Seawater And Sand [Song]

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By the Mighty Chalkdust
Album: "Port of Spain Insane" , 1986

Man, every Caribbean leader working well with one another
Everyone trying to protect their dollar
Especially since Guyana ent have no foreign exchange, sah
And big Jamaica devalue she dollar
Well, countries who are more wealthy, man, they laughing out kee-kee-kee
And making style on Guyanese and Jamaican money
They can't see in the Caribbean, unless there is cooperation
All of them on the same road to destruction.

Is time them Barbadians understand
You can't sit back and laugh at Jamaicans
'Cause without them tourist boats from Reagan
Sweet Barbados heading for starvation
The day you ent get paid from Washington
Well, crapaud smoke your pipe down in Bridgetown
Is time that you and Eugenia Charles understand
That all you have is just seawater and sand.

Man, every Caribbean leader, instead of pulling together
They prefer to friend with Reagan and Thatcher
Dominicans suffering bad, their goods can't get to Trinidad
'Cause Trini ent giving license, it is sad
Trini saying is big racket, they want to flood Trinidad's market
With all their cheap, inferior goods and they won't accept it
But they want BWee register as the national carrier
No way, sah! Antigua turn down their offer.

Is time them Antiguans understand
You got to help each other in the region
You can't make treaties with France and Japan
And with your own people you can't join hands
Mister Bird, them tourist that come St. John's
They need BWee for their transportation
Is time that you and Robinson walk hand in hand
'Cause Antigua is just seawater and sand.

Some people does play zest
They feel that that their country is best
'Cause they have more foreign exchange than the rest
Others walking high and mighty, claiming they have stability
'Cause their dollar in US is worth plenty
And they meeting regularly, drawing up all kind of treaty
And after they drink their whiskey, the treaty dead already
At their Heads of Government conference is mere shop talk and ignorance
Lots of talk but no action ever commence.

Is time we Trinidadians understand
We got to help the other small islands
We can't eat pitch and oil with rice and jam
We got to trade it for Grenadian yam
All the oil we have in our nation
Is just a drop in the Arabian ocean
And stop telling Guyanese they from the Mudland
'Cause all you have is just seawater and sand.

Additional verses sung elsewhere...

Some of them Caribbean leader, to get Mister Reagan's dollar,
Will denounce their Caricom friends and neighbour
Eugenia cussing Guyana, refusing to even go there
And lambasting Chambers for his behaviour
Chambers blocking Grenadians' way, man, as though they have cocobay
'Cause to travel to Port of Spain, Grenadians need visa
------- want Trini money to build up their economy
Still you can't spent a TT dollar in their country.

Is time the whole Caribbean understand
We don't have -------, radium or diamond
So Yankees don't care if we fall or stand
Our resources can't change Reagan's war plan
You can't depend on tourist -----------
To carry St. Lucians into heaven
To survive, you and Simmons must work hand in hand
'Cause nobody can eat seawater and sand.

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"Patria est communis omnium parens" - Our native land is the common parent of us all. Keep it beautiful, make it even more so.

Blessed is all of creation
Blessed be my beautiful people
Blessed be the day of our awakening
Blessed is my country
Blessed are her patient hills.

Mweh ka allay!