Sex In De City [Poem]

By Gene Wilkes

We shocked that the Pasta daughter
Play sheself for the world to see,
But do we parents regulate
What kids see and hear on TV?
They getting sex education
From Hugh Hefner and Howard Stern,
Then from Machel and Saucy Wow
Trini wining techniques they learn.
Children watching television
Every night here in T&T,
Synergy, Tempo, B.E.T.
VH1, MTV and E.
Six channels of entertainment
That some people would call soft porn,
And all the ads about safe sex
Make youths eager to get it on.
Music videos and game boys
With lewd or scurrilous content
Encourage girls to be sexy
And boys to be violent.
Spring break in the United States
Is the season for "Girls Gone Wild",
And if perchance they get pregnant
It easy to throw way de child.
Orgies take place in the streets
Every year at Carnival time,
But Pasta Daughter do she ting...
Suddenly it is a big crime.
Akon had dry sex wid de gyul
Who thought she was getting a chance
To win a trip to Africa
When she went up on stage to dance.
Encouraged by screaming patrons
He proceeded to have his way,
To the delight of hypocrites
Who criticising her today.
But ent jam and wine and dog jook
Are aspects of "we culture" too?
So how come all de cangcalang,
Why then all the hullaballoo?
'Cause half ah we who criticise
And have all kinda ting to say,
Does perform de same dutty dance
On the streets on Carnival day.
Strip tease on Manzanilla beach
Was performed for children to see,
Some years ago on Ash Wednesday,
Starting Lent with pornography.
Two-knees and Four-knees were exposed
In a dance that was quite obscene,
Policemen just held their batons..
And not one tried to intervene.
The lyrics of most soca songs
Does promote promiscuity,
Then the singers soothe their conscience
Warning we about HIV.
On-stage antics of performers
Are focussed on bumsee and crotch,
And with so mucha flesh exposed
Every hot boy tempted to touch.
By rubbing two sticks together
We all know you could start a flame.
Human frottage eh no different,
It will get you hot just the same.
Education is the answer,
According to the Condom Crew,
As long as you practise safe sex
STDs won't happen to you.
But all yuh sex education
Will certainly fly out the door,
When hormones bring to conclusion
What was started on the dance floor.
So if you feeling self righteous
And you want to go and pelt stone,
Pause, and examine yuh conscience...
Leave punishment to God alone.

© Copyright – Gene Wilkes, Cocoyea.
Posted with the kind permission of the poet.


A Note From The Gull

Gene, I'd been wondering what you would say about this most recent public incident, especially after your last submission prior to Carnival this year. I've been thinking about the concerns you expressed in your "Play Mas', Doh Play de Ass" and feeling grateful that in all things, you continue to avoid the path of least resistance. Whether you are taking a stand to express unpopular truths or refusing to join in the stone throwing when an easy target has been identified, I admire your quest for the right questions to ask and answer with honesty.

Thank you, Gene Wilkes.

"Patria est communis omnium parens" - Our native land is the common parent of us all. Keep it beautiful, make it even more so.

Blessed is all of creation
Blessed be my beautiful people
Blessed be the day of our awakening
Blessed is my country
Blessed are her patient hills.

Mweh ka allay!