Powerful as God: the Children's Aid Societies of Ontario.

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invites anyone who feels bullied and silenced by an authority figure to speak out by telling the story that has damaged their life.

The video below is the trailer for the 2011 documentary "Powerful as God: the Children's Aid Societies in Ontario." Produced in the Documentary Media (MFA) Program, Ryerson University 2011. © blakout,ca 2011. Ryerson University Research Ethics Board facilitated ethics oversight for the documentary. "Powerful As God", won the MADA award at Commffest Film Festival in 2012.

The full length documentary can be viewed at:

Can we trust the Children’s Aid Society?
From The Arena  | March 15, 2013 21:09.

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Dorian Baxter: First man in Ontario to successfully sue the CAS.
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"The Rev Stephen Rudd from Hamilton, Ontario speaks about his experience with the CAS [Children' Aid Society] during his 25 years as a church Minister. He has seen countless horror stories of children and families being abused by Ontario's privately operated CAS agencies.

Rev Rudd believes that the government of Ontario must take the job of protecting children out of the hands of unaccountable CAS agencies and put this task under the direct control of government ministries who would be accountable."