Sando City Still Stink [Poem]


Every year, and I donno why,
We does celebrate City Week
When a healthy, cleaner city
Is what we really ought to seek.
Sixteen years now I saying
That I find San Fernando stink,
Now, tell me, when you walk the streets,
How you does feel and what you think?
Ras Kommanda tell we in song
"We bringing back Sando Alive"
The Industrial Capital
Go be where Art and Culture thrive.
We had a mayor who, some say,
Was a man quite unorthodox,
But that was just because he was
Inclined to think outside the box.
Many of his good intentions
Languished from lack of approval,
Ideas that may not come to pass
With his unexplained removal.
His experiments with traffic,
Like the High Street pedestrian mall,
Failed because the big store owners
Didn't want street vending at all.
He move vendors from Gulf City,
Break down they bridge over a drain,
But drag racing at Cross Crossing
And the PH drivers remain.
He talked of plans for Skinner Park
Multipurpose Facility,
Which, as a sportsman, would have been
His most outstanding legacy.
But he get huff by Patos,
Who reorder priorities,
Building the Tarouba Stadium
For World Cup Cricket if you please.
But shouldn't we pay attention
To problems we face every day,
Affecting all the citizens
As we move about, work and play?
We have a dutty promenade
Dat eh have a single park bench,
And it eh have enough Fabreze
To get rid ah de awful stench.
We need parks and open spaces
That eh filthy and stinka pee,
The children's playground shouldn't be
Just the arcade in Gulf City.
The San Fernando waterfront
Is enough to move you to tears,
But we hearing bout plans for the wharf
For more than twentysomething years.
Must Sando be, as Denyse say,
Where vagrants does drink from a drain,
While politicians promising
The same things again and again?
Let us stop constructing houses
And start building communities,
We doh really need more ghettoes
Lacking basic amenities.
We get a brand new Mayor now,
And hope that with him we will get
A new scale of priorities
With much less emphasis on fete.
He talk bout vendors and traffick,
Long standing problems we all know,
But I hear some people saying
They hear better cock dan he crow.

© Copyright – Gene Wilkes, Cocoyea.
Posted with the kind permission of the poet.