Columbus Sights Trinidad

By F.E.M. Hosein

Most Holy, Blessed and Glorious Trinity
One God in Three, and Three in One to thee
Mysterious Unity I render thanks
And humble offerings of a grateful heart
For having brought us all in safety through
The perils of the vast and boundless deep,
‘Twere impious thus to probe the secrets, long
From men kept hid of thy Divine unerring
Laws which made this earth a sphere and all
The starry hosts of heaven obedient
To those self same laws, on which relying
To this land I came. Mine eyes were wearied
Watching for the proof of love and wisdom
Which most assuredly is Thine, and here
Most gloriously revealed, and on thy Festal day
Hence forth I am the very humble instrument
Of Grace through whom Mankind shall know more than
Was yet made known of Thine Almighty power
Wisdom, Love, through which this earth is held a sphere
And all this world thus made a vaster field
Where men shall know and worship thee.
All praise To thee Most Holy Trinity. Receive
Our humblest thanks for thine abundant favours,
And this fair land whose sight was like the vision
Of Paradise to those who tread the toilsome
path, to Heaven to Thee we dedicate
And name La Trinidad. May Thy Love
And Mercy shown us be shown to all
Who dwell herein and who shall henceforth dwell,
May thine abounding Grace fill all the land
Which offers safe asylum and a respite
Here from toils and perils undergone.
May the joy which present fills our hearts
Forever sweep these friendly, kindly shores
And may the people of this lovely strand
Be ever happy, even as we now are,
In the Mercy, Love and Goodness shown by Thee
To us and all Mankind.

Source: Hyarima and the saints: a miracle play and pageant of Santa Rosa by F.E.M. Hosein, 1931.