T&T: "Arise, You Resurgents Of Intelligent Evolution!"

IF it turns out that the alleged assassination threat was real, here are only a few of the many questions which I would like to ask the plotters:

What exactly did you hope to achieve??
Trinbagonians are fully aware that packing red [on the index finger] and not lead is the way to remove a government.

Were you hoping to send a political message?
What message exactly and to which receptor? The system is a DEAF juggernaut. You kill some agents and the system self heals and proceeds without so much as a squeak. The system is an infection and all our minds are the hosts. Bullets are bullcaca.

Did you think that you were doing us a favour handing us a neatly packaged dismissal?
Handouts haven't helped us so far so, no thanks, we will struggle on with this one and print our own poster sized pink slip if circumstances demand it. It will have to be OUR collective decision and hopefully not influenced by bribes, slick publicists or foreign agents.

Were you influenced by forces alien to this society?
I will tell you this once and I hope I don't ever have to repeat myself. Friends will carry you but they won't bring you back. This is OUR business and whoever is trying to make our business their business and telling you that we cannot figure it out ourselves, take it from me - SELF INTEREST IS THEIR ONLY MOTIVATION.

Were you unhappy because your nefarious activities were being interrupted?
Paleets, we are unhappier when they aren't, so maybe its a good thing that it was the government that caught you and not the upright majority of the people.

Were you unhappy because YOUR nefarious activities were being targeted and you felt that a blind eye was being turned to that of others?
Yes, it is true, discrimination hurts wherever it manifests but we are also keeping tabs so wine to the side and let us take care of business.

Did you think we needed a revolution and you imagined yourselves as its patriotic midwives?
Well, in my experience I have seen that men convinced against their wills are of the same opinion still. So don't get us stuck instead in a bloody revolving door. We'll just find ourselves back at square one and minus some more good men and women.

Research has shown that the social exclusion, which can be brought about by various punishing circumstances in an individual's life, is often a characteristic of the personal lives of criminals. Go back, often into their childhoods and there you will find a break, a disconnecting with someone or some aspect of human society necessary for proper development. The human being withdraws and can fall through the cracks. This slippage, and perhaps the perception that the loss has gone unnoticed and is therefore without rescue and remedy, leads to feelings of anguish and rage.

We each have something to contribute. That is why we are born. I must admit that I do not unreservedly encourage the bringing of new lives into the cesspool we have made of this world but once a new life has been conceived, something tells me that it is on its way for a reason and that it must be assisted to the realisation of that purpose.

Is it not the same in the life of a society, of a nation? People should not be silenced by their equals who pretend that they hold the power over life and death, over whose voice is heard and whose is shouted down, over who can handle the truth and who cannot, over who is allowed partnership and who deserves condescension? This is OUR society.

I am thinking of the expression "to out someone's light" meaning to kill that person. There is another kind of extinguishing that happens to some of us even though our bodies continue to walk. I have seen it happening to our children. You have to look at their eyes. For some of our children the sparkle is no longer there.

The attrition that our society has endured for the longest while is taking its toll, even on the strongest among us, and right now I am hoping that this allegation of an assassination plot really turns out to be a hoax because there is an even more frightening truth than the possibility that this administration is dishonest and it is that we are shutting down, we are losing confidence, we are so disillusioned that we are going against what is most natural for Trinbagonians - that warm empathy and willingness to give a transgressor at least one more chance,"Doh study nah" with a handshake and a smile.

Isn't it strange how far some of us are from our brothers and sisters and from HOMEland, even when we are physically within its borders?

T&T: "There are hills and mountains between us
Always something to get over
If I had the way, surely you'd be closer
I need you closer..."

"Patria est communis omnium parens" - Our native land is the common parent of us all. Keep it beautiful, make it even more so.

Blessed is all of creation
Blessed be my beautiful people
Blessed be the day of our awakening
Blessed is my country
Blessed are her patient hills.

Mweh ka allay!