Dis Place Nice [Song]

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By Brother Valentino

You talk 'bout a place where the people are carefree living
It is such a place of fun loving, spreeing and feting
T'is the land where people
Don't care if Ash Wednesday fall on Good Friday
Man they love to struggle in this happy, go-lucky way
It's blockorama, feteorama and just now is masorama
So the foreigner come for Carnival
And he telling heself after he had a ball
Trinidad is nice, Trinidad is a paradise
Mr. Foreigner, in La Trinity
The people have a Carnival mentality
Trinidad is nice, Trinidad is a paradise
They are not serious, very few conscious
So I cannot agree with my own chorus
Trinidad is nice, Trinidad is a paradise
But I'll hear some people talking about a Revolution Day
Changes on the way!

To live now is high,
Cost of living these days is the real thing
The clothes that they buy, to expensive parties they going
They would leave their belly
And buy clothes to go and waste down their body
Some of them ent have place to shelter
But they own big time motor car
And wearing expensive cloth and expensive shoes
So how come now they digging blues?
Down town Frederick Street on Friday evening
Is mas' and fashion parade you seeing
Trinidad is nice, Trinidad is a paradise
So the big man see how they come out to play
Well is three times the price they go have to pay
Trinidad is nice, Trinidad is a paradise
Then the merchants send prices to the moon
And the chorus keep singing a weird, weird tune
Trinidad is nice, Trinidad is a paradise
But I hear my sister talking about this Revolution Day
Fire on the way!

They born in a land, the better parts controlled by the alien
They fill the pockets of Portuguese, Chinese and Syrians
Trinidadians is who should own land
Now is the time to make the land their possession
But their sense of taste could just trace
To all them fancy show case
So the business man, he blow their mind
And his dollars them got to find
Trinidad is nice for men like Sabga
Neal and Massy, Maharaj and Y de Lima
Trinidad is nice, Trinidad is a paradise
Business expanding, more banks they building
So is the capitalists and them who should sing
Trinidad is nice, Trinidad is a paradise
And like the slave masters want to bring back the whip
And the chorus singing like they on a trip
Trinidad is nice, Trinidad is a paradise
But I hear mih brother talking 'bout a Revolution Day
Fighting on the way!

They don't know their worth
Like they haven't a sense of value
They don't know their rights
Even that they cannot argue
Three quarters of a million people
Cannot get up and do something 'bout the struggle
But could plan for the next holiday
To fete their lives away
And forgetting that they own the soil
Of which their foreparents toil
For the people who form the constitution laws
For the oppressors and foreign investors
Trinidad is nice, Trinidad is a paradise
Amoco and Shell business did went swell
On your oil them foreign parasites dwell
Trinidad is nice, Trinidad is a paradise
Yet the song I sing like if I hearing
The chorus singing, 'God save the king'
Trinidad is nice, Trinidad is a paradise
But the people getting ready for this Revolution day
Changes on the way!

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A Note From The Gull

What has always moved me about this song is the repetition of the line, "Trinidad is nice, Trinidad is a paradise." It sends chills down my spine every time. I can listen to this song over and over and over in one sitting without tiring and when I leave it, it is only because there are other demands on my time. For me, it invokes such a compelling mix of views - the actuality, the potential, la vie macabre or danse macabre of denial and stumbling persistence in the face of destruction, intimations of doom, farewell to innocence, recollections of The Garden...all of these washing over me in slow waves in the pathos of that laconic, sardonic, surrendered, sarcastic, hopeful? regretful, poignant refrain, "Trinidad is nice, Trinidad is a paradise."

I believe with all my heart that Trinbago is a paradise. It is a beautiful place. That is just a fact of nature. It stands, in what is left of its natural state, still waiting with its arms brimming with everything that its inhabitants could ever need to sustain life - a good life. But we have always wanted more or been taught to want MORE and it is the how and the why and the consequences of the attainment of this "more" that we have seldom questioned.

I do not think that many of us really SEE Trinbago but I do believe that people must, for their survival, be made more aware of the very real connection between our relationship with this land and our relations with each other and how these are determining our relations with the future ahead. We have to start planting the seeds today. It has to be learned from childhood as I learned from my own parents that Trinbago as it stands, needs no improvement. It is our relationship with it that is flawed.

Thank you, Brother Valentino, for this amazing song!

"Patria est communis omnium parens" - Our native land is the common parent of us all. Keep it beautiful, make it even more so.

Blessed is all of creation
Blessed be my beautiful people
Blessed be the day of our awakening
Blessed is my country
Blessed are her patient hills.

Mweh ka allay!