Not Soup For The Soul: Roosting Chickens And The Fire Next Time.

Were you just about to say something about chickens coming home to roost? Bite your tongue! Unless you're going to use those fowl to make more chicken soup for the pampered souls in need of more pampering, just pretend that you are blind, deaf and dumb if you like your life. That was Ward Churchill's mistake. He didn't sugar coat the truth or dismiss it or hide it. Like Malcolm X before him and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, he was punished for this honesty.

Chickens Coming Home To Roost - MALCOLM X
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America's Chickens Come Home to Roost - Rev Jeremiah Wright
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"Ward LeRoy Churchill (born October 2, 1947) is an American scholar, author, and political activist.

In January 2005 Ward Churchill was a tenured full professor of American Indian Studies, chair of the Ethnic Studies Department, and the recipient of the University of Colorado’s highest awards for teaching, scholarship and service. Then the right wing stumbled on an old op-ed piece about 9/11 and a media feeding frenzy ensued. Politicians and donors put intense pressure on CU to fire Ward Churchill. The piece was "Some People Push Back: On the Justice of Roosting Chickens". In the essay, he claimed that the September 11, 2001 attacks were a natural and unavoidable consequence of what he views as unlawful US policy, and he referred to the "technocratic corps" working in the World Trade Center as "little Eichmanns".

Then the “controversy” broke, University officials launched an investigation of “every word” Ward Churchill had ever published. They knew it was all protected by the First Amendment, but needed time to find some other excuse to fire him. So, first, they tried the case in the media, in violation of all their own rules on confidentiality.

CU had received no complaints about Ward Churchill’s scholarship so, with the help of the Rocky Mountain News, University officials spent months soliciting allegations. Even then, they only had some random allegations but still no actual complaints, so Interim Chancellor Distefano stepped in as “complainant,” using the newspaper stories as the “complaints.”

An Investigative Committee dominated by CU insiders and including no American Indians or Indigenous Studies scholars was appointed. The Committee never told Ward Churchill what standards it was using, and arbitrarily limited his time to respond. It was chaired by a “feminist” who, before even meeting Ward Churchill, had sent out an e-mail comparing him to “male celebrity wrongdoers” like OJ Simpson.

After combing through more than 4,000 pages and 12,000 footnotes of Ward Churchill’s publications, CU found only a handful of minor points to dispute. CU called them “fraud” and “plagiarism” but they were really questions of historical interpretation and claimed deviation from unspecified “standards.”

Many people have been fooled by the heft of the Investigative Committee’s 124-page Report. In fact, most of the allegations were dropped. The charges boiled down to:

- 4 questions of interpretation of sources concerning smallpox epidemics or “blood quantum” laws.
- 3 charges of ghostwriting and attribution of authorship, under “standards” the Committee never could identify. The author whose work was supposedly plagiarized never accused Ward Churchill of doing so.

Qualified American Indian studies scholars who examined the charges and the evidence have concluded that Ward Churchill did NOT engage in research misconduct. Legal scholars have noted that the investigation was pretextual and that even if the charges were true, these are not acts for which tenured professors are fired.

Because pressure from donors and politicians is more important to the University of Colorado than teaching, scholarship, service, or the Constitution. SOURCE: Ward Churchill Solidarity Network

"The battle continues as on Jan. 10, 2011. Ward Churchill's attorneys filed a petition today asking the Colorado Supreme Court to review the decision of the court of appeals because:

(1) the jury should have been allowed to decide whether CU's 2005 investigation into "every word" Ward Churchill published or spoke publicly violated his First Amendment rights;

(2) CU & its Regents should not have absolute immunity from suit when they fire a tenured professor in violation of the U.S. Constitution; and

(3) Ward Churchill should have been reinstated after the jury decided unanimously that he was fired for speech protected by First Amendment, not for alleged research misconduct." SOURCE: Ward Churchill Solidarity Network

Freespeech TV documentary on Ward Churchill

"Embattled Professor Ward Churchill speaks on the controversy over his essay, his treatment by the media and the people calling for his firing, and even execution, for 'treason'. In this hour-long program, Prof. Churchill invites FSTV into his home to tell the side of the story told nowhere else on American television: his side."

When They Came for Churchill - Freespeech TV

Farrakhan warns, advises Obama on Libya.
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And Like That, Blink, A New War - Mumia Abu Jamal
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