Look Devil Dey!

By Ateebo

Take de dam tin foil from out yuh kitchen
Before yuh start pointing at smelters an bitching
“Look de devil dey!”
Take de fiery babash from out yuh mout
Before yuh start looking at drug pushers to shout
”Devil dey!”
Take de diesel fuel from out de tank
Before yuh complain how de air so rank
Like devil dey
Take de lil’ gyul breasts from out yuh mind
Before yuh start glaring at rapists to find
Another devil dey
Take yuh two vehicle from off de road
Before yuh demandin more highways to take de load
Of devils going no wey
Take an interest in yuh children school
Before yuh blame de system fuh producing fool
And devil dey
Take home de garbage yuh bring on yuh lime
Before yuh pitch it right dey to add to de slime
Of devils dey
Take yuh neighbour children from off de street
Before yuh go tellin everyone yuh meet
“Dem is devil dey”
Take de crocodile tears from out yuh eye
Before yuh shooshooing while yuh sister cry
”Is de devil to pay”
Take some time an yuh own conscience search
Before yuh tearing up priests and whatever church
To find more devils dey
Take some responsibility and change yuh behaviour
Before complaining dat dey eh have no saviour
To chase devil 'way
Take some time an read yuh history
Before yuh wrap Satan in more mystery
With he devils dey
Take yuh country in hand and yuh leaders to task
Before sayin' dey pulling the tail and wearing de mask
Of de devil dey
Take back yuh faith and de promise of Zion
Before yuh get trap in Babylon and more wrought iron
Like devils dey.

An take yuh big foot from out yuh throat
Keep quiet and doh make another note
Until yuh REALLY do all dat yuh could,
Until yuh ALWAYS do what yuh should,
Until you could finally and truly say,
“Devil? Devil wey??”

© 2006 – Ateebo
Posted with the kind permission of the author.