Money Is King [Song]

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By The Growling Tiger

If a man has money today
People do not care if he has cocobay [A skin disease]
If a man has money today
People do not care if he has cocobay
He can commit murder and get off free
And live in the Governor’s company
But if you are poor, people will tell you “Shoo!
And a dog is better than you.

If you have money to buy in his store
The boss will shake your hands at the door
Call ten clerks to take down everything
Whiskey, cloth, earring and diamond ring
He may send them to your home on a motorbike
You can pay the bills whenever you like
Not a soul will ask you a thing
They know very well that money is king

A man with a collar and tie and waistcoat
Ask the Chinee man to trust him accra and float
Me no trus’ am!” bawl out de Chinee man
And you better move on from me frying pan.
You’re a college man. Me no know ABC
You want am accra, gi am penny.”
The worms start to jump in the man's belly
And he cried out, “A dog is better than me!

A dog can walk about and take up bone
Fowl head, stale bread, fish tail and pone
If it’s a good breed and not too wild
Some people will take it and mind as a child
But when a hungry man goes out to beg
They will set a bulldog behind his leg
Forty policeman may chuck him down too
You see where a dog is better than you.

If you have money and things going nice
Any woman would call you honey and spice
If you can't give her dress or a new pair of shoe
She'll say she have no uses for you
When you try to caress her, she will tell you stop
"I can't carry love in the Chinee shop."
I'm sure most of you will agree that it's true
If you haven't money dog is better than you.

Source: The lyrics posted on this blog are often transcribed directly from performances. Although it is my intention to faithfully transcribe, I do not get all the words and I have a knack for hearing the wrong thing. Please feel free to correct me or to fill in the words that I miss by dropping me a message via e-mail. I'd be forever grateful. Thanks in advance! .............................................................................................................................. 

"Patria est communis omnium parens" - Our native land is the common parent of us all. Keep it beautiful, make it even more so.

Blessed is all of creation
Blessed be my beautiful people
Blessed be the day of our awakening
Blessed is my country
Blessed are her patient hills.

Mweh ka allay!


Anonymous said...

LOL! Thanks for the laughter and the trip down memory lane...Keep them coming!

Guanaguanare said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting. Glad that you are enjoying them. Sometimes reading the lyrics makes you appreciate the artistry even more. As is expected, visitors from abroad are accessing these more than locals. I think the old calypsonians were funnier, but that is my opinion. Maybe I am just not aware of any newer examples. Let me know if you have any suggestions.