with me, sure nuff. Oh, Dorothy Tillman? Oh, you going be there too! See, strong women, strong men are not going to go along with a war against Iran for Israel's sake. Well, we'll see.

Now, did you notice how Pontius Pilate, you know he knew Jesus was innocent? So you see the Governor, he washing his hands. That's exactly what Obama did with his Presidential statement. He was washing his hands of that part. Now, if they're determined to do that, then he's an obstructionist. Now, do you think they are wicked enough to be plotting our brother's assassination as we speak? Raise your hands if you think they're that wicked.

What's wrong with you in the balcony? Hold them up high. Just because you in the nosebleed section, that don't mean you ain't a strong soldier.

Now, the FBI, they're passing out stuff about sleeper cells, support for militant Islamic groups, excusing violence against Americans on the grounds that American actions provoke the problem, fury at the West for reasons ranging from personal problems to global policies of the United States. Well, I just laid out policy to depopulate the Third World and it's real. Oh, you going call me a terrorist? Yes! I'd like that. Conspiracy theories about westerners, example, the CIA arranged for 9/11 to legitimise the invasion of foreign lands.

Well, that's ....he didn't accuse nobody. They didn't say the CIA did it. They left that for a court to decide. They said it didn't happen like the government said. That's as far as they went and frankly, Mister Gage, that's far enough. We'll take it from there.

Now, accusing the West of trying to destroy Islam. Yes, I accuse. You try to put a good face on it. Some of these Zionists are trying to rewrite the Qur'an. You didn't hear me? And they got some Muslims going along with it. "And the Jews planned.." - You got to take that out! That's anti-Semitic. You going burn the Bible too? What Muslim is going to allow them to rewrite the Qur'an and we follow their recidivist or revised version? Will the Muslim that would do that please stand up? Did you know the Qur'an says the Jews are the most violent of the people? I didn't write it but I'm living to see it. "Oh, gee, I didn't read that in the Qur'an..." Well, keep reading. See, one of the things that Muslims do, especially during the month of Ramadan, we read the Qur'an from front cover to the end of it and I got some in this Nation that read the Qur'an fully once a week.

Now I'm coming back to Jesus. What did they charge him with? Say that again? Sedition and blasphemy. I'm about to go there. Did you know President Lincoln did not think he was going to win a second term because of the politics of that time? But when Lincoln won, it so angered the powerful men of the South that shortly after he was inaugurated for a second term, he was assassinated April 15 1865.

Now, do you know Barack Obama may win a second term 'cause the crowd that they got up against him can't even lace his shoes. Now, look...wait, wait, now...listen! I've been critical of my brother out or love. I didn't like the killing of my brother, Muammar Gaddafi. I didn't like that and I was not with him in his doing that. Do you know Tavis Smiley, Cornell West, Harry Belafonte, Father Pfleger? These are lovers. They are not critical of President Obama because they hate him. They want him to be more responsive to the needs of the American people, particularly the black poor when nobody talks about the poor.

You all right? I'm at the end. I got just a couple more pages. Isn't that wonderful! Somebody in the audience said, "Thank the Lord!" But you know what? You have stayed with me and you are the beneficiaries 'cause if you get this tape, we'll have links that you can go and get documents of the US government that verify everything that I said to you. Everything.

Now the anger of the South - the red states - against Obama is the same anger is the same anger the Southerners had with President Lincoln and this hatred ultimately combined with Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation which led to his assassination. A similar historical context exists with President Obama. Just as the Southern states were not with Lincoln President Obama did not win the Southern states, or red states, in the 2008 election. The negative atmosphere and hatred against President Obama has created a climate for his assassination.

Now, I know it's difficult to talk about this and difficult for you to hear it 'cause he's such a beautiful human being. And you got to look at him, the sweetness of his heart, the beauty of his smile. He was even singing the blues the other day and he just a beautiful human being. But did you know, no matter how beautiful you are, if you lend yourself to Satan, he will turn your beauty into a weapon for his purposes and if you disappoint him he'll kill you.

Now, Lincoln aged before he was murdered at just 56 years old, and we are seeing the same pressures and heavy stress affecting Barack who just turned 50 years old. And we are seeing how our brother has aged under the pressure of his days in the White House.

Team, put up the pictures of Abraham Lincoln and how he aged in four years.

Now, this is Abraham Lincoln in 1860. Show Abraham Lincoln in 1865, four months after. There it is. That's what four years and a few months did. All right, let's put up brother Barack. Now, look at brother Barack on the left. He wasn't that grey when he got in. That's when he started campaigning, he start getting grey. Now, look at the picture on the right. See? It was reported that during a visit to the White House in 2010, France's First Lady, Mrs. Sarkozy, asked Michelle Obama what life was like as America's First Lady and Michelle is alleged to have told her, "Don't ask. It's hell. I can't stand it." Well, she later denied that. But now, let's look at the possible assassination plan.

You alright?

If our brother wins, and I believe he will, the anger of those hardcore racists, the Tea Party zealots and the Republicans who want to make him a one-term President will be such that perhaps a patsy or two is already being prepared as in the case of John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray.

What is a patsy? A patsy is a dupe or scapegoat. This usage comes from the early 20th century vaudevillian, Billy B. Van, whose character, Patsy Bolivar, was more often than not an innocent victim of unscrupulous or nefarious characters. Now, how do you select a patsy? I'm listening to these ugly attacks on our brother and I'm saying to black people, white people, to the American people, it would not be wise for you to harm him even though you disagree with him.

But I believe they want a Muslim to kill President Obama. And I believe they may already have somebody in mind that they working on. You do some small crime and they pull you in. You incarcerated, but they see you as a potential candidate because they listen to what you say and if you say things that look like you could be a person that they could use for that purpose, they start working to turn you.

You remember our brother, the DC sniper? Do you remember? His wife said after he came out of the army he was not the same person anymore. I'm going to say it again. You saw the movie, "Manchurian Candidate"? See, the CIA is involved in mind experiments. The man that killed the Beatle brother in New York - John Lennon - said he loved him, had all his records. But when you can turn somebody that loves somebody and make them an instrument of the destruction of what they loved...Judas at one time loved Jesus. It don't mean you can't be turned 'cause you love because the greater you love, will be the stronger you hate once you are turned. It's the same emotion going in opposite directions. There is more joy in getting somebody who loves you to be your killer in the eyes of the enemy.

Now what would make somebody that love you, kill you? I'd like to go to a Nation of Islam experience. Those of us who came up under brother Malcolm, we loved him. I can speak for myself. He was my teacher. I loved him. I would have given my life at any time for him. It was he that taught me how to love my teacher and I didn't love him more than my teacher. I loved my teacher and I saw him as the greatest helper of my teacher so I loved him and would die to protect him but when he turned against my teacher, my heart changed. I didn't harm him. I just talked spiritually about his deviation. But there were those in the Nation whose love turned to hate, and hate turned to murder. So don't you ever think because you in love for the moment, that the person you love can't disappoint you and turn you into an enemy. Now I'm going show you something.

Judas was disappointed in Jesus because he felt Jesus violated the revolution. Judas was a revolutionary. He wanted Jesus to take a strong stand against the Romans for Jewish liberation, And when it looked like Jesus was more spiritual... 'Damn, I didn't come to follow him in this holy talk! You mean you not going kill these Romans? Jesus talking about 'render onto Caesar what is Caesar's and onto God what is God's'. See this kind of spiritual talk, he's talking about a Kingdom and... oh man!' And Judas was envious of Jesus.

See, I'm looking at some of us you know. You see people love Farrakhan. Why do they love me? They don't love me because I bought their love. I earned their love by defending them at every turn against the enemy of them and our people. I have never asked no follower of mine to do nothing against man's law or God's law.

Now, I want to talk straight into Masjids. You sit around in the mosques talking about Jews and somebody hears you and gets next to you, 'Uh, you know, I think we can do something about this, you know. After prayer, we gon' talk and I'm a plant from the government of the United States...'

But just think about the crap that America is doing to Muslims and we are dumb enough to fit in the pattern. You want to bomb a synagogue? You stupid thing! What the hell can you do with a synagogue when God is present? Let me tell you what He's doing and what He is going to do that make your punk stuff like nothing! Sit down in the mosque and pray and go on and do the work of Allah and leave Allah to kill whoever He want to kill!

The FBI put a vest on you, stupid brother!

Yeah, now I going get the vest and it's going be loaded and uh, we all going go bomb the synagogue.

The minute you put the vest on, see, that's intention now. It ain't talk no more. Then from out of nowhere, they come and arrest you.

Oh, I thought you was my brother? We was going do this together.

And he backs up and the stupid dupe, patsy, is doing time and the next day it's all in the papers to say to the American people, "See, these Muslims want to kill us." But it's entrapment.

In the nation it's a little different 'cause I don't talk like that so you got to come at the Muslims inside the Nation from another level. Let me show you how they come.

You know, we have a Saviours' Day Gift Drive and we to be top in the Saviours' Day Gift Drive.


Now, I happen to know that before you came in the Nation, you used to write bad cheques. I just heard it somewhere. I happened to hear that you robbed a bank.

Yeah, but that was yesterday. I'm cleaned up now.

Yeah, yeah, yeah... But don't you want to help the Minister? See, we got to win this contest because we want to be the top mosque in the nation supporting the Minister. Now listen, I'm driving to Atlanta and I'll pay you five thousand dollars if you help drive me, but I got a little package in the trunk I'm delivering.

What's in the package?

Oh, oh, oh, oh, don't worry about that. Ain't nothing. Hundred pounds of marijuana...

See, and with your stupid self that want money over the principles of your teachings then you get involved in drugs but they arrest you, but that's not where it stops. They arrest you in New York and another one in Phoenix and another one in Atlanta and another one somewhere else and they say, "You see? Farrakhan is running something."

'Cause they don't want you, they want me. Would you allow yourself to be the one to betray me into the hands of the enemy? Let me tell you, you go do it 'cause I'm safe but you won't be.

Setting up in the parking lot after the mosque. All the vendors come out. Some have been at their tables - Ain't interested in no lecture. You love money. --------- on that subject. See, greed - inordinate lust for material things. Greed - an inordinate self-interest above what is in the best interest of the group. Followers, you came to Saviours' Day. Everybody got something to sell. They know you love me. Sell a picture of me to you. I don't mind them doing it but damn, think about the price. Something that you could have made for nothing or a little something. You want to suck the life of your own community? That's greed - an inordinate self-interest, that is, me before the best interests of the group. That is why I wrote "The Torchlight for America." It wasn't just for America. It was for the Nation of Islam - a greedy bunch of self-interested people that don't give a damn about the rise of black people but they want to fatten their pockets at the expense of our people.

The mosque will never grow with leadership that is only interested in fattening their pockets. You want to drive the fanciest cars. Where the hell are you going? When I started with the Honourable Elijah Muhammad, brother Malcolm was my teacher and there was nobody in the Nation doing more work for establishing mosques in America than brother Malcolm, and Elijah Mohammad told him, "Get a Chevrolet, for a Chevrolet is a small Cadillac." Am I lying, brother? Malcolm had a Chevy and put so many miles on the Chevy that he broke it down. And the next car that my brother got was an Oldsmobile, gradually moving up. You can't get Rolls Royce with three people in a mosque. I mean, the Minister wears nice clothes.[You deserve it brother] Hell, yeah! But watch how I spend the money you give me. Maybe once a year, I buy some suits. [You deserve it] Well, hell more than that, man. What the hell is a suit? I'm giving my life for you. I don't ask you for nothing and what you give me, I find a way to spend it back on you. Sister Kim may be in here somewhere, but I saw her break down and cry because...

[Minister Farrakhan is given a written note by one of his aides which he reads and then exclaims to the aide,]

What you mean?! Is all about the Benjamins. I only have ten more minutes left for the recording and then you know they won't allow us to sell the DVDs or CDs of the lecture but I ain't finished but I'm right there. See, now I'm a show you something. See, I just got finished talking about self-interest. You see me feeding the people. You see the people staying to be fed and what's on you mind is a damn dollar! So a recording being sold to you means more than you getting the finish of my lecture? That's what I'm talking about! See, you not with me. If it's overtime, you gave me enough money today to pay for a little overtime? That's why you are never going be successful 'cause the bottom line mean more to you than getting a message to your people. "Well, no Minister, no Minister, no. See we want to get the message to them." Well, sit down and wait 'til I'm finished and find another way to get it to them. All right, this section is near the end, it's right at the end. Well, let me tell United Center something. We come here a lot. You take a hell of a lot of money from us. What I'm saying is important not only for my people but for you, so why don't you give me another hour? Well hell, if it ain't no problem with United Center, why the hell is it a problem for you?

Come forward. Come forward. [Minister Farrakhan summons two aides and addresses them] Now, I want you to weigh the reaction of the people because that's who you all will be be dealing with when I am gone and if you can't walk in my shoes with love for the people, you are not worthy to help me.

Now, I'm sorry but that's my spirit. I'm willing to die for these people, not for money. And when the enemy comes to put his hand on me, I want to see how many of you will stand. Or will you be just like those weak, wicked disciples of Jesus, when they put their hand on Jesus, they started running for cover. Just give me a few more minutes.

So it's not the United Center. No, I don't want to hear nothing. See, when you getting a whupping, just take it and even if you not guilty, you learn something. That's the way it was with Elijah Muhammad. I had nothing to say when he was whupping my backside but every time I got a whupping, I learned something. There is nothing more sacred than our people and freeing them from the grip of the enemy. My father would teach six hours and one person would stand post for six hours. So let me finish. I've wasted enough time on this.

Now I'm about to... I need fifteen more minutes.

There's a prophecy in the Bible that reads like this, "Your covenant with death shall be annulled and your agreement with Hell shall not stand." Who is is that has made an agreement with Hell and who is it that has signed a covenant with death? Did not you know that in the Book of Revelation, 6 and 8, it talks about the pale horse whose rider was death and Hell followed closely behind.

Black man and woman, God wants to save you from the doom of this world, particularly America. But you are holding on to your four hundred year-old enemy as though he has all of a sudden become your friend. What makes you like that? When you went to the polls and voted for brother Barack - I was with you. I voted for my brother - and you thought that that meant that America had changed. You didn't realise that they voted him into office with our help for their purpose. That's why you haven't benefited that much.

Now, I'm saying this to you, America. Barack is the best we had, and we gave him to you and we are hurting over the way you're treating him. It's between forty and fifty million of us, 97 percent of us voted for our brother, even if we are disappointed we don't want no harm come to him. We damn sure don't want to see Michelle, a widow and those children fatherless like that man wanted to pray in the Book of Psalms for that, So I'm warning you, Rumsfeld and Cheney. I'm calling your names. Wolfowitz, Perle, Krauthammer, all of you Neocons. If you harm our brother, we will break our agreement with you and our agreement with Hell will be broken and our covenant with a pale horse will be annulled and then I'll be able to call you to let's build a nation of our own. You look like a fool standing around here begging somebody else when we have become a nation within a nation. So if you kill our brother, know that it's the end of our relationship.

Now, am I saying something that ain't true? What would you look like having a relationship with an enemy that you see them building hatred for your bother and that hatred extends to you with your foolish self? You still want to be an American after that? You still got hope in them after that? ------------- 'Cause see, you see what happened when Doctor King was assassinated? How many cities were set on fire? What do you think people are going to do if they assassinate our brother? See, that's why they planning real careful.

Now, you, that are on Facebook, you can't wait to put your stupidity before the world. Oh, I got to say it. Some of you call yourself Muslims. You won't even go on Facebook wearing a hijab. You want men to see you, so you act like the street whore. Yes, I'm saying it because tomorrow you going to suffer for the mess that you do in the name of Allah. You can't go on no damn television and not represent who you are and claim to be that. You want to be a whore, then you be that! But not in the name of Allah. Now, If you all can't take what I'm saying, you can go. If I'm too hot for you, then this is the last day that we have any damn communication!

Now, there's another part to this. The Government of the United States has made an agreement with Hell and a covenant with death. You have locked on to the Zionists who control your government, your media, and you're afraid to stand up because if you do, they'll tell you you won't be re-elected. What the hell is an election to your character as a human being? You afraid of Zionist power. Some of you, when I criticise Jewish misbehaviour, I'm not talking about the good Jews. I'm talking about that synagogue of Satan that John, the Revelator was talking about. And if you're not Satan, then prove it.

The government of America is owned, lock, stock and barrel by those Zionists who love Israel above the United States of America. Right now, Netanyahu can come to America and pull more Congressmen and Senators to listen to him than the President can pull. See, that's a covenant with death, and right now, America is dying because you violated the Constitution of the United States when you allowed the Federal Reserve to start printing money which was supposed to be done by Congress. You've been violating the Constitution, not Barack alone, you, government. So you going to let them now lead you into war with Iran that will begin to trigger a wider and wider war - the war of Armageddon, help yourself!

America, you at the crossroads. If you let the tail wag the dog, then you deserve what you get. But we not going with you. If you want to keep your agreement with Israel and let them drive you to your destruction, go right ahead, but we, we breaking this agreement with Hell and this covenant with death.

Well, who is Elijah Muhammad? Who is that man?

Now, I'm going to start with Fard Muhammad. Here's a man that came to America and found another man in the bowels of Detroit. Yeah, that is he and you all going to get to know him real soon. He's alive, a hundred and thirty-five years old - but he said he's going to live a minimum of four hundred years. Ah, we'll see.

Now, I want you to think about what I'm about to say. You know he was born in 1877. Allah has no birth record. As brother said, we say it in our prayer, "I turn myself to Him who originated the heavens and the earth. No associate has He, and this am I commanded, I am of those who submit."

Well, who is Fard Muhammad then? A man anointed with power to crush the wicked. Is the Mahdi a human being born of a woman and will die like every human being, yet he's Mahdi? Stop! What kind of man is it that got power to set down every tyrant on our planet and establish justice in the earth? That's not the power of a man. That's the anointing of power from Allah.

I say it from Elijah Muhammad. He said to Elijah Muhammad, "America is number one on my list to be destroyed." I didn't say it. I don't have that kind of juice. He said it, How you going to destroy it, master? I have power over wind and rain. I have power over hail and snow. I have power over earthquakes but I am a man born of a woman. Why is that so strange when we are His khalifa. He put sun, moon and stars under the human being. You mean you can't grow? If God made it all subservient to man that you can't control what He made subservient to you?

He came. He met a man that finished the third grade. You got third grade students? You know what a third grade student knows? I said, Elijah Muhammad finished the third grade, never entered the fourth grade. Think, think, think! And that man, Fard Muhammad, taught him for three years and four months and went away. He didn't die. He had finished the work that he has started. He made a man for us, but bigger than that. Elijah Muhammad went to the fourth grade. He didn't get in there yet but he finished the third. He met brother Malcolm, who finished the eight grade and Elijah taught Malcolm. And Elijah met Mohammed Ali, who finished high school. And Elijah had from his loins, Warith Deen, who never finished college and Elijah taught Farrakhan, who only went to the third year of college. I want you to talk me! What kind of man could take third grade, eight grade, twelfth grade, no degree persons and make them shake the whole damn world?

Something to the man!

Now, this is difficult. I told all of you in 1981, our first Saviours' Day on this side of the departure of the Houourable Elijah Muhammad, I told you in '81 that the Honourable Elijah was alive, not dead. And you all, many of you thought I had lost my mind. Lou Meyers is here. He came after that and said, "Farrakhan, I mean, I'm with you, man, but why did you say something like that?" And I said to him - he's right here - I said, "Brother, sometimes a man has to say something that the world will not believe, and suffer because of it until they grow to understand." That's what I told my brother. I not only said he was alive, I said he was in power.

I want you to follow me now.

Four years later,'85, twenty-seven years ago I told you of a vision-like experience where I met with the Honourable Elijah Muhammad on that mother plane or Wheel that's a half a mile by half a mile above your heads. I verify the night vision of Prophet Muhammad, who travelled from Mecca to Jerusalem and never left his tent.

Oh, brothers and sisters.

The Qur'an says. "Allah is He who takes men's souls by night." And if the decree of death has not passed on them He sends them, their souls back in the morning. We used to say,

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord, my soul to keep;
But if I should die before I wake,
I pray the Lord, my soul to take.

Well, what does He do with your soul when He takes it by night? I know what He did with mine. I was taken on a journey. Elijah Muhammad gave me instructions on the wheel. I told brother Leonard. I said, "Brother, he told me to hold a press conference and make known the government's plans, that they had planned a war, September 1985." He said, "Make known their plans." But he didn't say just 'make known', he said, "Tell them you got it from me, Elijah Muhammad, on the Wheel." Now the world think he is dead. I told that to my brother. He said, "Farrakhan, please, you can't say that 'cause the people going think you've been reading Looney Tunes. You can't say that."

Oh, look what you got up in the screen! It was on that mountain in Mexico that I was taken up from the mountain in the night on a Wheel. I can describe that Wheel. When I got inside, I didn't see him. A scroll rolled down in front of my eyes with cursive writing on it and as I began to read it, he spoke to me and the scroll disappeared. But it was already written in my heart. I speak all over the world, I don't write no damn notes. I stand up and talk and wisdom come out of my mouth because another voice is feeding me. I don't care a damn if you don't believe me! My wife [life?] bears witness. I don't have time to lie. So I announced it and I did exactly what he told me to do and I got mocked, lost some followers. " That 'n' word, he going crazy man!" Like some of you going say after I finish today.

I worked on this subject for two months I don't usually write but this is a document. So I boldly declare to you and the world again, Elijah Muhammad is the Messiah that all of you have been looking for. And you thought he was here two thousand years ago but he's here today from your ranks - the Jesus you've been waiting on. I represent Him. Why do you think I can talk so much about Jesus? I ain't talking about somebody that I don't know. Now, you can call me crazy. I don't give a damn. Muhammad...Elijah is your Jesus and he's exalted now. He escaped a death plot in 1975 just as the Qur'an says. They thought they killed him but they killed him not. He ascended. Allah raised him to himself.

See Christians, Christians, listen Christians. Listen, listen, listen to me! Don't reject me just listen. you know I am bold as hell to say this. Now either I'm crazy or I'm right, and you know me too well to know I am not crazy and I'm not deluded. Look at what your Scriptures says. When he escaped death, He glorified the Father and then He ascended to the Father to sit at His right hand. What does that mean? I going tell you what the Honourable Elijah Muhammad told me. He said, "Brother, when you see me again," not if, he said "the power that you will see me exercising, if I did not tell you that I was not God, you would be found worshiping at my feet.".

Now, you, you, you, see, you talk God. See, I can't talk like this unless I know something. I'm inviting Satan out. Come and get me! I know you're coming but I also know what's coming to you. It says, "God turned over all power into the hands of this, that was His son." God don't have children in that sense. The power here is the ability to rule, not only the earth and the forces that govern the earth, but the forces that govern the universe. That is within the reach of exalted man - not negro man, nigger man, coon man, common man, PhD man - not you! But God, when He takes you up to himself and teaches you, you can exercise that kind of power, otherwise what am I saying and what am I doing? I'm going to die then. 'Cause I'm challenging forces that killed the prophets. I'm challenging the forces that overcame the prophets.

Here I am! My life, you can't have. We can render onto Caesar what is Caesar's but I don't belong to Caesar. I don't belong to Rome. I don't belong to Washington, DC. I don't belong to no one but Allah, who raised me.

In fact about it, I am to Elijah Muhammad as Aaron was to Moses. Ah, you just go read your Scripture now, but dammit, you ain't got another one on planet to fulfill it. Ain't nobody on earth talk like this. Nobody! See when Jesus was on the Sermon on the Mount, they say when he came down, the people were astonished because he spoke with so much authority.

It's not they can't, but it's my job to challenge Satan. It's my job to make him manifest. It's my job to call him out, so that the Mahdi can kill him, can kill him and destroy his power.

Now, I am his messenger to you. Elijah Muhammad has put a message in my mouth and in my heart for you. In fact, he told me from his mouth. He said, "I didn't make you brother." I said, 'Oh yes, you did, dear apostle." He said, "No, brother, I didn't make you." I said, "But dear apostle, you did." He said, "Who's the teacher?" Then I shut up. He said, "No brother - listen, listen, listen! - he said, "No, I didn't make you. I gave you the same teaching that I gave everybody but nobody could have shown you how to use the teaching and put it together as you do. No, brother, I did not make you. Allah made you for me."

Now you can take it or leave it. Now some of you people, they write me in my Twitter account, "Have you gone up on the Wheel lately, crazy Farrakhan?" No, I'm about the go again, and if you're alive when I get back, I'll tell you all about it. Some dark days ahead. Did you know, you all think I'm crazy. You say, well, "Farrakhan, you and this Wheel talk." Did you know I was at Washington, DC at the Washington Post and there was an Editorial Board meeting with the Washington Post and after they questioned me for a while, the man at the Post said, "Well, Farrakhan, what about this wheel business?" And when I told them that Jimmy Carter said he saw it, and when he get's into office he's going to have the files opened. When he got into office, that never happened. Reagan too, talked about it. The Governor of Arizona said he saw it. Thousands of people in America have seen it and it's seen all over the world. But guess what. Did you know that twenty-three countries have opened their files on these so called UFO's? Let me name a few of them:- Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France Germany India, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Russia, Spain, Sweden, the Ukraine, the United Nations, the United Kingdom, Uruguay and the Vatican City. They know I'm not crazy. In fact about it, some of them talk to me about my experience that is similar to experiences that some of them have had.

Now why won't America open up her files? Have you ever thought about that? Now they're over America all the time. When I made the press conference in Washington, the minute I finished, the wheels were shown above Washington, above the White House. It was on the news, I'm not crazy. There is a power above your head and the reason America don't want to talk about it, is because....When we had the ufologists last year at Saviours' Day, they said the technology on the Wheel is a thousand years advanced from the finest technology of this world. That's a long way.

Now, I'm going to say something bold. See I'm a man that been on an operating table for fourteen hours and lost all of my lower pelvic region. It's called a complete pelvic exoneration. Those who know me, they see the scars. They see the bags that I wear. When I come back from my next journey, I'll come before you and show you. I'm
going some place where there's no such thing as a lost organ that they can't replace. But wait, wait, wait! You are at such a low level of understanding of just the value of the body you are in.

[To aide's message] Well, at least they didn't come to tell me.

Now I'm at the end. I don't want you to get up because this part is for you. Do you know that in 1961, the Honourable Elijah Muhammad introduced a three-year economic savings plan? And just as he introduced it in the sixties, he asked us to commit to save at that time, five cents a day, twenty-five cents a week, one dollar a month, twelve dollars a year and put it in the National Treasury. Ask yourself what is five cents a day? You got little children in here, give them a nickel and see what they tell you. If you don't start talking dollars to your children, they become your enemy. Maybe they'll trade you in or something.

You know there are 40 million of us? Do you know that the United States has 2.3 billion acres of land that's owned by the Federal Government. You talking about Reparations? Well, you don't need money alone because if the white man gave all of you, "Well for slavery, I'm going to give every negro 100,000 dollars." And you'd be so happy, you'd sign off and within one month, he'd have it all back 'cause you don't know what the hell to do with money.

Now look at what Elijah Muhammad said, five cents a day with forty million people? That's nothing! You need, after we agree to do it, you start teaching your children. "Look baby, when you grow up, see, saving and investing is the key to ownership of land." Forty million people, five cents a day, a dollar a week - that's forty million dollars in the first week in a National treasury.

Fifty-two weeks later,, a dollar... yeah. A dollar a week, forty million a week, four weeks - a hundred and sixty million. At the end of three years, in a three-year economic savings plan, you got one billion, four hundred and forty million dollars!

Now, what do you need that kind of money for? Let me show you what he said. If we kept that up for three years, how much can you leverage one billion, four hundred and forty million.. and if you keep that going- just five cents -for another three years ...the first thing Elijah Muhammad said is, you got to remember that the farm is the engine of of national life and what the enemy did by making us sharecroppers, we ran away from Mississippi, Atlanta...I mean, Georgia, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama and you really never looked back at the land that you left and you have no desire to farm. So, when you have no desire the farm, the enemy says, "Fine I'll feed you." and you're dying.

Now, look at this. Elijah Muhammad says there are millions of your dollars lying in the white man's bank doing nothing for anyone. Why don't we put these millions of dollars to work buying farmland? He said we need a hundred million acres of land as a start. He said since this is the basis of independence - ownership of land - raise cotton, corn, wheat, rye, rice, chicken, cattle and sheep. The sheep would clothe us with its wool and feed us with its flesh. The cow would also serve as food for us as well as it's hide being used in making shoes, belts, jackets, coats and hats. Industry comes from having land and producing. Don't you want to have jobs again? Today, if you have the money, you can buy machines which will weave and print thousands of yards of cotton goods per day. Do you say that you cannot do it? But the first step, we got to go to the farm, till the earth, produce our own food, build stores and warehouses to preserve your food throughout the seasons.

We're just not trying to do nothing for ourselves.

Now I'm not prepared right now to give all the details. I'm talking with bankers because I want to it to be so transparent that even if I drop dead, this will continue. Now, I know you got a lot of ideas of what to do with money, but I'm not asking you for your ideas. I appreciate. But Elijah Muhammad had a programme and that programme has to be followed if we going to be successful.

Now my brother, Luqman, Kenny Gamble in Philadelphia. How many houses did you build, brother Luqman? 1500! He's got schools, 1500 houses and you know what he did? He just saw a man one day coming out of a building he knew because he was in that area, grew up in it. What do you want for this house? Man told him, "Thousand dollars." He said, "I'll buy it right." Now, This man here - stand up brother Luqman, please, this man, Kenny Gamble of Gamble and Huff, Philly International Records. All his artists, the songs he and Huff wrote. He's in the Hall of Fame. Now, he took his money and bought houses, tore 'em down, partnership with some Jewish people, banks. He's a wise man.

Now, let me tell something. We not going nowhere in America without making partners with ------- people, but there's some Jewish people who will help you get up. You just have to keep your eyes open. Partnership with banks, partnership with the city, partnership with the state and the federal government. I saw an apartment building that they built, he lives in the penthouse on the top of it. Now, that's what we can do. The white man is not going stop you from doing something for yourself. He's sick of you running around telling him how unfair he is not to hire you. Hire yourself!

All right! So in my at last conclusion. In this plan I can't do it by myself. I could never have done the Million Man March without Reverend Willie Nelson. Stand up, Reverend, please. Now this is my brother. He invited me to his Church and lost half his membership in 1977. They say, "How you bring this Muslim?" But we became brothers ever since. He one of the most progressive Christian preachers in America and without his help, we wouldn't have had the Million Man March, the Million Family March and the Ten Year anniversary. And I thank my sister, oh, Dorothy Tillman. They beat up Jessie, bless your heart, 'cause Jessie didn't want to come along. And one night at Reverend Clay Evans' Church, they got in his collar and Jessie said, "All right, all right!" Now, imagine what we did with unity with nationalists, atheists, Christians, Hebrews. One million we called, nearly two million showed up. Now, suppose we had that kind of unity on a three-year economic savings plan.

There are thousands of acres of land available in the Delta. Now I want to go to the Delta 'cause that's where Jewish people had us picking cotton and they became world famous rich. Now, let us go back over the land. Take the red states - Alabama is waiting for us, Mississippi waiting for us. Arkansas waiting for us, and we going set foot on the land. America's for sale. Don't you want to own it? I do.

So, I thank you from the depths of my heart.

You've been so kind. Now, I want to ask you a question. To evangelical Christians, I told you before, "We are the real children of Israel. If you bless us, God will bless you."

We'll go to the US government. We pay taxes. Exempt us from taxation for three years and let us put our tax dollars in a National Treasury. How many of you own a General Motors car? Raise your hand. How many of you own a Ford car? How many of you on a German car - Audi, BMW? Japanese cars? Uh huh. Well, look, how much money they get from us? How many of you get Nike shoes? And you know what they give you? They give you a bit fat fee to all the stars but you get nothing. But you the one buying the shoes. Suppose we go to them, "Now look Ford, I get all the facts and the figures how much we spend with Ford. We want you to tithe ten percent of what we buy from you. Write it off and put it in a national savings treasury so that we can create jobs and stop begging the enemy to do for us what we can do for ourselves."

Now brothers and sisters, I'm going ask you a question. Do you believe that what you heard taught today, is the truth? Let me see by a show of your hands. OK. Now, listen to this next question, Are you willing to join with me and help me in the work of the Honourable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam to help pull our people up out of the valley of poverty and want? Would you help me? Raise your hands.

All right. Now, next Sunday I'm going to be, God willing, at our Mosque on 7351 Stony Island Avenue. That house belongs to you. Just because you see a star and crescent over it, it doesn't mean it's not your house. If you would like to help me and join with me, meet me next Sunday at Mosque Maryam and let's go to work to make a future for ourselves and our people.

Give yourselves a hand. May Allah bless you as I greet you in peace and thank you, thank you, thank you for your patience. As Salaam Alaikum.

You meet me 9:30 in the morning. So don't get drunk on Friday night, Saturday night. Stay sober 'cause I want to fill your head with something that will keep you high all the time. In shaa'Allah. Thank you so much.

And if you want the tape of today... we'll maybe, they said I talked so long...

[Aide: It's available, sir.]

The tape is available?

[Aide: In its entirety, sir, prayer to prayer.]

You see, should have said that before.

[Aide: Yes, sir.]

Thank you, brothers and sisters. I love you with all my heart!

[Aides: Love you too, brother Minister.]

Oh, wait, wait, wait! Please! When you go - listen to me carefully - wherever you are, it's our duty to protect the President. So when you at the job, listen to what people are saying. If you work in the boardroom, listen to what people are saying. Act like the spook that sat by the door and make mental notes because they can't do what they do without talking about it some way. So you that are in the Police Department, listen, you that belong to the FBI, CIA, ATF, Sheriff's Department, listen! Keep your ear to the ground and if you hear something that don't sound right, we got to report it because it is our duty to try and save the life of our President. He's our brother and she's our sister, and those children are our daughters. And I beg you, President Obama, stand up for justice and the American people, and don't send these children to war for the sake of Israel.

Thank you for listening.

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"Patria est communis omnium parens" - Our native land is the common parent of us all. Keep it beautiful, make it even more so.

Blessed is all of creation
Blessed be my beautiful people
Blessed be the day of our awakening
Blessed is my country
Blessed are her patient hills.

Mweh ka allay!