Is Ah Long Time [Song]

Performed by Manchild
Composed by Carlton Collins (2004)

Dis old lady was fretting, to she grandson she talking
Grandchild of mine, you going to regret
You feel it have profit in being a bandit
What you looking for you surely go get.
He tell she, Granny, Granny, Granny, Granny you sticking
If you know the facts you surely go bawl
When you listen to me, I’m sure you will agree
Dis system cyah stop criminals at all.

Because is a long time dey take whenever dey planning
Dey have de mentality of a snail
He say, is a long time but while dey zigging and zagging
Bandit lighting fire in people tail
They say dey have to uphold de law so dey got to be very sure
While they upholding, hold-up we staging
Dey say is crime dey fighting but de reason why dey losing
Is a long time dey take to do anything.

The youth was expatiating, if you hear him crowing,
Granny, there are many things you don’t know
We bandit never go UWI but we make de system a study
And we know de damn ting is really slow
He tell she, we know every station that doh have transport
Who only have one jeep for patrolling
We bandit eh making no joke, we doing we homework
Is we liveliehood that we protecting.

He gone again…

Is a long time ah sure you hearing the rumours
Criminals is get dey information
He say is a long time we have we inside informers
Who does tell we all dat is going on
How you feel de coke and the guns
Coming in by crate and the tons
How you feel there is money laundering?
Dey say is crime dey fighting
But corruption alive and kicking
‘Cause is a long time dey take to do anything

De bandit say listen to me, Check out any Trini
We does take we time to do anything
We take we time when we eating, 'specially in lovemaking
Yes, we very slow when we responding.
He tell she, Trini to de bone is dem politicians
Look how long to pass de Kidnapping Law
And while they jibbing and jibbing, stressed out people asking
Wey de hell we does vote for dem people for?

Because is a long time dem jokers fighting each other
Both the government and opposition
He say is along time it taking them to discover
Dey only frustrating the whole nation
By the time dey take to get smart
We bandit done have a headstart
Some of we get rich and retiring
Dey say is crime dey fighting
But ---------
‘Cause is a long time dey take to do anything.

De old lady wasn’t submitting, she starting attacking
She say monkey know what tree they should climb
If you was in Iran, you done lost yuh two hand
But remember time is longer than twine.
She say, the system that you disrespecting and mocking
The system you telling yourself is boo
It will make you get slack and then it will attack
Grandson, I am saying a prayer for you.

Because is long time ------- was thinking
By the law he didn’t have to abide
He rise, he fall, he slip and then he went sliding
Now he chillin’ out on the other side
The system is slow it is true
But grandson, I am warning you
You go get lock up, it is a sure thing
And when you trial slow in starting
Remember the point you making,
Is a long time they take to do anything.

Source: The lyrics posted on this blog are often transcribed directly from performances. Although it is my intention to faithfully transcribe I do not get all the words and I have a knack for hearing the wrong thing. Please feel free to correct me or to fill in the words that I miss by dropping me a message via e-mail. I'd be forever grateful. Thanks in advance!
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