"Did U.S. Give Latin American Leaders Cancer?"

Update: Monday, February 27, 2012 - An more recent article on this topic "Cancer the secret weapon? The heart of the matter." by Charles Kong Soo has been published in the Trinidad Guardian online.

According to this Reuters article today, Venezuelan President Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías is suggesting that there may be a connection between the USA and the list of Central and Latin American leaders who have been diagnosed with cancer.
Did U.S. Give Latin American Leaders Cancer?
By Daniel Wallis
CARACAS | Wed Dec 28, 2011 3:10pm EST

(Reuters) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez speculated on Wednesday that the United States might have developed a way to give Latin American leaders cancer, after Argentina's Cristina Fernandez joined the list of presidents diagnosed with the disease."

While he stresses that he is not making any accusations and just thinking aloud, he wonders:

"It would not be strange if they had developed the technology to induce cancer and nobody knew about it until now ... I don't know. I'm just reflecting," he said in a televised speech to troops at a military base.

"But this is very, very, very strange ... it's a bit difficult to explain this, to reason it, including using the law of probabilities....

"Fidel always told me, 'Chavez take care. These people have developed technology. You are very careless. Take care what you eat, what they give you to eat ... a little needle and they inject you with I don't know what,'" he said." SOURCE

When I read the news about Argentina's President having been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, I also added her name to the growing list of Central and South American leaders who have fought or are in the process of fighting cancer:

1997 - Argentina - Former president, Nestor Kirchner - Colon cancer.

2006 - Cuba - Former president, Fidel Castro - Abdominal cancer [To my knowledge, he has never confirmed this.]

2008 - Trinidad and Tobago - Former Prime Minister, Patrick Manning - Liver cancer.

2009 - Bolivia - Current president, Evo Morales - Nasal cancer [To my knowledge, he has never confirmed this.]

2009 - Brazil - Current president, Dilma Rousseff - Lymphatic cancer

2010, August - Paraguay - Current president, Fernando Lugo - Non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

2011, June - Venezuela - Current president, Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías - Prostate cancer.

2011, October - Brazil - Former president, Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva - Throat cancer.

2011, December - Argentina - Current president, Cristina Kirchner - Thyroid Cancer.

I don't know if President Chávez has ever seen the documentary, "The Men Who Killed Kennedy." I refer specifically to Part 8 which was prepared by The History Channel in November 2003 and which you can view below. Judyth Vary Baker tells the story about her work along with others on the creation of a virulent strain of cancer to be used as a biological weapon against Fidel Castro and other "nuisances." While I am grateful to Judyth Vary Baker for breaking her silence after forty years and affording us another chilling look at the workers of iniquity hard at work, I cannot imagine how she or Lee Harvey Oswald can ever hope to portray themselves as innocents.

The Men Who Killed Kennedy - Part 8 - The Love Affair (2003)
Uploaded by otingocni06

I have provided below the positions in the video of discussion of certain key points:

7:42 - Judyth learns about the weaponization of cancer project.
"To Judyth's amazement Ferrie began to talk about a secret government medical project against Castro involving himself and Mary Sherman, overseen by Alton Ochsner . I knew that Dr. Ochsner had been working on a variety of different projects and that because of his association with anti-Castro people such as David Ferrie this seemed very possible to me that Dr. Ochsner and Dr. Sherman might be involved with David Ferrie and of course he spoke knowledgeably of both people."
"When I went in, Dr. Ochsner began to explain to me, and I had already been apprised a great deal more more by Dr. David Ferrie, about the project that he had been working on for over a year and this clearly had to do working with the deadly cancer strains that he know I was well adept at handling. The idea was to try and get Castro ill, very ill, and eliminated through what seemed a natural cause. In this case, cancer. The attractiveness of the plan that Dr. Ochsner and Dr. Sherman and David Ferrie were working on, is that up to now attempts to kill Castro had to involve some kind of violence that could be traced to some country or individual and that could lead to war - World War Three maybe, if Russia intervened. This was considered in my mind a noble experiment, a noble attempt to do away with Castro without anyone getting blamed or with only a few people being involved because it was biomedical. At any rate, at the end of the summer, he promised me that I would skip two years of school and go directly into medical school at Tulane medical school. Of course, uhmm, how could I say no?

13:56 Details about the work on the cancer virus ultimately intended for Castro.
"We were after a vicious cancer, a galloping cancer and all the tumour material that seemed to be the most vigorous was then placed in a blender and blended together so that they could recycle and not lose that virus and the other thing that we were doing was making tissue cell cultures from the most vigorous and deadly cancers."

20:17 Cancer weapon as one of the products to be used against America's enemies.
"What Dr. Oshner and Dr. Mary Sherman and David Ferrie were doing was assembling various products that could be used by the CIA, perhaps by the Mafia, and they were involved with both, that could be used against Castro and against insurgents or mercenaries or groups that were communists that they felt were infiltrating Central and South America."

20:42 Judyth Baker's suggestion when the cancer virus intended for Castro was proving to be not potent enough.
"I convinced Dr. Ochsner and others that the real thing we need to do is pull down Castro's immune system by using several ploys and then when the cancer is introduced into his body it would be found in his blood system, they'd put him in front of the X-ray again and again and again. He'd be injected again and again. Supposedly he'd be getting treatments to kill the cancer when actually his immune system is getting destroyed. That could be done. In other words, Castro could be eliminated by using the X-ray and they'll think that it's the side effects from lung cancer... and that was my idea."

24:09 Testing the cancer virus begins on unwitting human "volunteers" from the Louisiana State Penitentiary, Angola. These people did not know that what was being injected into them were live cancer cells.

26:31 Description of the team that carried out the testing and of how the virus would be brought to Cuba to infect Castro.
"Lee [Harvey Oswald] had to come along because he had learned all these special techniques to handle the materials. He'd learned them in the lab working with me and so if the experiment was successful he was selected as the ideal person to take these materials down to Mexico City where they would be handed over to a contact - a medical student or a medical technician and those materials would then be taken over to Cuba and handed over in Cuba to a member of Castro's medical team who could be trusted."

27:50 The tests appear to be successful.

30:37 How Hurricane Flora, 1963 caused the mission to be aborted and saved Castro's life from that assassination attempt .

So, what to do? Well, if we continue to monitor the health of leaders in the region who are devotees of the USA and observe that they remain suspiciously cancer free, we can choose one or more of the following possible explanations:

That leaders who choose not to be puppets of the wealthy or their external masters may be busier and may lead more stressful lives than those leaders who take the path of least resistance and choose to maintain the status quo. The stresses endured by the former group take a toll on their health, and stress, as we know, is like a welcome mat for many diseases including cancer.

That cancer has been on the rise in the region and it is only coincidental that it has chosen these strong leaders.

That based on the evidence provided here and elsewhere, we may conclude that this trend is NO coincidence and that it is obviously not the "healthy" choice to stand up for your rights against the "Defender or Human Rights." Speaking about standing up for your rights, Bob Marley comes to mind. Wasn't it also suspected that he had been assassinated?
"Only a handful of Marley's most trusted comrades knew of his whereabouts before the festival, but a member of the film crew, or so he claimed -- he didn't have a camera -- managed to talk his way past machete-bearing Rastas to enter the encampment: Carl Colby, son of the late CIA director William Colby. [11] And he came bearing a gift, according to a witness at the enclave, a new pair of boots for Bob Marley. [12] Former Black Panther and cinematographer Lee Lew-Lee (his camera work can be seen in the Oscar-winning documentary, The Panama Deception) was close friends with members of the Wailers, and he believes that Marley's cancer can be traced to the boots Colby gave him before the Smile Jamaica festival. "He put his foot in and said, 'Ow!' A friend got in there -- you know how Jamaicans are -- he said, 'let's get in here, in the boot, and he pulled a length of copper wire out -- it was embedded in the boot" [13] Had the wire been treated chemically with a carcinogenic toxin?" SOURCE
"Whosoever diggeth a pit shall fall in it
And whosoever diggeth a pit shall bury in it..."
---"Small Axe" - Bob Marley

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