Glorious Saturday Meditation I: Here In Between [Song]

Sung by Brian Moss
Composed by Brian Moss

Here in between the death and life
Of broken God and risen Christ
We watch and wait, we kneel and pray
For hope to breathe at break of day
The temple torn by sacrifice
How can this be the way?

The Son of God nailed to a tree
This is not how we thought it'd be
Your condemnation makes no sense
An act of hate and violence
We broke the bread, we spilled the wine
How can this be the way?

Within this day of Sabbath rest-
A gift to those whom You have blessed-
Your peace transforms our hearts content
In this already and not yet
In stillness beats the drum of life
How can this be the way?

Your never-ending sovereignty
Still flickers with eternity
It brightens fading eventide
The gospel hums of mercy wide
Oh Lord of Life, open Your eyes
You are the only
You are the only
You are the only way.

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