We Living In Jail [Song]

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By Penguin

Everybody talking 'bout freedom, but is like everybody blind
If you think we living in freedom, the freedom only in your mind
Everywhere I look, criminals and crook terrorise as they run amok
While poor you and me behind lock and key, moving 'round like if we in shock.

We living in jail, we living in jail.
While criminals out on bail, honest men catching dey tail in their homemade jail
You can't walk the streets no more, you 'fraid to open your door like we fighting war
We living in jail, we living in jail.

Freedom gone clean out of we control, watch the houses you have to build
Burglar proof, iron doors and peephole and a high, high concrete wall still
Your nerves in a mess, you have to eat less and it's not that the times so hard
But you have to spend to feed about ten Doberman that guarding your yard.

We living in jail, we living in jail.
Look, even the old and frail beg mercy to no avail, it's a sad, sad tale
Your TV and videotape they take and before they escape, they looking to rape
We living in jail, we living in jail.

Costume jewellery is the fashion 'cause them criminals get so bold
They will choke you without compassion and take 'way your silver and gold
But to avoid lash, always have some cash because when they commit their crime
And don't get enough, is chop, kick and cuff for making big men waste their time.

We living in jail, we living in jail.
You could live in hill or vale, your skin could be dark or pale, still you shake and quail
You can't go to shows or dance, you look at strangers askance, you can't take no chance
We living in jail, we living in jail.

Even churches bar round like prison, even school gates now have a guard
Road blocks searching your car and person, store detectives watching you hard
A criminal few changed the life we knew to a terror, nightmare and fright
And lawyers so cold when the crooks get hold, quick to talk about human rights.

We living in jail, we living in jail
Don't go 'round with things on sale, don't make your car engine fail, suspicion prevails
In strange areas don't lag, in your workplace don't carry bag and keep on your tag
We living in jail, we living in jail

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