Ah 'Fraid Karl [Song]

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By Mighty Chalkdust

Like my friends and them don't like me, they want police hold Chalkie
For the things they want me sing 'bout, this government go jail my snout
They want me to sing and say, "Move the La Bas from the highway
And have the whole stench installed right inside the heart of Whitehall."
But not me, ah 'fraid Karl, ah 'fraid Karl,
I 'fraid he jail me like he jail Rex Lasalle...uhmm
They want me sing 'bout when Badase died
Kamal Mohammed break down and cry
But ah 'fraid, not me, [ah 'fraid]
They say a young minister was found in a hotel with a call girl in town
But I ent singing 'bout that, ah 'fraid the Sedition Act.

Like my friends, them ent consider what happen to Weekes and Granger
Is when they jail my backside that they go be satisfied
But I smarter than all of them, the government I won't offend
I really can't make a jail, the cocoa and split peas will kill my tail
You see why ah 'fraid Karl, ah 'fraid Karl
I talking 'bout the new baron of Maraval... uhmm
They say PNM was nearly wrecked by the secretary and his rubber cheque
But ah 'fraid, I don't know, [ah 'fraid]
They say by Salvatori building,
Karl tell George Weekes how he mother make him
But I know nothing 'bout that, ah 'fraid the Sedition Act.

Like my friends, them don't understand why I really 'fraid that man
You see Bernard and Ernest Pierre, when Karl talk they have to hear
Government have no money, they say, for last year's public servants' backpay
No big thing, Karl got on the phone and ordered Kamal to give them a loan
That's why ah 'fraid Karl, ah 'fraid Karl
'Cause he eating like curry barb wire and dahl...uhmm
In the trial Bruce Procope did so well
That he leave he home and living Hilton Hotel
But I 'fraid, [ah 'fraid]
They say Danjuma, who tried our soldiers here
Still owe Hilton two thousand dollars for beer
But I keeping out of that, ah 'fraid the Sedition Act.

Like my friends, dem want to retreat but pushing me in the heat
They say them big boys was small, now they walking ten feet tall
Two used to live just like rats, now all over more Belmont they building flats
Another used to sell coconut, now he buy out the whole Queen Street lot
Doh ask me, ah 'fraid Karl, ah 'fraid Karl
The Better Village dress designer from Maraval...uhmm
They say Burroughs is an ace crime fighter but also a damn good weed pusher
But ah 'fraid, [ah 'fraid]
They say government pass the Divorce Bill so that Eric could get his own at will
But I keeping out of that, ah 'fraid the Sedition Act.

Source: The lyrics posted on this blog are often transcribed directly from performances. Although it is my intention to faithfully transcribe I do not get all the words and I have a knack for hearing the wrong thing. Please feel free to correct me or to fill in the words that I miss by dropping me a message via e-mail. I'd be forever grateful. Thanks in advance!
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