The "Coronation"

Obama's inauguration will cost £110 million? This figure was quoted by Paul Thompson at The Mail Online on 14th January 2009. Oh noooooooo, Mister Thompson! I refuse to believe it. Our change seeker, Obama, would never have allowed such ridiculous expenditure. Like The Christ, who I am sure he prays to every night, he would have gladly settled for entering Jerusalem on a borrowed donkey, not so? He must have said to his advisers,

"Lllllooookkk..... WE... are the change that we have been waiting for! Let us see how many of our fellow Americans' homes we can save with this money. Now is the time for Washington to change its way of doing business. We will do it by lottery so that there will be no accusations of unfair selection but at this time of severe economic crisis, I want this money to go to the people! That they have put their trust in me, is their gift to me. Let this act of charity be my inauguration gift to them."
I just know that that is what he would have said. I think that they've been keeping him in the dark, these people around him who are starting already to try to prove that he's just another vain and selfish leader. Bad, bad, bad people!

The Obamamobile: The first official photograph of Obama's new armoured limo, which he will ride in for part of the swearing-in parade, and which can withstand rocket and chemical attacks.

Eat your heart out Ratzinger!