Human Race [Song]

Uploaded by Marle de bakker
By Lord Pretender

This thing is worrying me day and night
This talk about nation and black and white
Oh, but it's torturing me day and night
This talk about nation and black and white
And nobody can say for true
Who the hell descended from who
But brother let me make you to understand
Two nation in this world is woman and man.

Because if an Indian woman go with an Englishman
That is one nation. Oh, lord!
An Irish man go with a Mongolian, another nation
So if a South African go with a Nigerian
The facts you got to face
No matter who your mother and father may be,
You belong to the human race.

And if what they taught me is right
They said that Adam and Eve was white
And so, if it's the truth that they tell
It's quite obvious, so was Cain and Abel
I don't know what happen and that's a fact
All I really know is Preddie born black
But if what they taught me I must believe,
Then I'm a descendant of Adam and Eve.

So if an Eskimo should go with a Korean, that is one nation
And a lil, lil pygmy with a big, big Amazon, another nation
So if an Egyptian should go with a Grenadian, wey you trying to trace?
No matter who your Mooma and Poopa may be,
You belong to the human race.

Believe me, I am one calypsonian
Who don't business with pigmentation
Don't matter what is the colour of your skin
That don't cut no ice with the Lord Pretender
Them Klu Klux Klan men from Alabama
I does see them in George Street and at Miramar
With all kind of wabine, they making move
So whey the hell in Alabama they trying to prove? Tell them...

A Puerto Rican go with a Chinese, that is one nation. Oh, lord!
A Russian go with a Japanese, another nation
So if a Carriacounian go with a Portuguese, that ent no disgrace
Don't matter wey your Mamma and Papa may be,
You belong to the human race.

Take for instance in the animal creation
There is no such thing as pigmentation
We got black and white in horse, goat and hog
And very often you could bounce up a brown-skin dog
How the hell you eating pork from the black-skin sow?
You don't ask for white meat from the white-skin cow?
Well if the animals have equality,
What the heck is the difference in you and me?

So if a Hawaiian go with a Trinidadian, that is one nation. Oh lord!
A Filipino with a Tobagonian, another nation
If an American should go with an African, I done sum up the case
Don't matter who your Mammy and Pappy may be
You belong to the human race.

Source: The lyrics posted on this blog are often transcribed directly from performances. Although it is my intention to faithfully transcribe I do not get all the words and I have a knack for hearing the wrong thing. Please feel free to correct me or to fill in the words that I miss by dropping me a message via e-mail. I'd be forever grateful. Thanks in advance!
"Patria est communis omnium parens" - Our native land is the common parent of us all. Keep it beautiful, make it even more so.

Blessed is all of creation
Blessed be my beautiful people
Blessed be the day of our awakening
Blessed is my country
Blessed are her patient hills.

Mweh ka allay!


Tim Broadbent said...

Many thanks for taking the trouble to upload the lyrics of this great song. They should make it the UN theme tune. Ha ha some hope!!
Keep up the good work.
Peace and harmony for all
Tim (France)

Guanaguanare said...

Thanks so much for visiting the site and taking the time to comment. Your comment prompted me to listen to the song tonight and it is really, really brilliant when you really absorb what he is saying. Lord Pretender, I am sure, received your praise and smiled. Thanks again.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your trouble. This song actually brings tears to my eyes. We haven't moved on much, have we?

Unknown said...

Thanks for your trouble. This song actually brings tears to my eyes. We haven't moved on much, have we?

Guanaguanare said...

Dear Unknown,
Thanks for reaching out. Yes, it is a wonderful song. Especially brilliant I think is how he acknowledges that each individual is unique and a nation within him/herself. I believe that we have moved on quite a bit in that the more enlightened ones have a louder voice. Always it comes down to just a fear of the unknown, the unfamiliar, a fear of loss, change, having to share what we have been made to believe are limited resources. This song is about race but prejudice exists in every sphere of life and can cause equal pain there too. Just have to believe that those who pull towards the brotherhood of humanity will increase and prevail.