Trinbago Will Be Nice Again [Song]

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By David Emmanuel Henry

If we could love one another
Regardless of race or hue of skin
If we could to listen to each other
Trinbago WILL be nice again.

If we could take responsibility
For each choice that cause us pain
We could start now, immediately
To make Trinbago nice again.

If we could learn if yuh plant too-too
Yuh can’t expect to harvest cane
If we start now, then later on cue
Trinbago WILL be nice again.

If we teach the youth how to use their mind
Instead of how to worship bling
There’ll be less crime, they’ll use their time
To make Trinbago nice again.

If we reward good behavior
And punish wrong in a quick timing
If excuses, we refuse to offer
Trinbago WILL be nice again

If our concern is what we could do
Instead of who we could blame and flame
Then we are on we way fuh true
To make Trinbago nice again.

If we understand we are all children
Of Papa Trini and Mama ‘Bagonian
And we put a stop to discrimination
Trinbago WILL be nice again.

If we could let our kindness show
And live to love, not just for gain
Showers of blessings will rain down fuh so
To make Trinbago nice again.

May we make Trinbago nice again
We want Trinbago nice again
May we make Trinbago nice again
We want Trinbago nice again
Come! Leh we make Trinbago nice again.

© 2005 David Emmanuel Henry All Rights Reserved. Posted with the kind permission of David Emmanuel Henry

A Note From The Gull

I first posted the lyrics for this song on 2/26/06 and I am reposting it today after listening with pleasure to David Emmanuel Henry's earnest performance uploaded three years after on YouTube.

Something about the gentle, uplifting message and incantatory tone of this poem captured this gull’s heart. The assertion that Trinbago will be nice again, is not the product of a lazy optimism of the “God is a Trini” variety, but is prefaced by conditions, concrete suggestions for how we can bring about this change to make Trinbago nice again. I cannot say that God is a Trini but we carry the name of the Trinity/Trikuta. He must be noting with some embarrassment and displeasure that some of us are not trying very hard to help ourselves.

David directs our attention to what he considers to be the issues at the heart of our problems: racism, disrespect, wrong choices, a lack of foresight, the expectation that we will reap what we have not sown, neglecting our responsibility to instill the right habits and values in our children, a lack of vigilance and swift punishment for wrongdoing, insufficient or total lack of recognition of the efforts of good citizens, the tendencies to find excuses to explain our failures and to point the finger of blame at others, and the pursuit of individual advancement at the expense of a spirit of community and love for each other.

So many people are throwing up their hands, walking away or going to the other extreme of calling down the vengeance of Moko upon this nation, when the solution is the simplest thing of all – Much More Love. Love in the home, love in the communities, love in the corridors of power. Of one thing we can be certain, the man who can calculatingly make decisions that will injure his people, or who can take up a weapon in cold blood to murder his brother, did not in his lifetime, receive the love and care that some of us can take for granted, not in his home, not from his teachers, and not from his fellow man. Just take a moment to think about it, really think about it. Put aside the anger and the hurt and the despair and the understandable need to blame, and think about it.

Today, I am flying to Carupano. That’s to the southwest of us, on the coast of Venezuela. Two of my gull pals will accompany me. We like to do that every now and again. We go, stay for a day or so and then start back for Los Iros. We do it just for the immense pleasure of being greeted on our return by the beautiful, green hills, and the coastline of our Trinidad. Sometimes, you have to lose something before you realize what you let slip away. Sometimes, you have to leave, so that you can really come back home. Sometimes, you have to step back from the things that distract and dismay, to regain your focus.

Hold on. Don’t give up. Don’t give in.

Blessed is all of creation
Blessed be my beautiful people
Blessed be the day of our awakening
Blessed is my country
Blessed are her patient hills.

Mweh ka allay!