The Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan's Caribbean Tour - December 2011

Minister Farrakhan welcomed in Saint Kitts - December 16, 2011

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Minister Farrakhan, Wyclef Jean on Haiti TV & Radio - December 14, 2011

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Update on Minister Farrakhan's Caribbean Tour, Jamaica - December 9, 2011

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Minister Farrakhan Speaks to Jamaica (Dec 10, 2011) Part 1
Note: For those of you who wish to read the text also,
this speech has been transcribed

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Minister Farrakhan Speaks to Jamaica (Dec 10, 2011) Part 2

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Minister Farrakhan Speaks to Jamaica (Dec 10, 2011) Part 3

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Minister Farrakhan Speaks to Jamaica (Dec 10, 2011) Part 4

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Minister Farrakhan Speaks to Jamaica (Dec 10, 2011) Part 5

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Minister Farrakhan Speaks to Jamaica (Dec 10, 2011) Part 6

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A Note From The Gull

Thank you, Minister Louis Farrakhan for your presence and your message. We have the choice to remain divided or to unite. What we choose will make the difference between whether we rule ourselves or continue to be ruled by others.

The interview in Haiti with Wyclef Jean and others is particularly captivating and I agree with his views. I strongly recommend that all Caribbean people listen to the questions put to him by the Haitian interviewers and his answers on topics like Voodoo, Christianity, False Christianity, Christmas, Islam and Terrorism, the oppression of First Nations peoples of Americas, International relations, War in Europe, Armageddon, UN forces and NGO's in Haiti and his advice to Haitian President Michel Martelly,

"Q: Often some people associate Islam with international terrorism.

A: Now as far as the question of terrorism is concerned, every black man that stands up to fight for freedom is labelled a terrorist. I am sure Makandal was labelled a terrorist by the French because they were terrorised that a black man would arise to fight a slave master. I am sure that Toussaint Louverture, Christophe and Dessalines were looked at by the French as terrorists. I am a Muslim. I carry no weapons but they call me too, a terrorist. What are you terrified for? Ah! They search me in the airport for weapons but they didn't tell me to open my mouth.

Q:....what is your sense you are leaving the country with in terms of what the Voodoo religion is about?

A: How could I come to Haiti to try to unify the people of Haiti and not try to understand Vodun? Who said that Vodun was evil? It is evil to those who Vodun and Islam defeated! Napoleon was a Christian, so he said, but he enslaved black people. Napoleon was a Christian but he denied human beings their human rights. He was not a representative of Jesus Christ. He was a representative of white supremacy masquerading in the good name of Jesus. So in my talk with Max Beauvoir I wanted to learn about Vodun. We spent an hour together and what I heard, I liked, and what I heard of Vodun, I could find similar message in Christianity and in Islam. So today, God willing, I will meet with the ecumenical group and I will attempt to show the line that connects with the natural way of life of the African people that came here and the teachings of Moses, Jesus and Mohammed. I am very grateful for the lesson that I learned and I humbly say to the Haitian people, "It was Vodun. It was Bookman - a Muslim, that won you your freedom from these false Christians." Naturally, in their eyes, Vodun is bad. Not bad for us, but bad for them. So all religion and ways of life are constantly evolving but it is never wise to condemn that which made you the first free black republic in the world.

"And the last thing I would say on that...the Indian people in America when Christopher Columbus and founded this island and called it Hispaniola. And they came to North America and the Indian people knew nothing of Christianity and really had never seen white people and the Indians offered them peace, offered them the knowledge of the land that they had lived on for thousands of years. But how were they rewarded for their offering of peace and goodwill? They were murdered. So when they fought against the newcomers, when the newcomers overcame them, the first thing they did was to look at the rituals that the Indians did before they went to war and they banned that and then worked diligently to make the Indians become Christians, and they had to give up their names and accept European names and this was done in Haiti as well. But notice what happened to you. Their Jesus that they represented to you looked like them and He was your Saviour but He never saved you from them. But the Jesus of the Bible, He had hair like lamb's wool like our hair and He had flesh like burnished brass - a dark skinned man! So why did they paint Him to us as white when in fact He was one of us? That is because they wanted us to worship them through the image of the great one, Jesus Christ...."

"...I have problem with falsehood. I have a problem with injustice. I don't have a problem with your colour because you can look at me and you can tell that white blood runs through my veins. But in the last days of this world, truth is to come to condemn falsehood, not to condemn Jesus Christ or his true teachings, but to condemn the masquerade that is carried out in His righteous and holy name...."

"Patria est communis omnium parens" - Our native land is the common parent of us all. Keep it beautiful, make it even more so.

Blessed is all of creation
Blessed be my beautiful people
Blessed be the day of our awakening
Blessed is my country
Blessed are her patient hills.

Mweh ka allay!