Another Chance [Song]

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By Roger Sanchez

If I had another chance tonight
I'd try to tell you that the things we had were right...

[These haunting lines are repeated throughout the song.]

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A Note From The Gull

This video always gets to me. I think it is absolutely brilliant because by using an actual physical symbol of a heart, it brings into the open what is an internal struggle for those of us who have hearts that are "too big". Whether that largeness is of generosity, love, acceptance or caring, life, it seems, is often not willing to make it easy to bear or share such exceptionality. 

I think that these exceptional ones should be rewarded but anyone with a "handicap" of any sort will recognise that the message is the same for them. Just replace that heart with any other physical or social "liability". The ones who carry similar "gifts" are often not recognised, encouraged or protected. They stick out too much, they make us uncomfortable, they appear cumbersome and burdensome and too much baggage to engage. They are easy targets for those who cannot accommodate the "differently abled". 

And what about the plaintive lines repeated throughout the song:

"If I had another chance tonight
I'd try to tell you that the things we had were right..."

Is this the voice of those who have realised much too late how little others had really asked of them and how carelessly they had refused what they were being offered?

Among the many who preferred her, and the inconvenience of her heart, to disappear, the doorman at the nightclub stops her and tells her "You can't come in tonight." She asks why not and he explains curtly, "Heart's too big."

The funny thing though is that many of those avoiding her probably have hearts that are as big as hers. They, however have learned to keep their hearts under wraps and hidden away to avoid the very same problems that this person is experiencing.

There are so many layers of meaning and so much that can be observed and commented on because of the thought and care that went into crafting every second of this production. This is among the best music videos that I have ever seen. The concept was a stroke of genius and the execution was flawless.

"Patria est communis omnium parens" - Our native land is the common parent of us all. Keep it beautiful, make it even more so.

Blessed is all of creation
Blessed be my beautiful people
Blessed be the day of our awakening
Blessed is my country
Blessed are her patient hills.

Mweh ka allay!