No Nationality

Cristo (1965)
(Christopher Laidlow 1923-1984)

Long ago I was a real Trinidadian
I used to boast of my native land
But now to go near to Cumuto I am afraid
And at Tetron Bay I’m forbidden to bathe
So don’t bother with me and nationality
For that’s all abound in hypocrisy.

Long ago you who remember know
To any part of Trinidad you could go
To Arima, Sangre Grande, or ---------
Siparia to Los Iros Bay
But today if below Carenage you venture
You’ll find yourself in prohibited area
The Yankee sentry will shoot you and then declare
You had no right in America.

In the British ----- we put our trust
But they never considered us
In those days Hitler was on top and things were bad
What did they care about Trinidad
For fifty old destroyers, so it is said
They sold those valuable bases over our head
And today we don’t know who are masters in this land
If it’s the English or the American.

The Yankees launched a real social invasion
They did as they pleased in my native land
They had a lot of money and spent lavishly
And they broke down the pillars of our aristocracy
I must confess they helped us financially
But they played hell with our morality
They took all our girls and had a glorious time
And left us blue-eyed babies to mind.