Quebec: Child Protection Issues Versus Freedom of Religion Issues.

WE ASKED: Is Lev Tahor’s quick exit from Quebec linked to that province’s drive for a secular state, including its proposed Charter of Values that would ban public workers from wearing religious symbols?

Certainly, here it’s believed that it’s closely related. On the other hand. it’s one of those cases where it’s brought some people to support the charter,” because of allegations — not proven in court — surrounding the treatment of children. “That’s sort of the way the issue is being seen here -- these are crazy people who use their religion to bully their children.”
- Desmond Morton, historian, McGill University, Montreal

It’s not clear where the truth lies about the child-protection issues versus freedom of religion in this case, but Quebec’s proposed charter is sending a message. “Regular people that feel that religion has a particular role they want it to play in their lives, and that manifests itself in some physical way, are being communicated a particular message which is, ‘We don’t want that here.’”
- Cara Zwibel, Canadian Civil Liberties Association. SOURCE

"la véritable préoccupation de la population, la menace que représentent, chez nous, l'extrémisme et tous les intégrismes religieux. À ceux qui viennent chez nous pour profiter de nos libertés et de notre démocratie pour ensuite s'y attaquer et ultimement les détruire, nous disons haut et fort : Vous n'êtes pas les bienvenus chez nous, nous vous combattrons, nous vous poursuivrons sans relâche. Nos députés, nos militants sont déjà au travail, et nous proposerons bientôt des moyens efficaces pour lutter contre cette menace qui, elle, est bien réelle."

"...the real concern of the population, the threat posed to us, extremism and all forms of religious fundamentalism. To those who come here to profit from our freedoms, from our democracy, only to later attack them and ultimately destroy them, we say loud and clear: you are not welcome here and we will fight you, we will hunt you down relentlessly. Our members, our activists are already at work, and we will soon propose effective ways to combat this threat, which is real.”

---Philippe Couillard, Parliament Building, Quebec, Wednesday 18, December, 2013. SOURCE